What is Session Category?

Along with adoption of science sections in 2010, all sessions are classified into 9 session categories.  When you propose a session, please select one among 9 sessions.
You can also designate your session as International session.
Alphabets in parenthesis indicates session categories.

Public Session (O)

Sessions open to the public to promote scientists' outreach activities, and to help societies' understandings of research fields of our union.
For Public Sessions, abstract submission and participation fees are all free of charge.

Union Session (U)

Sessions to present the up-to-date frontier topics of the earth and planetary sciences covered by JpGU, or to treat subjects which are of common interest to the whole geosciences community.  The JpGU Program Organizing Board reviews session proposals to decide potential Union sessions.  Conveners of the selected sessions are requested to hold their sessions as Union Sessions.  Union Sessions have no restriction of the number of invited papers as well as full flexibility of time slot settings of presentations and discussion time as far as total Session time is within the given length.

Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions are divided into 7 session categories as below.Each scientific session should be classified into one of the seven categories, so please refer descriptions shown below prior to your session proposal and/or abstract submission.  For proposing a session, please refer Convener guideline, too.
  • Space and Planetary Sciences (P)
    (Planetary Science, Solar Terrestrial Physics, Space Physics, Space Electromagnetism Exoplanetology... etc.)
  • Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences (A)
    (Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, Atmospheric Environment, Ocean Sciences, Hydrology, Limnology, Ground Water Hydrology, Cryospheric Sciences, Geoenvironmental Science, Climate Change Research...etc.)
  • Human Geoscience (H)
    (Geography, Geomorphology, Engineering Geology, Sedimentology, Natural Disaster, Disaster Prevention, Resources, Energy...etc.)
  • Solid Earth Sciences (S)
    (Geodesy, Seismology, Geomagnetism, Science of the Earth's Interior, Earth and Planetary Tectonics Dynamics, Geology, Quaternary Research, Lithology and Mineralogy, Volcanology, Geochemistry...etc.)
  • Biogeosciences (B)
    (Biogeosciences, Space Biology, Origin of Life, Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Palaeontology, Paleoecology...etc)
  • Education & Outreach (B)
    (Earth Science Education, School Education, Relation to the society...etc.)
  • Mutlidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary (M)
    (Session that can't be categorized into one session, Joint Symposium with other scientific societies...etc.)

International session

If you want to register your session as International, please be sure to check in the box No. 10 saying "International".
Please be sure to choose English in the box No.11 and all presentations are made in English.

Session proposal

Time frame of session proposal: September 1, 2011 to October 21, 2011
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