Public Session

Public sessions are open to everyone and free of charge.
Advance application is NOT necessary. Please come to the venue on the day.

List of public sessions of JpGU Meeting 2013

O-01 Education for disaster-prevention and community-restoration

Suffering unprecedented disasters by earthquake and typhoon, we now appreciate keenly the necessity for disaster prevention education, which contains very various subjects.  The specialist in each field has to arrange their knowledge to provide it for students and citizens as knowledge which is actually useful.  The fruitful outcomes of such efforts are discussed cross-disciplinarily in this session.  Specialists in broad fields (ex., the geophysics, the disaster management, the shelter management, the disaster prevention engineering, and the medical science) will be invited as speakers.
Invited speakers: NEMOTO, Hiroo (J.F.Oberlin University) / SHIMIZU, Hiroshi (Kyushu University ) / YAMASAKI Eiichi (Oita University) / OKUMURA, Yoshihiro (Kyoto University) / YAMAMOTO, YASUHIRO (Tokyo Rinkai Hospital)

O-02 Poster presentations by senior high school students

Senior high school students show poster presentations on topics in fields of earth and planetary science.  We provide an opportunity for senior high school students to give their presentations in the conference and to have discussions with them.  This session has been presented as a public outreach session since 2006.  The JpGU Publicity and Outreach Committee members are conveners of this session.
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O-03 Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science

This is an outreach session, in which invited speakers present their recent findings and developments in the fields of earth and planetary sciences.  This session has been presented as a public session since 2005.  The JpGU Publicity and Outreach Committee members are conveners of this session.

O-04 Scientists' work-life balance in terms of ministerial "Ikumen Project"

In order to increase the number of "ikumen"--men who seek their own personal development through active parenting, environmental management, such as revision of a legal system, is performed.  Ministerial Ikumen Project, (" aiming at the spread of such measures is promoted.  In this session, lectures and reports of the view of the present condition and future of the Ikumen Project are presented by invited speakers who are directly involved with the Ikumen Project.  Moreover, it argues about how promotion of the Ikumen Project changes the work-life balance of a scientist and a researcher through this session.

O-05 Geoparks in Japan -Evaluation hearing of the aspiring geoparks and

highlight of geoparks in Japan-
Aspiring geoparks will give presentations as a part of the evaluation process to authorize them as "Japan Geopark", a member of the Japanese Geoparks Network, by the Japan Geopark Committee.  The highlight and activity of geoparks in Japan will be presented for the public in the poster session.
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