Information for Membership subscription

JpGU Membership subscription is being accepted from January 10th, Thursday, 2013.
Pleae be sure to pay annual due of 2013 before you make JpGU Meeting registration.
There're two ways to aquire IDs.

Submit abstractOKOK
Registration feeMember rateNormal rate
Annual dueGeneral: 2000JPY
Graduate student: 1000JPY
Undergraduate or under: free
Expiry date Automatically updated at the end of each fiscal year or March 31st.
* Please pay annual due every year, as it's NOT automatically withdrawn from your bank account.
* ID is deleted when we can't confirm annual due payments for two years.
At the end of August if you don't participate in JpGU Meeting of that year.
* ID is available as long as we can confirm participation to JpGU Meetings every year.
How to withdrawPlease send the notice of withdrawal to JpGU Office.  >> Form (Word)
It is automatically updated and annual due payment of this fiscal year is inevitable.
Automatically withdrawn

Membership subscription

  • Click 'New ID with membership' to become a member
  • Click ' New ID without membership' to aquire ID


Only credit card payment is available for foreign attendees.
Please issue an invoice by yourself on the settlement screen.