Public Session

Public sessions are open to everyone and free of charge.

Advance application is NOT necessary. Please come to the venue on the day.

Pablic session day : April 29th, Tuesday, 2014

List of public sessions of JpGU Meeting 2013

O-01 Education for disaster-prevention and community-restoration -3 HATAKEYAMA, Masatsune
Suffering unprecedented disasters by earthquake and typhoon, we now appreciate keenly the necessity for disaster prevention education, which contains very various subjects. The specialist in each field has to arrange their knowledge to provide it for students and citizens as knowledge which is actually useful. The fruitful outcomes of such efforts are discussed cross-disciplinarily in this session. Specialists in broad fields (ex., the geophysics, the disaster management, the shelter management, the disaster prevention engineering, and the medical science) will be invited as speakers
O-02 The state of Geoscience education in high school in the next curriculum MIYAJIMA, Satoshi
From 2012, the national curriculum has been in effect according to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology guidelines._x000D_ Three or more subjects are chosen from the following four subjects; Basic Physics, Basic Chemistry, Basic Biology and Basic Geoscience.
As a result, the number of students who choose geoscience has increased by more than 2.5 times compared with that of the number under the former national curriculum guidelines, and some improvement came to be seen in people's geoscience literacy.
In order to raise geoscience literacy, it is necessary to the number of students taking geoscience increase even more.
It is necessary to discern what is asked of high school geoscience education by society, and include the appropriate contents.
In order to allow students to learn the content effectively, we need to discuss what kind of subject setup is desirable.
Regarding the state of high school geoscience education in the next national curriculum guidelines, we plan to hold follow up discussions with invited speaker's.
O-03 Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science HARA, Tatsuhiko
This is an outreach session, in which invited speakers present their recent findings and developments in the fields of earth and planetary sciences. This session has been presented as a public session since 2005. The JpGU Publicity and Outreach Committee members are conveners of this session.
O-04 Poster presentations by senior high school students HARA, Tatsuhiko
Senior high school students show poster presentations on topics in fields of earth and planetary science. We provide an opportunity for senior high school students to give their presentations in the conference and to have discussions with them. This session has been presented as a public outreach session since 2006. The JpGU Publicity and Outreach Committee members are conveners of this session.
O-05 Work-life balance and Careers for Earth and Planetary scientists WAKASA, Sachi
This session focuses on life and work balances of Earth and Planetary scientists. Every day scientists make effort for contribution to society, development of Science and Technology, and inquiry into the truth. This session includes the problem of "Postdoctoral and Junior Scientists" and comparison between "Life of Japanese Women and Foreign Women". We are going to keep discussion on the topic of "Ikumen Project" held last year.
O-06 Geoparks in Japan30 April, Wednesday, 2014 WATANABE, Mahito
The activity of the Japanese Geoparks will be presented by scientists, administrtator and also local citizens. The presentation of prospective geoparks that apply for Japan Geopark as well as Japan Geoparks that apply for Global Geopark are also given as a part of evaluation process of the Japan Geoparks Committee.
O-07 Special NASA Lecture>> NASA HyperWall Exhibition HARA, Tatsuhiko
In this public session, an invited NASA researcher presents a special public lecture. The main target audience are high school students, while it is also open for the public. The lecture is given in English.