Outstanding Student Presentation Award 2017

Undergraduate and graduate students who would like to enter for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award should do so at the same time as they submit their presentation abstract.

Details of how to enter for this award are given below.

1. Requirements for Entry for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award.
• Candidates for this award must be undergraduate or graduate students at the time that they give their presentation. The award is not open to high school students.
• Candidates for the award must (i) be the first author of the presentation and (ii) give the presentation by themselves.
• Candidates who are unable for any reason to give their presentation are requested to withdraw their entry for the award (even in the case that someone else gives the presentation on their behalf).
• Candidates who intend to make more than one presentation are only permitted to enter one presentation for the award. Candidates making multiple entries will be disqualified.
• Presentations must be given in either English or Japanese (we are unable to allow any other language).

2. How to Enter for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award.
• Candidates for this award should check the “I wish to enter for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award” box in the online application form when they submit their draft presentation. Please check the following table to confirm that the presentation will be eligible for the award:

Space and Planetary SciencesPresentation Category PPresentation Category M or U
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric SciencesPresentation Category APresentation Category M or U
Human GeosciencesPresentation Category HPresentation Category M or U
Solid Earth SciencesPresentation Category SPresentation Category M or U
BiogeosciencesPresentation Category BPresentation Category M or U

• Presentations will be automatically registered under the Science Section in which they are given, regardless of any Section membership of the presenter.
• Please note that we decline applications from candidates who fail to check the “I wish to enter for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award box” in the application form by the February 16th 2017 deadline. Prior to the deadline it is possible to amend this information using the JpGU – AGU Joint Meeting Registration System. After the deadline amendments to this form will not be accepted for any reason whatsoever.
• Candidates who wish to withdraw their entry for the award are requested to do so by email to the following address: student_award@jpgu.org

• Winners will receive a certificate and a commemorative shield. These will be issued in the name of the winner exactly as it is registered in the JpGU – AGU Joint Meeting Registration System. Candidates should confirm that name order, spelling, use of upper and lower case characters etc. are correctly registered: if not they should make any required amendments.

• Please note that we do not guarantee that all entries for the award will be accepted. Candidates will be informed if their entry has been accepted after their entry has been received and reviewed.

3. Information for candidates giving presentations in Union (U) or Multidisciplinary (M) Sessions Candidates giving presentations in Union or Multidisciplinary Sessions will be allowed to enter for this award under any Science Section that is relevant to their presentation. The Outstanding Student Presentation Award Committee will decide whether the Science Section is relevant based on the presentation title and abstract.

Candidates giving presentations in U or M Sessions are asked to fill in the special application form linked to below. Please enter your chosen section in the first item on this form.
>> Outstanding Student Presentation Award Entry Form for U and M Sessions.

4. Requirements During the Presentation
Candidates giving oral presentations are asked to announce at the start of their presentation that their presentation is entered for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award and to indicate the relevant Science Section. This is to ensure that the judges are aware that the presentation is being made.

Candidates giving poster presentations must write “[Science Section Name] Outstanding Student Presentation Award Entry” clearly in the top right corner of their poster. This information should also be included on the memo that gives the times when the candidate will be present with their poster. Candidates are asked to be present with their poster during core time periods to ensure that they will be present when the Outstanding Student Presentation Award judges visit.

5. How the Award will be Judged
The judges will be interested in entries that demonstrate the student’s abilities and individuality. As they will also place emphasis on how the student conducts the question and answer session, research supervisors are asked not to assist the student during this part of the presentation.

Points to be considered by the judges
(1)Visual clarity: are the text, charts, diagrams and figures in presentation slides or the presentation poster easily legible?
(2)Power of expression: does the candidate speak clearly and accurately explain charts and figures etc.
(3)Effective use of the time allotted for the presentation
 ・Oral presentations: is the presentation paced so as to neither exceed the allowed time nor to finish too early?
 ・Poster presentations: are all explanations concise?
(4)Logical structure of the presentation: is the presentation logically consistent and are conclusions supported by data?
(5)Purpose of the research and clarity of its conclusions: are the purpose and conclusions clearly explained?
(6)Quantity and quality of data: is the presentation backed by data of sufficient quantity and quality?
(7)Degree of understanding of existing research: does the presentation suitably reference any relevant existing research?
(8)Originality and degree of development of the research: how original is the research and to what extent does it contribute to any relevant research fields?
(9)Independence of the student: is the student independently involved in the research and do they conduct the question and answer session with confidence?

Each presentation will be reviewed by two or three judges. The judges will be chosen so as to have no relationship with the candidate (i.e. They will not belong to the same department or faculty; they will not have been coauthors on any of the candidates papers; and they will not have advised on or supervised any of the candidates research). Awards will be conferred by the science section boards after a detailed discussion of all of the judges’ findings.

6. Announcement and Conferment of Awards
Award winners will be informed by email, and a list of all winners will be posted on the JpGU homepage.
Each winner will be sent an award certificate and a commemorative shield.
We expect that around 5% to 10% of candidates will receive an award.

7. Timeline
Friday 6th January 2017      Start of acceptance period for entries
Thursday 16th February 2017    Deadline for entries, 12 noon Tokyo time
Monday 5th June 2017       Communication of results to award winners
We will inform you the result in the mailnews
July Issye(The issue comes out on the tenth of July).
If the results came out fast, we will inform you
in the meilnews an extra edition.
(June 8th updated)

Q and A
Q. I forgot to check the “I wish to enter for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award” box on the application form. What can I do?
A. Prior to the February 16th deadline it is possible to amend this information using the JpGU – AGU Joint Meeting Registration System. After logging on choose Submit Abstract from the left hand menu and this will take you to the presentation submission screen.

Q. Please tell me how I may withdraw my entry should I wish to do so (for instance if I am unable to give my presentation myself)?
A. Entries may be withdrawn using the email address given in section 2.

Q. This year’s meeting will be held jointly with AGU and will consist of both EJ sessions and JJ sessions.
Are presentations in both sessions eligible for this award?
A. Yes. Both English and Japanese language presentations are eligible.

Q. Is it possible to enter using either a JpGU Annual Meeting ID or an AGU Membership ID?
A. Yes, either of these membership IDs may be used to enter for this award.

List of Previous Student Presentation Award Winners
A list of Previous Student Presentation Award Winners may be found here.

Further Information
Enquires and requests for further information should be made to the JpGU Office.
General email enquiries concerning the prize should be sent to: student_award@jpgu.org