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The list of successful candidates 2017

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Selection was done with priority given to those who fell into minority categories. On top of this, methods were then adopted sequentially beginning from abstract content and building onto things with potential academic value. It was discontinued when the total subsidiary aid had surpassed the prepared travel expenses. However, those residing near the Tokyo area who could have potentially made repeat visits were rejected.

March 17 2017
Chair of selection committee
Nakamura, Masato

(alphabetical order)
Name Organization Presentation
Amitava, Chatterjee Hiroshima University SMP40-05 Regional age zonation and multiple tectonic pulses of Neoproterozoic-Cambrian age from the western boundary of Eastern Ghats Belt, India: A comprehensive tectonic model for final amalgamation
Ayumi, Nishi Kagoshima University SMP41-P03 Mineralogical and petrological features of the Sanbagawa eclogites and amphibolites: pseudosection modelling
Chikako, Kinefuchi Niigata University MIS13-P03 Seasonal variations of supraglacial ponds on debris-covered glacier in the eastern Himalaya
Fahmida, Parvin Hokkaido University ACC37-02 Greenland ice core records of biomass burning aerosol and BVOCs over the past 60 years
Hidayat, Panuntun Kyoto University SSS10-06 Afterslip, viscoelastic relaxation, poroelastic rebound: A possible mechanism in the sort and long term postseismic deformation following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.
Hideyuki, Takadama Niigata university MIS13-P06 The spatial distribution of mountain permafrost in northern Tien Shan, Central Asia using DInSAR analysis
Hiroo, Tsuda Kyoto University SSS17-17 3D seismic velocity structure in the lower crust beneath the San-in district
Hiroshi, Tetsuka Hiroshima University SCG74-08 Effect of humidity and interlayer cation on frictional strength of montmorillonite
Hitomi, Hata Niigata University MIS13-15 The distribution of rockfall and topographical change in
Shirouma Daisekkei, the Northern Japanese Alps
Jaeguk, Jo Okayama University BCG10-P01 Distribution of Ammonium-Bearing Clay Minerals and their δ15N values Occurred in Shallow-Seafloor Hydrothermal System in Kagoshima bay, Southern Kyushu, Japan.
Kanako, Omine University of the Ryukyus MIS23-P04 Relationship between climate changes and solar activity in a mid-Holocene stalagmite from Minami Daito, Okinawa
Katsuhito, Soda Kumamoto University MGI29-P10 Chemostratigraphic analysis on the Middle Triassic (Anisian) Oceanic Anoxic Events
Kentaro, Kondo Akita University SCG73-09 Variation of the average aspect ratio of plagioclase in the Atsumi dolerite sills, Northern Japan
Kosuke, Namekata Kyoto University PEM12-25 Comparison of Solar and Stellar White-light Flares
Kotona, Ogawa Kyoto University HCG30-04 Investigation of preservation potential of sedimentary structures by ruled-lattice model for bioturbation
Kumi, Hirose Kyoto University PEM18-09 A statistical study of the association of coronal mass ejections with filament disappearances using H-alpha full disk images observed with the Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART)
Mirlan, Daiyrov Niigata University MIS13-P04 Recent variations of glacial lakes in Issyk-Kul Basin, the northern Tien Shan
QIONG, WU Hokkaido University STT58-05 Penetration depth of the GREATEM survey
Ruslan, Shakhmatov Hokkaido University MIS01-P04 Effects of snow cover change on taiga forest ecosystem.
Ryosuke, Nakashima Kyushu University MIS15-P03 Equatorial waves modified by the presence of a toroidal magnetic field within the stably stratified layer at the top of the Earth’s outer core
Ryusuke, Nishitani Osaka University PPS01-P10 The effect of clathrate formation on concentrations of ammonia and ammonium ion in a subsurface ocean of Enceladus
Satoshi, Fuse Kyoto University STT55-12 Estimation of Shear wave anisotropy of Transeversely Isotropic medium by Full Waveform Inversion
Satoshi, Katakami Kyoto university SSS04-P36 Tidal response in shallow micro low-frequency tremors
Shinji, Kawaguchi Kyushu University SRD39-08 Mineralization of Ag-rich Sulfide Minerals in Chimney Samples at Bayonnaise Knoll, Izu-bonin Arc.
Shiono, Sakai Kyusyu University. BPT05-P10 Lithologies and stratigraphy of GHB cores drilled at Cape Three Points area in the Birimian Supergroup, Ghana
Shota, Nakao Kyushu University SRD39-P01 Initial study on the mineral assemblages associated with Cu-Au mineralization,DMLZ deposit, Grasberg mine, Papua, Indonesia
Sumika, Kataoka Kyoto Prefectural University MIS19-11 Elemental and mineralogical diversity of serpentine soils in East Asia
Takashi, Morisawa Kochi University BBG02-P02 Screening of metal-ion inducible genes from subseafloor sedeiments of Nankai Trouph using substrate-induced gene expression method
Wonji, Shin Hokkaido University SMP42-01 Metamorphic overprint of the Kamuikotan metamorphic rocks by fluid migration during exhumation around Asahikawa City, central Hokkaido, Japan
Yoshihiko, Ohashi Hokkaido University ACG48-09 Subglacial meltwater discharge and its impact on water properties in Bowdoin Fjord, northwestern Greenland
Yoshimi, Sugiyama Kochi University MIS23-P31 Numerical simulation about meandering Kuroshio in LGM
Yoshinori, Higashi Kyoto University PPS10-23 Hydrogen diffusion experiment of fluorapatite under water vapor conditions
Yoshitaka, Mori Niigata University MIS13-P05 Underground structure of glacier ice and snow using Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR)
Yosuke, Shigeno Niigata University MIS18-01 Synoptic-scale conditions with occurrence of winter lightning in the Hokuriku district of Japan
Yudai, Kayamoto Kyoto University MIS22-P03 Estimation of in-situ stress by a new analysis method of Diametrical Core Deformation Analysis (DCDA)
Yuina, Uechi University of the Ryukyus AHW35-P02 Seasonal variation of 17O-excess of precipitation in East Asian Monsoon region, Okinawa, Japan
Yuka, Furukawa Kobe University SCG71-19 Two types of upper crust seismic velocity structure in the Izu-Bonin-Mariana back-arc basin
Yuki, Yasuda Kobe University SVC50-15 Collapse mechanism of small calderas: a case study of the Ohachidaira caldera, Hokkaido, Japan