Invited Lecturers

(Updated : Apr. 10th, 2013)
* : International

Union Session(U)Public Session(O)Space and Planetary Sciences(P)Atmospheric,Ocean, and Environmental Sciences(A)
Human Geoscience(H)Solid Earth Sciences(S)Biogeosciences(B)Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary(M)

Union Session(U)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
U-01 YAMAMOTO, Shizuo / JACK, Kaye A. International Cooperation in Earth Planetary Science Project -Centering on NASA-JAXA Joint Project-
"JAXA Earth Observation Program"
"The Role of Space Observations in an Integrated Earth System Science"
JACK, Kaye A. (NASA)
"TRMM achievements and GPM plan in Japan"
NAKAMURA, Kenji (Nagoya University)
"Next-Generation Global Satellite Precipitation Data Products: U.S. Status"
GEORGE, Huffman (NASA)
"The Global Water Cycle Observation by the Global Change Observation Mission 1st - Water "SHIZUKU" (GCOM-W1)"
OKI, Taikan (The University of Tokyo)
"The A-Train: A unique view of the Earth System"
GRAEME, Stephens L. (California Institute of Technology)
"Collaboration with NASA-ACOS team on GOSAT sensor calibration, data retrieval, validation, and carbon flux estimation"
YOKOTA, Tatsuya (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
"Atmospheric CO2 Observations from Space by the GOSAT Mission"
DAVID, Crisp (California Institute of Technology)
"Hinode for exploring magnetic activities on the Sun"
SHIMIZU, Toshifumi (JAXA)
"Hinode: A Premiere Solar Physics Observatory Resulting from NASA-JAXA Cooperation"
KATHY, Reeves (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
"ISAS-NASA Cooperation in the GEOTAIL mission"
NISHIDA, Atsuhiro (none)
"Near-future opportunities for international collaborations in magnetospheric research"
TAKAHASHI, Kazue (The Johns Hopkins University)
U-02 KOIKE, Toshio Global Data Sciences in the Big Data Era
"Global Data Utilization for Climatic Changes and Evaluation of Their Effects on Agriculture in Asian Monsoon Region"
MIZOGUCHI, Masaru (Graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
"CEOS Water Portal, one of the DIAS distributed data sytems"
MIURA, Satoko (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
"Designing Resilient Cities and National Land - An Application of Environment Information Technology -"
HAYASHI, Yoshitsugu (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
"Grene Ecohealth - climate change, social change and human health"
WATANABE, Chiho (Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)
"JAXA's space-based earth observation data archives"
FUKUDA, Toru (Earth Observation Research Center, JAXA)
"Cross-domain interoperability in geosciences for data integration and decision support via Semantic Web technologies"
RITSCHEL, Bernd (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences)
"Handling Heterogenous Data to Link Earth Observation with Socio-Benefit Applications"
SHIBASAKI, Ryosuke (EDITORIA and CSIS, Univ. of Tokyo)
"Workbenches developed on the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS)"
"10 Peta-byte Earth Environment Data Base and its History"
KITSUREGAWA, Masaru (Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo)
"Inverse analysis of CO2 emissions from a mega-sized city using satellite and in situ observation data"
IMASU, Ryoichi (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
"Data Integration and Analysis System Program (DIAS-P): Design and Proposal of an Operational DIAS"
IMAWAKI, Shiro (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
"An integrated approach to evaluate biodiversity and ecosystems conducted by GRENE (Green Network of Excellence) Environm"
ITO, Motomi (The University of Tokyo)
"On registration and retrieval of heterogeneous metadata in DIAS system"
YOSHIKAWA, Masatoshi (Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University)
"A high-resolution surface water electrical conductance monitoring network built on the citizen science model"
GREEN, Mark (Plymouth State University)
"Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork (IUGONET)"
YATAGAI, Akiyo (Research Institute of Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University)
"International Cooperation within IAG's Geodetic Services ILRS and IVS and the Japanese Contribution"
OTSUBO, Toshimichi (Hitotsubashi University)
"Implementation of 4th Paradigm and Beyond"
IWATA, Shuichi (The Graduate School of Project Design)
"Data Sharing and Utilization in Astronomy"
OHISHI, Masatoshi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
"ScienceBook: A Knowledge Network"
HUGO, Wim (SAEON Chief Data and Information Officer and WDS-SC Member)
"Identifiers for academic activities: people, publication and data"
TAKEDA, Hiddeaki (National Institute of Informatics)
"Science Council of Japan and International Programmes (TBD)"
KASUGA, Fumiko (Science Council of Japan)
"Session Scope: Global Data Sciences in the Big Data Era---Global Data Management and System"
MURAYAMA, Yasuhiro (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
"GEO Strategic Objectives and Core Functions"
CRIPE, Douglas (GEO Secretariat)
"ICSU World Data System"
MOKRANE, Mustapha (World Data System IPO)
"Toward Big Data Sciences: A challenge of NICT Science Cloud"
T. MURATA, Ken (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
U-03 SUZUKI, Yohey Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral and Atmosphere
"Bioenergy production using subterranean microbial community associated with the accretionary prism in Southwest Japan"
KIMURA, Hiroyuki (Department of Geosciences, Shizuoka University)
"Organic-walled flanged microfossils from the 3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Formation in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia"
SUGITANI, Kenichiro (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
"Structure of mica and calcite/water intefaces"
SAKUMA, Hiroshi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Ecophysiology of microaerophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria"
KATO, Shingo (RIKEN BioResource Center)
"Submerged atomic resolution imaging of hydration structure on calcite in the presence of the synthetic polypeptide"
ARAKI, Yuki (Grad. school of Science, Tohoku Univ.)
"Direct observation of microbe-metal-mineral interaction by micro-XAFS-FISH technique"
MITSUNOBU, Satoshi (Univ. Shizuoka, Inst. Environ. Sci.)
U-04 KAWAHATA, Hodaka Open access e-journal and future perspective of scientific journals
"Open Access Publication of Journal Earth, Planets and Space"
ODA, Hirokuni (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
"Publication of open access e-journal by JpGU"
KAWAHATA, Hodaka (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
"Enhancement of scientific information transmission to overseas countries by Japanese international scientific journals"
"Open access publication in the United States"
ENDO, Satoru (University Management Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Electric Journal and its Open Access"
KENJI, Kato (Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University)
"How does SCJ think about international scientific journals?"
KITAZATO, Hiroshi (Institute of Biogeosciences, JAMSTEC)
U-06 HARUYAMA, Shigeko / SUETSUGU, Daisuke / YAMAOKA, Koshun Social Responsibility of Earth Science.
SATO, Tsutomu (Hokkaido University)
WATANABE, Mitsuhisa (Toyo University)
HARA, Keitarou (Tokyo University of Information Sciences)
HIRAKAWA, Kazuomi (Hokkaido University)
IWAFUNE, Masaki (Shigakukan University)

ISHIBASHI, Katsuhiko (Kobe University)
IRIKURA, Kojiro (Aichi Institute of Tecnology)
SUGIYAMA, Yuichi (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
IKEDA, Yasutaka (Tokyo University)

YAMASATO, Hitoshi (Japan Meteorological Agency)
HIRAKAWA, Hideyuki (Osaka University)
SUZUKI, Shinbi (NHK)
MAEDA, Kenji (Japan Meteorological Agency)
U-07 YOSHIKAWA, Makoto New Progress toward the Understanding of Small Solar System Bodies
"Interdisciplinary science of Hayabusa 2 mission"
WATANABE, Sei-Ichiro (Nagoya University)
"Collisional fragmentation and dynamics of asteroids, and the solar system origin revealed by them"
KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi (Nagoya University)
"Material diversity of C-type asteroids with reference to their reflectance spectra"
NAKAMURA, Tomoki (Tohoku University)
"Evolution of small bodies: The role of collision"
NAKAMURA, Akiko (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kobe University)
"Engineering Aspect of Small Body Exploration -Hayabusa2 and Future"

Public Session(O)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
O-01 HATAKEYAMA, Masatsune Education for disaster-prevention and community-restoration
"Medical treatment in a disaster site and activity of the DMAT(Disaster Medical Assistance Team)"
YAMAMOTO, Yasuhiro (The Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan Tokyo Rinkai Hospital)
"Education and outreach for the reduction of volcanic disaster -activities at Unzen Volcano"
SHIMIZU, Hiroshi (Inst. Seismol. Volcanol., Kyushu Univ.)
"What of earthquakes knowledge do we know through The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake ?"
NEMOTO, Hiroo (Div. of Natural Sci., J.F.Oberlin Univ.)
"Roles and legal systems of schools for disasters"
YAMASAKI, Eiichi (Oita University)
"Social Response of Local Government during Catastrophic Tsunami Disaster"
OKUMURA, Yoshihiro (Graduate School of Global Environment Studies, Kyoto University)
O-03 HARA, Tatsuhiko Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science
"A story for birth of life in this planet: is is true or not?"
"Solar activity and Earth climate"
TSUNETA, Saku (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, National Institute of Natural Science)
"Darkening Greenland Icesheet - Microbes melting the ice"
TAKEUCHI, Nozomu (Graduate school of science, Chiba University)
O-04 SAKANOI, Takeshi Scientists' work-life balance in terms of ministerial Ikumen Project
"Child rearing and transfer for young scientists"
OGOHARA, Kazunori (JAXA)
"My experience in raising children"
MIYAKOSHI, Akinobu (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
"Possibility of participation in academic meetings and field surveys with kids"
S. HAYAKAWA, Yuichi (Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo)
"Support system and challenges for work-life balance"
NAKAI, Masayuki (Equal Employment, Children and Families Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
"Leaning from and toward fathering"
GOMI, Takashi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
"Enjoy Fathering! Childcare participation of father changes the society"
YOSHIDA, Hiroki (Fathering Japan, NPO)

Space and Planetary Sciences(P)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
P-PS01 KIMURA, Jun Toward future explorations of outer solar system
"Formation, Evolution, and Future Exploration of the Giant Planets"
ATREYA, Sushil (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
"Geophysics of Ganymede as revealed by orbiter missions: application to the JUICE mission"
HUSSMANN, Hauke (DLR Institute of Planetary Research)
P-PS02 KIMURA, Makoto Planetary processes from meteorites and experimental works
"Tissint is a Rosetta stone deciphering Noachian magmatic activities and dynamic events in Mars young history"
EL GORESY, Ahmed (Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Universitat Bayreuth)
"Diamond in ureilites: Formation mechanisms and roles in planetary proceses"
NAKAMUTA, Yoshihiro (Kyushu University Museum, Kyushu Univ.)
LIN, Yt (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of)
P-PS03 BARKIN, Yury Rotational motion and inner dynamics of the Earth, Mars and Moon
"New findings in Earth`s sciences"
BARKIN, Yury (Astronomical Iinstitute of Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia)
"Geodetic consequences of the northern drift of the Earth's core and their confirmations in the space geodesy data"
BARKIN, Yury (Sternberg Astronomical Institute at Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
"Determination of the normal modes of the Moon's libration"
RAMBAUX, Nicolas (University Paris 06, IMCCE, Observatory of Paris)
P-PS04 SATOH, Takehiko Mars
"An Introduction to the Exploration for the interior of Mars: InSight"
BANERDT, William (JPL)
"Significant Water Loss during pre-Noachian era: Constraints from Hydrogen Isotopes in Martian Meteorites"
KUROKAWA, Hiroyuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"A 2D numerical simulation of atmospheric convection with condensation of major component under early Mars condition"
YAMASHITA, Tatsuya (Hokkaido university)
"Prime Habitable Environment of Mars: Argyre Impact Basin"
DOHM, James (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
P-PS22 DEMURA, Hirohide Next decade initiatives for lunar planetary explorations
"What does it mean to participate in the JUICE mission?"
"Lunar and Planetary Science Consortium Plan"
KURAMOTO, Kiyoshi (Japanese Soc. Planet. Sci.)
"Moon Landing Mission SELENE-2"
HASHIMOTO, Tatsuaki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
P-PS23 HONDA, Chikatoshi Lunar Science and Exploration
"Electron cycltron harmonic waves observed around the moon"
KOJIMA, Hirotsugu (RISH, Kyoto university)
"Early formations of lunar impact basins inferred from their viscoelastic states: Implication for the heavy bombardment"
KAMATA, Shunichi (Univ. of Tokyo)
"Differentiation of impact-induced magma seas on the Moon"
P-PS24 ITOH, Shoichi Meteorite anatomy: synthetic analyses of solar system matter
"Evidence for Late Stage Heavy Bombardment from Centimeter-sized Impact Melt Clasts in Apollo 16 Regolith Breccias"
NIIHARA, Takafumi (CLSE LPI-USRA, NASA Lunar Science Institute)
"Development of novel mass spectrometer to analyze solar wind noble gases"
BAJO, Ken-Ichi (Hokkaido University)
"Structural control of biominerals by intracrystalline organic macromolecules"
OKUMURA, Taiga (Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)
P-PS25 TACHIBANA, Shogo Origin and evolution of materials in space
"Co-evolution of water and organic compounds through surface reactions on interstellar grains"
OBA, Yasuhiro (Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University)
"30-micron band observations at TAO - from miniTAO/MAX38 to TAO/MIMIZUKU -"
KAMIZUKA, Takafumi (Institute of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo)
P-EM05 EBIHARA, Yusuke Space Weather
"STEREO Views the Farside: CME and Solar Wind Research from STEREO Observations At large Separation Angles"
VOURLIDAS, Angelos (Naval Research Laboratory)
"Dependence of Properties of the Tearing Mode on the Lundquist Number and the Background Environment"
LIN, Jun (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Long-Term Relativistic Radiation Belt Electron Responses to GEM Magnetic Storms"
KIM, Kyung-Chan (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Korea)
"The science of geomagnetically induced currents"
"Physics-based space weather modeling and forecasting activities at NASA GSFC Space Weather Research Center"
P-EM06 LIU, Huixin Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
"Annual/Semiannual Variation in the Thermosphere and Ionosphere"
QIAN, Liying (High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research)
"Longitudinal and day-to-day variability in the ionosphere from lower atmosphere tidal forcing"
FANG, Tzu-Wei (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado)
"The longitudinal variation in daily mean thermospheric mass density"
XU, Jiyao (State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, Center for Space Science and Applied research, CAS, China.)
"Study of low-latitude ionospheric irregularities with the Sanya VHF radar"
NING, Baiqi (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100029, China)
"Seasonal and Local Time Variation of Ionospheric Migrating Tides in 2007-2011 FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC and TIE-GCM TEC"
CHANG, Loren (Institute of Space Science, National Central University, Taiwan)
"East-west differences in F-region electron density at midlatitude: comparision between the US and the Far East regions"
"Gravity Waves in the Mesosphere/Thermosphere/Ionosphere simulated by a Whole Atmosphere Model"
MIYOSHI, Yasunobu (Kyushu University)
"Effects of Atmospheric Gravity Waves in the Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere (MLT) Region"
TSUDA, Toshitaka (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH), Kyoto University)
P-EM07 SUMMERS, Danny Earth's Dynamical Inner Magnetosphere
"New Insights on the Inner Magnetosphere from the Van Allen Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission"
REEVES, Geoffrey (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
"Modulation of EMIC Waves by Plasma Plumes and Pc5 ULF Waves"
FRASER, Brian (Centre for Space Physics, University of Newcastle, Australia)
"ULF wave environment of the inner magnetosphere"
TAKAHASHI, Kazue (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
"Initial Results From The Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science on the Van AllenProbes"
KLETZING, Craig (The University of Iowa)
P-EM08 SAITO, Akinori Space-borne imaging observation of the upper atmosphere
"Ground-based imaging observations of the upper atmosphere"
SUZUKI, Shin (Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University)
"Generation mechanism and ISS-IMAP observation of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (MSTIDs)"
YOKOYAMA, Tatsuhiro (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University)
"Possible collaborative study between ISS-IMAP observation and whole atmosphere-ionosphere modeling"
JIN, Hidekatsu (NICT)
"Preliminary result of the comparison between high-resolution TEC map and airglow images observed by ISS/IMAP-VISI"
NISHIOKA, Michi (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
P-EM09 SATO, Mitsuteru Remote Sensing of Lightning, TLEs and their Atmospheric Effects
"Nadir observation of lightning and TLEs by JEM-GLIMS: Comparison with ISUAL limb observation"
ADACHI, Toru (WIAS, Waseda University)
"Global Lightning and Sprite Measurements (GLIMS) from ISS"
USHIO, Tomoo (Osaka University)
"Remote sensing of thunderstorms and TLEs by RISING-2 microsatellite"
KURIHARA, Junichi (Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University)
"Estimation of lightning current waveform from ELF magnetic induction field"
TSUCHIYA, Fuminori (Tohoku University)
"Statistical Features of Winter Lightning Activity in Tohoku District"
TSURUSHIMA, Daiki (Tohoku University)
"Estimation of lightning magnitude using VLF sferics in Kanto rigion"
KUDO, Takeshi (Department of Cosmosciences, Graduate school of Science, Hokkaido University)
P-CG10 SAITO, Yoshifumi Instrumentation for space science
"Discussions of Electrode Contamination Effects on a Retarding Potential Analyzer onboard Sounding Rocket"
FANG, Hui-Kuan (Plasma and Space Science Center, NCKU)
"Study of Space Storms using Next Generation Small Satellite of Korea"
MIN, Kyoung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
"The Fast Auroral Imager Experiment to Investigate the Dynamics of Nighttime Optical Aurora"
TRONDSEN, Trond (Keo Scientific Ltd.)
"Requirements for Observation Equipment Development on Small Satellite from Bus Side"
SAKO, Nobutada (Shinshu University)
P-CG32 TERADA, Kentaro New frontier of chronology of the Solar System
"The standard scenario of solar system formation and its problems"
KOKUBO, Eiichiro (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
"Warm Debris Disks Probed by Mid-Infrared Observations"
FUJIWARA, Hideaki (Subaru Telescope, NAOJ)

Atmospheric,Ocean, and Environmental Sciences(A)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
A-AS01 WADA, Akiyoshi Toward Understanding of interactions between Tropical Cyclones and the Ocean
"An Ocean Cooling Potential Intensity Index for Tropical Cyclones"
LIN, I-I (Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.)
"Kuroshio variations in the northeast of Taiwan associated with typhoon revealed by ocean radar and numerical model"
MORIMOTO, Akihiko (Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center, Nagoya University)
"Maximum potential storm surge under the present and future climates estimated by a coupled TC-ocean model"
YOSHINO, Jun (Graduate School of Engineering, Gifu University)
A-AS24 IGARASHI, Yasuhito Frontiers of Atmospheric Science: Transport & Deposition of Radioactivity from Fukushima Accident
"Size distributions of airborne radionuclides derived from the Fukushima nuclear accident at several places in Europe"
MASSON, Olivier (Nuclear Safety and Radioprotection Institute IRSN)
"The Fukushima releases: an inverse modelling approach to assess the source term by using gamma dose rate observations."
DIDIER, Damien (Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire (IRSN).)
A-OS25 HIRATA, Takafumi Frontline of marine ecosystem modelling research
"Modelling of ocean biogeochemical cycles toward understanding paleo climate changes"
OKA, Akira (Atmosphere Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
"Modeling of marine biogeochemical and ecosystem in Japan: future perspective and review during the last 20 years"
YAMANAKA, Yasuhiro (Faculty of Earth Environmental Science, Hokkaido University)
A-HW02 MATSUMOTO, Jun Hydroclimate in Asian monsoon region
"AMY-reanalysis: atmospheric reanalysis data using JRA-55 system and Asian Monsoon Years observation"
KAMIGUCHI, Kenji (Meteorological Research Institute)
"Water isotope modeling and observations toward reconstruction for Asian hydroclimatology"
YOSHIMURA, Kei (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
"Coastal Heavy Rainbands Formed along Sumatera Island Studied by HARIMAU Project in Indonesia"
"On the Establishment of Maritime Continent Center of Excellence (MCCOE) in Indonesia"
SYAMSUDIN, Fadli (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT))
"Simulation of 1961-2000 summer monsoon onset over Vietnam using a regional climate model"
NGO-DUC, Thanh (Department of Meteorology, Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam)
"Interdecadal variability of the atmospheric circulations at the onset of the western North Pacific summer monsoon"
TOMITA, Tomohiko (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto Univ.)
A-HW26 YASUHARA, Masaya Isotope Hydrology 2013
"Quantitative reconstruction of freshwater discharge of Yangtze River during the past 7000 years based on oxygen isotope"
KUBOTA, Yoshimi (University of Tokyo)
"Study on the interaction of groundwater flow and denitrification process, using N isotope"
ONODERA, Shin-Ichi (Integrated Sciences, Hiroshima University)
"Triple oxygen isotopic compositions of DO in natural spring water seeping at the foot of volcanoes"
TSUNOGAI, Urumu (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
A-HW27 YASUHARA, Masaya Groundwater and environmental geology in urban areas
"A study on water pollution and health impact in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal"
NISHIDA, Kei (ICRE, University of Yamanashi)
A-HW28 TANI, Makoto Role of terrestrial ecosystems in the water/chemical cycles
KITAYAMA, Kanehiro (Kyoto University)
HIYAMA, Tetsuya (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
A-HW31 TSUJIMURA, Maki Perspectives for graduate education and career paths in water science
"Doctor course education and carrier pass on the water field"
KUSUDA, Tetsuya (Department of Environmental Engineering, the University of Kitakyushu)
"Issues on career paths of doctor holders"
OKUMURA, Naoki (Science Council of Japan)
A-CC03 GROISMAN, Pavel Changes in Northern Eurasia and the Arctic: Their feedbacks to the Globe
"Coupled Hydrological and Thermal Modeling of Permafrost Dynamics: Implications to Permafrost Carbon Pool"
MARCHENKO, Sergey (Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA)
"Projected impacts of the 21st century climate change on the forests and major conifer species in Russia"
CHEBAKOVA, Nadezhda (V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences)
"A Modeling Analysis of Carbon and Water Cycles in Northern Eurasia during the Past and This Century"
ZHUANG, Qianlai (Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University)
"Polar amplification: major drivers and implications for global climate"
ALEXEEV, Vladimir (International Arctic Research Center)
A-PE34 OKAZAKI, Yusuke Paleoclimatology and paleoceanography
"Formation of the global monsoon - A comparison between the past and future -"
UEDA, Hiroaki (Faculty of Life and Environmental Science)
"Sediment supply to the Shikoku Basin by the Kuroshio Current during the latest Cenozoic era"
SAITOH, Yu (Center for Advanced Marine Core Research, Kochi University)
"Testing the accuracy of quantitative climate reconstruction using fossil pollen data of annually laminated sediment"
"Development and prospective of stalagmite paleoclimatology"
KANO, Akihiro (SCS Kyushu University)
"^{230}Th-normalized flux of biogenic components recorded in the Chilean margin since the last glaciation."
FUKUDA, Miho (Univ. Tsukuba)
"Millennial to orbital-scale variabilities of East Asian Monsoon, its evolution, and the linkage with the HTP uplift and"
TADA, Ryuji (Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo)
"Glacial North Atlantic variability during the past 300,000 years."
OBROCHTA, Stephen (University of Tokyo Atmosphere Ocean Research Institute)
"History of surface and intermediate depth environmental change in the Japan Sea, Scientific objectives in IODP Exp.346"
SAGAWA, Takuya (Ehime University)
"Behavior of Uranium and Thorium isotopes in Darkhad basin, northern Mongolia"
MURAKAMI, Takuma (Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University)
"A coral polyp model with a carbon stable isotope module for clarifying vital effect in coral skeletal records"
NAKAMURA, Takashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Pliocene anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) from the Wilkes Land margin"
SUGISAKI, Saiko (The University of Tokyo)
"Decadal- to centennial-scale fluctuations of East Asian winter monsoon intensity over the last millennium recorded in co"
TAMURA, Toru (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
A-GE04 SAITO, Hirotaka Subsurface Mass Transport and Environmental Assessment
"Development of soil pollution evaluation method using luminous bacteria -Class II Specified Chemical Substances-"
SUGITA, Hajime (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
"Geostatistical Modeling of the Spatial Distribution of Soil Arsenic around a Smelter: From Sampling to Remediation"
GOOVAERTS, Pierre (BioMedware, Inc 121 W. Washington St., 4th Floor-TBC Ann Arbor, MI 48104)
"Stepwise Approximation of Hydraulic Tomography Surveys for Field-Scale Heterogeneous Aquifers"
YI, Juhuang (Graduate Institute of Applied Geology, National Central University, Taiwan)
"Surface water's quality and definition of risk areas in Agueda's transboundary watershed"
"Surface heterogeneity and flux measurement height in large eddy simulations"
TU, Sofia (University of Helsinki, Finland)
"Immobilization of Phosphorus and Heavy Metals in Swine Manure Using Activated Red Mud"
PENG, Xianjia (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
A-CG05 TOZUKA, Tomoki Multi-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropics
"Mechanism for the asymmetry in ENSO transition and duration"
OHBA, Masamichi (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Environmental Science Research Lab.)
"ENSO simulation in GCMs: A review and recent progress"
WATANABE, Masahiro (AORI, The University of Tokyo)
"Origin of seasonal predictability for summer climate over the Northwestern Pacific"
KOSAKA, Yu (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
"Possible interactions between Indian Ocean Dipole and intraseasonal variability in the tropical Indian Ocean"
"Intraseasonal Mixed Layer Temperature and Salinity Variation in the Eastern Equatorial Indian Ocean"
"Persistence and the change of Baiu precipitation anomalies"
YAMAURA, Tsuyoshi (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)
A-CG06 YAMASHIKI, Yosuke Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction: Global-scale Material Circulation through River Runoff
"Superflares and Their Possible Impact on on Terrestrial Environments"
SHIBATA, Kazunari (Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Kyoto University)
"Saline contamination and its mitigation in groundwater at a coastal watershed, north-east Tunisia"
TSUJIMURA, Maki (University of Tsukuba)
A-CG37 SATO, Hisashi Integrated Study for Interactions between Land-Ecosystem and Atmosphere-Process
"Warming experiment, spectral observation and model analysis for predicting global warming effects on forest carbon cycle"
MURAOKA, Hiroyuki (Gifu University)
"Long-term monitoring of ecosystem by Phenological Eyes Network"
NASAHARA, Kenlo (University of Tsukuba)

Human Geoscience(H)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
H-GG01 HARUYAMA, Shigeko Global land Project
HIMIYAMA, Yukio (Hokkaido University of Education)
WATANABE, Teiji (Hokkaido University)
H-GG02 MATSUSHIMA, Hajime International comparison of landscape appreciation
"Appreciation of informal urban greenspace by Japanese and Australian residents"
RUPPRECHT, Christoph (School of Environment, Griffith University)
"Sense of globe: Environmental profiling through real-time live monitoring and archiving experiences"
SAITO, Kaoru (Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
"Seasonal impression affects landscape experiences and appreciation"
AOKI, Yoji (None)
"Effect of cultural cognition and symbolic imagery of landscape elements on the impression of naturalness"
MIZUKAMI, Shogo (Bukkyo University)
"A Study of the Impressive Experience in Japanese National Parks"
ADACHI, Hiroaki (Japan Travel Bureau Foundation)
"Comparative study of the psychological evaluation for the sightseeing scenes by Japanese, Korean and Chinese subjects"
NISHINA, Daisaku (Graduate School of Eng., Hiroshima Univ.)
"A Comparative Study on Landscape Evaluation Between Japan and Indonesia"
INDAH PRATIWI, Prita (Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University)
H-GM03 SHIMAZU, Hiroshi Geomorphology
"Model experiment on the development of isolated dunes using a circular flume"
TANIGUCHI, Keisuke (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
H-GM22 SHIMAZU, Hiroshi Geomorphology
"Threshold of uplift rate in the experiments of landform development with rainfall-erosion and uplift"
OUCHI, Shunji (College of Science and Engineering, Chuo University)
H-SC04 HIMIYAMA, Yukio International Human Dimensions Programme
"Relationship Between Precipitation and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Over Indian Sub-Continent"
SINGH, R.B. ()
"Future Earth, Great East Japan Disaster, and IHDP-Japan"
HIMIYAMA, Yukio (Hokkaido University of Education)
"Impact of Liberalized Border Trade on Rural Households and Their Land Use: The Case of Laos-China Border Area"
SAKURAI, Takeshi (Hitotsubashi University)
"Recent Flood Disaster in Jabodetabek Region: A question toward resilience Megapolitan"
RUSTIADI, Ernan (Center for Regional Systems Analysis, Planning and Development, Bogor Agricultural University)
H-DS05 SANTIAGO-FANDINO, Vicente Coastal Restoration in Post Tsunami Events; Environmental Effects and Sustainability
"Effects of the 3/11 Erthquake and Tsunami on the Coastal Marine Ecosystem and Recovery Process in Moune Bay, Kesennuma"
TANAKA, Masaru (International Institute for Advanced Studies)
"Geological features of the tsunami -lessons learned from the 2011 Tohoku-oki event-"
GOTO, Kazuhisa (Tohoku University)
"Suggestions for coastal zone reconstruction based on vulnerability data obtained from the 2011 Japan tsunami"
SUPPASRI, Anawat (IRIDeS, Tohoku University)
H-DS06 CHIGIRA, Masahiro Landslides and related phenomena
"On losses from landslides associated with large dams"
PETLEY, David (Durham University, UK)
H-DS08 PETROVA, Elena Natural hazard impact on technological systems and urban areas
Elisabeth Krausmann (European Commission, Joint Research Centre)
Elena Petrova (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Hajime Matsushima (Hokkaido University)
Shinjirou Ohmori (Senshu University)
Alexandru Ozunu ("Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca)
H-DS28 MORITA, Sumito Submarine Landslide
"A hyposesis of the Senoumi submarine megaslide in Suruga Bay in Japan"
SASSA, Kyoji (International Consortium on Landslides)
"Evidence for Mass Transport Deposits at the IODP JFAST-Site in the Japan Trench"
FINK, Hiske (MARUM-Center fo Marine Evironmental Sciences, University of Bremen, Germany)
"New perspective of submarine landslide"
H-TT09 OGUCHI, Takashi GIS
"Smart Data Collection and Real-time Digital Cartography"
LWIN, Koko (Division of Spatial Information Science, University of Tsukuba)
"Classification of shallow-water bottom features by using DEM obtained by airborne LiDAR bathymetry"
ISHIGURO, Satoshi (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
"Temporal changes in erosion rates and patterns in Ichinosawa subwatershed of Ohya-kuzure landslide, central Japan"
S. HAYAKAWA, Yuichi (Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo)
"Geospatial simulation of tsunami evacuation using agent-based modeling"
MAS, Erick (International Research Institute of Disaster Science)
H-TT30 OGUCHI, Takashi Geographical Information Systems
"Digital Japan Web. NEXT"
SATO, Takenori (GSI of Japan)
"Analysis of regional conditions of cultivation abandonment by grid square statistics using GIS"
MORIMOTO, Takehiro (Faculty of Life and Env. Sci., University of Tsukuba)
"Hazard mapping on school road and its spatial characteristics -A case study of elementary school in Tsukuba city-"
OHBI, Kazuhisa (Faculty of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba)
H-TT32 NAKANO, Takanori Creation of Isotope Environmental Study
"Determination of the Geographic Origins of Grains with Strontium and Lead Isotope Ratios and Multielement Concentrations"
ARIYAMA, Kaoru (Japan Grain Inspection Association)
"Development of atmospheric pressure sampling device for direct elemental analysis using LA-ICP-Mass Spectrometry"
HIRATA, Takafumi (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University)
"stable-isotope geochemical map of metallic elements with rapid chemical purification technique"
"Isotope ecology of human diet"
"Tracing the Geographical Origin of Food Using Stable Isotope Analysis"
SUZUKI, Yaeko (National Food Research Institute)

Solid Earth Sciences(S)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
S-SS01 KODAIRA, Shuichi Slip to the Trench in Megathrust Earthquakes
"Frictional behavior of shallow subduction zone thrusts: Comparison of the Japan Trench and Nankai Trough"
IKARI, Matt (Marum, University of Bremen)
"Turbidite paleoseismology in the Japan Trench floor: Results from Sonne SO219A and Mirai MR12-E01 cruises"
IKEHARA, Ken (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
"Structure and composition of the plate boundary decollement in the area of maximum slip during the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earth"
KIRKPATRICK, James (Department of Geosciences, Colorado State University, USA)
"Mechanism of 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake in view of Fault Mechanics"
SHIMAMOTO, Toshihiko (Institute of Geology, CEA)
S-SS02 HIRATA, Naoshi Earthquake predictability research after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
"Testability of maximum magnitude estimates"
SCHORLEMMER, Danijel (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences)
"Research towards practical earthquake forecasting"
OGATA, Yosihiko (Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo)
S-SS24 SAITO, Tatsuhiko Seismic wave propagation: Theory and Application
"Time-lapse changes in velocity and anisotropy after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake estimated by seismic interferometry"
NAKATA, Nori (Colorado School of Mines)
S-SS25 KATO, Aitaro Comprehensive approach to the intraplateEarthquakes
"Viscous relaxation after the Tohoku Oki Earthquake by heterogeneous rheological structure of the NE Japan"
MUTO, Jun (Dept. Earth Sci., Tohoku University)
S-SS29 MATSUZAWA, Takanori Fault Rheology and Earthquake Dynamics
"Diversity in the initial phase of dynamic earthquake rupture in multiscale asperity model"
"Effects of temperature and fluid pressure on the frictional behaviors of glaucophane schist"
SAWAI, Michiyo (Hiroshima University)
"Slow events and giant earthquakes in friction experiments of polymer gels"
YAMAGUCHI, Tetsuo (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kyushu University)
"Geodetic observation and modeling of viscoelastic relaxation"
TANAKA, Yoshiyuki (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
"Microstructures and formation process of slickenside"
NISHIWAKI, Takafumi (Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Graduate school of science, Hiroshima University)
"Reduction of frictional stability illuminated by rapid afterslip following the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake"
FUKUDA, Jun'Ichi (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
S-SS31 KANAGAWA, Kyuichi New perspective of great earthquakes along subduction zones
"Fluid-rock interaction and resultant rupture of great earthquake -An exercise from fossilized seismogenic plate boundary"
KIMURA, Gaku (Dept. Earth and Planetary Science, The University of Tokyo)
"Similarity and variability of great earthquakes in world's subduction zones"
SATAKE, Kenji (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
"Determination of Stress State in Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (JFAST)"
LIN, Weiren (Kochi/JAMSTEC)
"Revisiting the unusual uplift of the Kikai Island at northern Ryukyu Islands, Japan"
GOTO, Kazuhisa (Tohoku University)
"The results of researches on the seismic linkage among mega thrust earthquake seismogenic zones around the Nankai trough"
"3D modeling of the cycle of megathrust earthquakes in the southern Kuril subduction zone considering high speed friction"
SHIBAZAKI, Bunichiro (International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Building Research Institute)
S-SS35 NAKAHARA, Hisashi Predicting strong ground motion and tsunamis from giant earthquakes at the Nankai trough and others
"The great Nankai-trough earthquake-how can we handle largest earthquake and tsunami-"
FURUMURA, Takashi (CIDIR/ERI Univ. Tokyo)
S-EM37 TADA, Noriko Electrical conductivity, Tectono-electromagnetism
"Contribution of magnetotellurics to the study of the Continental Lithospheric Break-up in East Africa"
TARITS, Pascal (IUEM, Brest, France)
S-IT03 TANAKA, Satoru Earth and Planetary Cores Seen from Multi-disciplinary Approaches
"Understanding the Lunar core: past, present and future"
"Effects of small-scale buoyancy in geodynamo simulations"
MATSUI, Hiroaki (Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley)
"Observations of the early geomagnetic field by paleomagnetism and possible temporal trend in paleointensity"
S-IT05 MORISHITA, Tomoaki Origin, evolution, and destruction of oceanic plate
"Paradise Lost: Interpreting peridotites from oceanic ridges"
KELEMEN, Peter (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
"Ridge flank processes at North Pond, Mid-Atlantic Ridge"
BACH, Wolfgang (University of Bremen)
"Hess Deep Plutonic Crust, Expedition 345"
SNOW, Jonathan (Univ. Houston)
"Anisotropy preservation/alteration in young subducted oceanic mantle"
"Structural evolution of the incoming oceanic plate and its along-trench variation"
S-IT38 OHUCHI, Tomohiro Rheology and Transport Phenomena of Geomaterials
"Interconnection of ferro-periclase reduces viscosity of the subducted slab at the top of lower mantle"
YAMAZAKI, Daisuke (Okayama University)
"Formation of weak faults during large shear deformation experiments of bimineral mixtures"
OOHASHI, Kiyokazu (Graduate School of Science, Chiba University)
S-GL40 TAGAMI, Takahiro Geochronology and Isotope Geology
"Application of laser-heating 40Ar/39Ar dating to the studies of subduction initiation process"
ISHIZUKA, Osamu (Geological Survey of Japan/AIST)
"Mechanism of eruption of Kumano mud volcano, Nankai accretionary prism"
S-RD42 FUJIMOTO, Koichiro New development of resource geology: characterization of ore fluid
"Thermal-flow structure and fluid processes in subduction zones: implications for hydrothermal vein-type ore deposits"
NAKAMURA, Hitomi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Magmatic fluid leading to epithermal gold deposits; probability of porphyry copper deposits in Japan"
MURAKAMI, Hiroyasu (Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment, AIST)
S-MP45 SUZUKI, Yohey Nano-minerals controlling the Earth's surface
"Importance of nanominerals on the concentrations, isotopic abundances, and element cycles at earth's surfaces"
TAKAHASHI, Yoshio (Hiroshima University)
"Significance of nano minerals in the planetary materials science"
NOGUCHI, Takaaki (Ibaraki University)
"Modelling of Pb and Zn transport during phase transformation of monohydrocalcite: Preliminary results"
MUNEMOTO, Takashi (Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo)
S-MP47 MURAOKA, Hirofumi Dynamics of melt, ductile and brittle rock mass and energy extraction
"Volcanology and scientific drilling"
NAKADA, Setsuya (Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
S-VC50 OKUMURA, Satoshi Dynamics of volcanic eruptions and igneous activities
"Basaltic magmas at high pressures and the origin of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary"
SAKAMAKI, Tatsuya (Tohoku University)
"Perspective on textural study of volcanic products"
TORAMARU, Atsushi (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyushu University)
S-GC54 SHIMODA, Gen Solid Earth Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry
"REY-rich deposits around Minamitorishima -General overview-"
KATO, Yasuhiro (Frontier Research Center for Energy and Resources, University of Tokyo)
S-TT11 MIKADA, Hitoshi Frontier Researches in Exploration Geophysics
"Application of Geophysical Methods to investigate the Polluted Site and river bottom mud."
LIU, Hsinchang (Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology)
"A Hamiltonian particle method with staggered technique for simulating strong ground motion"
TAKEKAWA, Junichi (Kyoto University)
"Estimation of S-wave impedance in ground surface layer due to vertical load excitation"
TANAKA, Nobuaki (Kyoto univ.)
"Electromagnetic survey around the seafloor massive sulfide using autonomous underwater vehicle"
GOTO, Tada-Nori (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
"Multi-phase analysis of surface wave survey data obtained by Land Streamer"
INAZAKI, Tomio (Public Works Research Institute)
"Estimation of 2D shear wave velocity profile of soil layers using surface wave seismic tests"
TSAI, Pei-Hsun (Department of Construction Engineering, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung, 413, Taiwan)
S-TT55 OKUMA, Shigeo Airborne surveys and monitoring of the Earth
"Volcanic plume measurement with UAV"
SHINOHARA, Hiroshi (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
"A Development of Airborne Survey of Gravity and Magnetics on an Unmanned Helicopter and Its Data Processing"
MORIKAWA, Hitoshi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
S-TT57 KOBAYASHI, Tomokazu Synthetic Aperture Radar
"Calibration and Validation of the Pi-SAR-L2"
SHIMADA, Masanobu (JAXA)
S-TT59 HINO, Ryota Creating future of solid Earth science with high performance computing (HPC)
"Quantification of Collapse Margin to Respond to Beyond Scenario Earthquakes"
NAKASHIMA, Masayoshi (Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)
"Paradigm shift in a scientific methodology driven by big data"
HIGUCHI, Tomoyuki (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
"Future issues and expected role of HPC to solve them for risk management for earthquake and tsunami disaster"
MAKI, Norio (Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)
S-CG07 UR REHMAN, Hafiz Collision, Subduction, and Metamorphic processes
"Precipitation and dissolution of chromite by hydrothermal solutions: new behavior of Cr and chromi"
ARAI, Shoji (Dept. Earth Sci., Kanazawa Univ.)
"P-T-t evolution of pelitic gneiss in the Lhenice shear zone (Moldanubian Zone of the southern Bohemian Massif)."
KOBAYASHI, Tomoyuki (Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, Chiba University)
"Inclusion mineralogy in extreme thermal conditions and its implication to the evolution of deep continental crust"
DAS, Kaushik (Hiroshima University)
"Strength of foliated antigorite serpentinite"
ANDO, Jun-Ichi (Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima)
"Composite metamorphic history recorded in garnets of Sambagawa metapelites in the Besshi region, central Shikoku, Japan"
KOUKETSU, Yui (Graduated School of Environmental study, Nagoya University)
"Role of jadetites in subduction zones: key to understand arc magma source"
FUKUYAMA, Mayuko (Akita Univ.)
S-CG08 KAWAKATSU, Hitoshi Geodynamics of off-arc volcanism and back-arc opening
"Cenozoic off-arc volcanisms and mantle dynamics in eastern margin of Eurasian continent"
"Absence of stagnant slab: implication for volcanism, back-arc opening and trench migration"
"Constraining the origin of the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain volcanic province using seismic imaging"
ALLEN, Richard (UC Berkeley)
"Seismic imaging of the mantle transition zone and lithosphere deformation beneath NE China"
NIU, Fenglin (State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting,China University of Petroleum)
"Divergent volcanic expression during subduction initiation: backarc spreading and boninite eruption"
LENG, Wei (Lab of Seismology and Physics of Earth Interior, Univ of Science and Technology of China, China)
S-CG09 OHTANI, Eiji Deep Carbon Cycle
"Silicate-C-O-H-N fluids and melts at upper mantle temperatures, pressures, and redox conditions"
MYSEN, Bjorn (Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Instn. Washington, USA.)
S-CG10 TAMURA, Yoshihiko Evolution of continental crust and Project IBM
"Temporal variation of OIB-like magmatism in the Western Philippine Sea-link to spreading of the West Philippine Basin-"
ISHIZUKA, Osamu (Geological Survey of Japan/AIST)
"Temperature of primary magma from Sannome-gata volcano, NE Japan Arc"
KURITANI, Takeshi (Osaka City University)
"Pattern of fluid release from the subducting slab at the IBM margin"
WADA, Ikuko (International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University)
"Origin of the proto-Philippine Sea Plate and the discovery of Mesozoic basement beneath the northern Izu-Bonin Arc"
TANI, Kenichiro (JAMSTEC)
"Seismological evidences showing along arc variation of crust and mantle evolution in the Izu-Bonin arc"
"Magmatic accretion and backarc opening controlling crustal structure of the Izu-Ogasawara-Mariana island arc"
TAKAHASHI, Narumi (Japan Asgency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
"Uranium-series evidence for variations in subduction components along the Izu volcanic arc"
FREYMUTH, Heye (Bristol Isotope Group, University of Bristol, UK)
S-CG62 HIROSE, Hitoshi Slow earthquakes
"Slow earthquake associated with frictional healing of serpentinites"
KATAYAMA, Ikuo (Department of Earth and Planetary Systems Science, Hiroshima University)
S-CG63 OKAMOTO, Atsushi Geofluids and dynamics in subduction zones
"Clay mineral characteristics of the plate-boundary fault at the Japan Trench"
KAMEDA, Jun (The University of Tokyo)
"Influence of dehydration to Cl isotopic fractionations: implication for behavior of hydrophilic Cl during subduction"
MUSASHI, Masaaki (Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
"Development of solubility measurement technique of rare earth element (Ce) in super critical aqueous fluids"
ABE, Takeyasu (Tohoku University, Earth Science)
"Influence of Si-metasomatism on slab-mantle interface rheology"
HIRAUCHI, Ken-Ichi (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)
S-CG64 TSUNOMORI, Fumiaki Geochemistry of fault systems
"Approach for short-term forecasting model improvement based on the phenomenon before the 1946 Nankai earthquake"
ITABA, Satoshi (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
S-CG66 FUKAHATA, Yukitoshi Crustal deformation in plate convergence zones
"Roles of Stress and Pore Fluid Pressure in Triggering Aftershocks Following the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake"
TERAKAWA, Toshiko (Earthquake and Volcano Research Center, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
"Stress states and physical properties along the Nankai Trough plate boundary"
KITAJIMA, Hiroko (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
S-CG68 SATO, Hiroshi Structure, evolution and geodynamics of island arcs
"Configuration of Moho discontinuity beneath Japanese Islands estimated with seismic tomography"
"IBM arc petrology, arc evolution and andesite problem"TAMURA, Yoshihiko (IFREE, JAMSTEC)
S-CG68 ISHIYAMA, Tatsuya Structure, evolution and geodynamics of island arcs


Session IDConvenerSession Title
B-AO01 KOBAYASHI, Kensei Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution of Life
"JAMP (Japan Astrobiology Mars Project): Search for Microbes on the Mars Surface with a Fluorescent Microscope."
YAMAGISHI, Akihiko (Tokyo Univ. Pharm. Life Scie.)
"Estimated Abundances of a Precursor of Glycine, CH_{3}NH_{2}"
OHISHI, Masatoshi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
"Origin of life: Source rocks for the origin and evolution of life"
MARUYAMA, Shigenori (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"A Simple Astrobiological Scenario to go from the Great Oxygenation Event to the Origination of Eukaryotes"
KIRSCHVINK, Joseph (Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, USA and)
"Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Abiogenesis"
HUT, Piet (Institute for Advanced Study, Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo, Japan)
B-BG22 WATANABE, Atsushi Coral Reefs: Life, the Earth and Human Beings
"Temperate coral reefs and coral communities and their recent changes "
YAMANO, Hiroya (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
B-PT23 KOMIYA, Tsuyoshi Decoding the history of Earth: From Hadean to Modern
"Life cycle reconstruction and taxonomy of Archean (3.0Ga) microfossil assemblage"
SUGITANI, Kenichiro (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
B-PT25 NOBUHARA, Takami Evolution of Chemosynthetic Community in Earth History
"Evolution of Chemosynthetic Community: From an Evo-Devo perspective"
B-PT28 YONEDA, Minoru Human Evolution and Climate Change
"Replacement of Archaic humans by Modern humans in relation to climate change"
ABE-OUCHI, Ayako (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the Universit of Tokyo)
B-PO02 KITAZATO, Hiroshi Biocalcification and the geochemistry of proxies
"Calcification mechanisms in foraminifera and proxy incorporation"
BIJMA, Jelle (AWI)

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary(M)

Session IDConvenerSession Title
M-IS01 HOBARA, Yasuhide Atmospheric Electricity
"Magnetic distrubance resulted from typhoons in Pacific Ocean in September 2008"
CHEN, Chieh-Hung (Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei 115, Taiwan)
"Ionospheric Perturbation Caused by Solar flares as determined from VLF subionospheric propagation Studies at Agra, India"
SINGH, Vikram (Department of Physics, R.B.S. Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri, Agra-283105)
"Characteristics of global thunderstorm activities extracted from Schumann resonance observations at Agra, India"
SINGH, Birbal (Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, R.B.S. Engineering ,Technical Campus, Bichp)
"Electrodynamic model of the atmosphere ionosphere coupling"
SOROKIN, Valery (Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, RAS)
"Properties of lightning in Eastern Mediterranean thunderstorms"
YAIR, Yoav (Dept. Life and Natural Sciences, The Open University, Israel)
M-IS22 ITOH, Kiminori Advancement in space climatology
"Spring and autumn temperatures deduced from phenology in Kyoto and Yedo, and their correspondence with solar variation"
AONO, Yasuyuki (Osaka Prefecture University)
"Lightning simulation by Poisson equations and its implication for entropic theories"
SERIZAWA, Hiroshi (Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University)
"Climate change during the geomagnetic polarity reversals: paleoecological evidence"
M-IS23 YOKOYAMA, Yusuke Drilling Earth Science
"JFAST: Drilling to the Plate Boundary to Investigate the Large Slip of the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake"
MORI, James (Kyoto Univ.)
"Exploration of the Deep Coalbed Biosphere off Shimokita (IODP Expedition 337): Overview and Perspectives"
INAGAKI, Fumio (Kochi Institue for Core Sample Research, JAMSTEC)
M-IS25 GOTO, Kazuhisa tsunami deposit
"Estimation and sensitivity of fault parameters from distribution of tsunami deposit"
"Paleo-tsunami records in Tonankai area and future issues of paleoseismological studies along the Nankai Trough"
FUJINO, Shigehiro (Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
M-IS27 KASHIYAMA, Yuichiro Evolutionary Dynamics of Life Systems Founded on Solar Energy
"Symbiotic relationship between {i}Braarudosphaera bigelowii{/i} and cyanobacteria"
HAGINO, Kyoko (Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior Okayama University)
M-IS28 MATSUOKA, Atsushi Evolution of the Pelagic Realm
"Creating exact 3D models for scientific research"
TESHIMA, Yoshinori (Chiba Institute of Technology)
M-IS29 FUJITA, Shigeru Extremely severe geomagnetically induced currents in Japan
ARAKI, Tohru (Kyoto University)
Uyeshima, Makoto(Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
M-IS30 HATTORI, Katsumi Electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities
"Seismo-ionospheric precursors of the total electron content associated with M?6.0 earthquakes in Japan"
LIU, Jann-Yenq (Institute of Space Science, National Central University, TAIWAN)
"Numerical simulation of co-seismic electromagnetic signals in porous media"
HUANG, Qinghua (Department of Geophysics, Peking University)
"Multi-parameter observations of pre-earthquake atmospheric signals and their validation. The LAIC concept."
OUZOUNOV, Dimitar (Chapman University, One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866, USA)
"Geomagnetic anomalies possibly associated with the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake (Mw9.0)"
HAN, Peng (Graduate School of Science, Chiba University)
M-IS31 KIMURA, Yuki Interface- and nano-phenomena on crystal growth
"Emergence of helical morphologies with crystals: twisted growth under diffusion-limited conditions"
IMAI, Hiroaki (Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University)
M-IS32 MOKUDAI, Kuniyasu Geopark
"Framework for implementing ESD in Geopark"
YAMAMOTO, Ryuta (School of Education, Waseda University)
"Bottom-up Management of Muroto Global Geopark"
SHIBATA, Tadahiro (Muroto Geopark Promotion Committee)
"Economic effect and its temporal change that the GGN authorization brought -the example of Unzen Volcanic Area Geopark"
OHNO, Marekazu (Unzen Volocanic Area Geopark Promotion Office)
M-AG35 KITA, Kazuyuki Dynamics of radionuclides emitted from Fukuchima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in the environment
"Surface pathway and subduction of Fukushima radioactivity in the North Pacific Ocean in March 2011 - June 2012"
AOYAMA, Michio (Meteorological Research Institute)
"Regional-scale transfer of fallout radiocaesium in river networks impacted by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant"
SMITH, Hugh (University of Liverpool, UK)
M-SD03 KONDO, Hiroaki Activity of GEO task Integrated Global Carbon Observation and Analysis System (CL-02) in Japan
"GEO Carbon Observations and Analysis System and the idea of Asian contribution"
OCHIAI, Osamu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
"Development of GEOSS and GEO Grid"
IWAO, Koki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
"Expectations for carbon cycle observation from a global warming projection modeler"
M-SD04 MIYAOKA, Hiroshi New atmospheric and geospace science opened by EISCAT_3D
"EISCAT_3D-N: A proposal to the Research Council of Norway to finance EISCAT_3D"
LA HOZ, Cesar (University of Tromso, Norway)
"EISCAT_3D in Sweden: national science targets, roadmap and funding plan"
KERO, Johan (Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF))
"The AMISR Radars"
HEINSELMAN, Craig (EISCAT Scientific Association)
"Toward cutting edge of geospace and atmospheric sciences with EISCAT and EISCAT_3D"
FUJII, Ryoichi (STE Laboratory, Nagoya University)
M-TT38 YOKOYAMA, Tetsuya Frontiers in Geochemistry : Innovative approaches for Earth and Planetary Sciences
"Trace-element analysis of single fluid inclusions by PIXE"
KUROSAWA, Masanori (Univ. Tsukuba, Life and Environ. Sci.)
"Mossbauer microspectroscopy for geosciences"
SHINODA, Keiji (Osaka City Univ. Department of Geosciences)
M-TT40 YAMAMOTO, Masa-yuki Brand-new scope of coupling geophysics being established by infrasound and associated waves
KATO, Susumu (Kyoto University)
ARAI, Nobuo (Japan Weather Association)