For Students

This page is made up for graduate, university and high school or younger students.

Registration fee

Registration fee is free of charge for undergraduate students.
Please join our meeting if you don't make abstract submissions.

Presentations by High school students

Earth planetary science related poster presentations by high school students are held every year.
This is a good chance for high school students to make poster presentations on their reseraches in front of a large audience and discuss with earth science related leading scientists.
We're waiting for your active participation.
Entry starts in January.
Please see the following URL for images of the past meetings.

Student Outstanding Presentation Award

Each section of JpGU are going to give out Student Outstanding Presentation Awards.

Please check-mark the column No.4 to apply for this award when you submit your abstract.

  • Review and prize giving will be conducted by each section.
  • You can apply to ONLY one section. If you apply to more than one section, it automatically becomes invalid.
  • Requirements Human Geosciences Session category is H /Accept only M and U Do not accept
    SectionRequirementsOther categoriesHigh school students
    Space and Planetary SciencesSession category is PAccept only M and UDo not accept
    Atmospheric and Hydrospheric SciencesJpGU Member and main section is AAcceptDo not accept
    Solid Earth SciencesSession caterogy is SAccept only M and UDo not accept
    BiogeosciencesSession category is BDo not acceeptDo not accept
  • If you apply to Union or Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Session, please check-mark the column and apply from the dedicated form shown HERE.
    Some sections don't accept entries from Union or Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary sessions.
    Please see the guidelines of each section for further details.
  • Please be sure to check-mark the column for application.

<< Application Guideline >>

<< FAQs >>

Q: Is the main science section related to this application?
A: If you want to apply to the A section, your main section MUST be A and MUST be a JpGU member.
In other sections, you can freely apply to any section you plan to make presentation regardless of you Main section.

Q: Can high school students apply to these awards?
A: We're sorry but they can't.

Q: Can undergraduate students apply to this award?
A: Yes, they can.

Q: I forgot to check-mark when I submitted my abstract.
A: By February 12, you can update your abstract submission with your ID and password.

Part timers

We start recruiting part timers in the middle of March.
We'll wait for your cooperation.