JpGU Meeting 2014 Program

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Union Session List

Union sessions are the ones to make earth planetary science frontier and its challenges as a whole known to researchers of this community.

U-01 *Forum for Global Data Sciences in Earth and Planetary Research MURAYAMA, Yasuhiro
U-02 *Particle Geophysics TANAKA, Hiroyuki
U-03 PEPS by JPGU and future perspective of scientific journals KAWAHATA, Hodaka
U-04 Frontiers of Atmospheric Science: Airborne Research of Earth Science KOIKE, Makoto
U-05 Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral, and Atmosphere OTAKE, Tsubasa
U-06 New Progress toward the Understanding of Small Solar System Bodies ARAKAWA, Masahiko
U-07 Future Earth - The Integrated Research for Sustainable Earth HIMIYAMA, Yukio
U-08 How JpGU will manage environment and hazard? MATSUMOTO, Jun
U-09 Great Interplate Earthquakes and Nuclear Power Plants HASHIMOTO, Manabu
U-10 Relationship between Earth science and government - public NAGAHARA, Hiroko

Public Session List

Public sessions are the ones to make the ordinary people know the fruits of earth planetary science researches, planned by Japan Geoscience Union. They are all free of charge.

O-01 Education for disaster-prevention and community-restoration -3 HATAKEYAMA, Masatsune
O-02 The state of Geoscience education in high school in the next curriculum MIYAJIMA, Satoshi
O-03 Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science HARA, Tatsuhiko
O-04 Poster presentations by senior high school students HARA, Tatsuhiko
O-05 Work-life balance and Careers for Earth and Planetary scientists WAKASA, Sachi
O-06 Geoparks in Japan WATANABE, Mahito
O-07 Special NASA Lecture HARA, Tatsuhiko