Invited Lecturers

Union Session (U)

Session ID Convener Session Title
MURAYAMA Yasuhiro Toward a New Framework of Global Data Activit
“Session scope, and hosting ICSU-WDS International Program Office in Japan" Yasuhiro Murayama(NICT)
“ICSU World Data System-Global Data for Global Science" Mustapha Mokrane(ICSU WDS-IPO)
“Contribution of Data Community of Japan to ICSU World Data System" Takashi Watanabe(STELAB)
“Scienitific Information Commons and World Data System (tentative)" Shuichi Iwata(UT)
“Data Integration and Information Fusion towards the Integrated Human Security" Toshio Koike(Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
“Inter-University Upper Atmosphere Global Observation Network (IUGONET)" Toshitaka Tsuda(RISH, Kyoto Univ.)
“Framework for International Collaborations in Planetary Data Archives" Yukio Yamamoto(ISAS/JAXA)
“International and Interdisciplinary Data Access: the IPY Experience" David Carlson(IPY IPO)
“Toward a new phase of Arctic research data activity" Hironori Yabuki(JAMSTEC)
“Activities on the development of GEOSS and GEO Grid" Koki Iwao(AIST)
“Integration of heterogeneous data sources of Russian-Ukrainian WDS Segment based on ontology and agent-oriented approach" Kostiantyn Yefremov(WDC-Ukraine, NTUU "KPI")
“Application Layer in Science Data Systems: Case Study of "Digital Typhoon" and "2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake" Asanobu Kitamoto(NII)
“Toward a Big Data Science: A challenge of Science Cloud" Ken T. Murata(NICT)
“Access and scientific exploitation of planetary plasma datasets with the CDPP/AMDA web-based facility" Nicolas Andre(IRAP/CNRS)
“Substorm Zoo - a browser-based tool for space weather research and teaching" Eija Tanskanen(FMI and UiB/IFT)
 YOSHIKAWA  Makoto New Progress toward the Understanding of Small Solar System Bodies: From HAYABUSA to HAYABUSA2
“Shock state of the Itokawa samples" Michael Zolensky(NASA JSC)
“MarcoPolo-R: Asteroid Sample Return Mission" Patrick Michel(Univ. Nice, CNRS, OCA, F)
U-03 HARUYAMA Shigeko Re-building the post mega-earthquake Japan - exploring new association of society and geosciences
“The giant tsunami had been forecasted, but not been included in disaster design" Kunihiko Shimazaki(Univ. Tokyo)
“Generation mechanism of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake - what are resolved and what are left unresolved" Akira Hasegawa(RCPEV, Graduate School of Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
“Role of the atmosphere numerical model at the time of the nuclear power plant accident and the earthquake disaster" Akira Watanabe
“Terrestrial Trasfer of fallout radionuclides by hydrogeomorphological process by Fukushima NPP accident" Yuichi Onda(School of Life&Envirom. Sci., Univ. of Tsukuba)
“Significance of Tectonic Geomorphology in the Prediction of Plate Boundary Earthquakes around Japan" Takashi Nakata(nane)
“Disaster management about the Nankai Earthquakes after the 2011 off Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake" Makoto Okamura(Kochi Univ.)
“Geography and disaster prevention teaching in Kanai area learnt from the Great East Japan Earthquake's lesson" Haruo Noma
“How to apply the disaster lessons from the East Japan earthquake to the next ''unexpected'' disasters" Yoshiaki Kawata(Kansai University)
U-04 KANO Akihiro Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral and Atmosphere
“Undifferentiated form-function" yukio gunji
“Two sites of life system on the Earth" Shigenori Maruyama(Earth and Planetary Sci., Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Development in the early Archean of the modern-styled geochemical cycles of Fe & U through the crust-ocean-mantle system" Hiroshi Ohmoto(Penn State)
“Earth's surface environments inferred from chemical sedimentary rocks deposited in a shallow ocean 3.2 billion years ago" Tsubasa Otake(GREEN, AIST)
“Organic matrices regulating the biomineralization -Structural and functional analyses of Pif in the nacreous layer-" Michio Suzuki(Graduate School of Science, Univ. of Tokyo)
U-05 TANI Makoto Hydrological responses to huge natural forces and the moderating effects of ecosystems
YASUNARI Tetsuzo (Nagoya University)
SHIIBA Michiharu (Kyoto University)
SUGIMOTO Atsuko (Hokkaido University)
KITAHARA Hikaru (Shinshu University)
NAKAKITA Eiichi (Kyoto University)
U-06 SAGIYA Takeshi Suggestions for the future of Seismology
“Suggestions for the future of seismology from the temporary committee (summary)" Takeshi Sagiya(Disaster Mitigation, Nagoya Univ.)
“Remarks from Meteorology to Seismology" Akimasa Sumi(IR3S)
“Role and activity of Committee for Geosphere Stability Research in The Geological Society of Japan" Hidekazu Yoshida
“Immature Science and Social Responsibility" Jiro Tomari(ERI)
“Public's cognition and support toward seismology" Kazuya Nakayachi(Faculty of Psychology, Doshisha University)
“Science communication after the Tohoku earthquake: "bilateral communication" for what?" Kazuhisa Todayama
“A proposal to the community of earthquake researcher - overcoming the crisis of confidence -" Teruyuki Kato(Earthq. Res. Inst., Univ. Tokyo)

Public Session (O)

Session ID Convener Session Title
O-01 HATAKEYAMA Masatsune Education for natural disasters -what we sould teach to avoid and overcome natural disasters
“Cooperation of a community required in order to raise local disaster prevention power, a school, and a university" Masahiko Konomatsu(Wakayama University)
“Social Response of Local Governments during the Great East Japan Earthquake" Yoshihiro Okumura(DRI)
“When a natural disaster occurs, how should school staff members roles?" Tatsuya Sugoshi(KOBE High school)
“Knowledge of law for surviving disasters" Eiichi Yamasaki
“Lesson Development in Moral Education integrated with Disaster Education" Motoki Fujii
“Revisiting the concept of tsunami tendenko" Katsuya Yamori(DPRI, Kyoto Univ.)
O-03 HARA Tatsuhiko Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science
“A river runs through oceanic crust"" Tetsuro Urabe(Earth and Planetary Science,
Univ. of Tokyo,)"
“High energy particle imaging of the solid earth" Hiroyuki Tanaka(ERI, Univ. Tokyo)
“Anatomy of solar system origin from Itokawa and the family" Hisayoshi Yurimoto(Natural History Sci., Hokudai)

Space and Planetary Sciences (P)

Session ID Convener Session Title
KOJIMA Hirotsugu Instrumentation for space science
“Sprint-B/ERG satellite project" Takeshi Takashima(ISAS/JAXA)
“Development of a Low-Energy Electron Instrument LEP-e for the ERG Mission" Chio Z. Cheng(PSSC, NCKU)
“The ESA-led JUpiter ICy moon Explorer mission: a sophisticated instrumentation in an intense radiation environment" Nicolas Andre(IRAP/CNRS)
“Tiny magnetic field measurement system onboard satellites by using an ASIC chip" Werner Magnes(IWF)
“Means to avoid the contamination effect of Langmuir probe measurement for ionosphere studies" Koichiro Oyama(PSSC NCKU)
EBIHARA Yusuke Space Weather
“What Would Happen to the Ionosphere and Atmosphere if an 1859-Carrington Storm Occurred Today?" Bruce Tsurutani(JPL/CIT)
“Empirical Space Weather Forecast Models Based on Solar Data" Yong-Jae Moon(School of Space Research, Kyung Hee Univ)
“Characteristics of trapping boundary of outer radiation belt during geosynchronous electron flux dropout" Junga Hwang(KASI)
“Ionospheric Weather of S4 Index Observed by FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC during 2006-2011" Jann-Yenq Liu(Institute of Space Science, National Central University,Taiwan)
“Ground-based observations of solar flares; current status" Kiyoshi Ichimoto(Hida Obs.)
【Poster】“Space Weather Activities in Korea Astronomy and Space science Institute” Jaejin Lee (KASI)
Liu Huixin Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere coupling in Asian sector
“Seasonal variations of thermospheric nonmigrating tides observed by CHAMP and GRACE" Jiyao Xu(CAS)
“Longitudinal and Geomagnetic Activity Modulation of the Equatorial Thermosphere Anomaly" Lei Jiuhou(Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China)
“Acoustic Gravity Waves Triggered by the 22 July 2009 Total Solar Eclipse" Jann-Yenq Liu(Institute of Space Science, National Central University,Taiwan)
“Study of the Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Using Observations of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC" Charles Lin(Dept. Earth Sci., NCKU)
“Zonal Drift Velocities of 3-m Field-aligned Irregularities of Layer-type and Clump-type Plasma Structures in Es Region" Yen-Hsyang Chu(Inst. Space Sci., NCU)
“VHF coherent scatter radar observations of mid-latitude E- and F-region field-aligned irregularities over South Korea" Young-Sil Kwak(KASI)
“WINDs Campaign -Lithium Releases from Sounding Rockets in the Thermosphere-" Shigeto Watanabe(Dep. of Cosmosciences, Hokkaido Univ)
Summers Danny Current Research on Earth's Inner Magnetosphere
“The Magnetic and Shielding Effects of Ring Current on Radiation Belt Dynamics" Mei-Ching Fok(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
“Simultaneous Global Observations of Ring Current Dynamics" Eric Grimes(Dept. of Physics, Auburn)
“Pc1/EMIC waves observed at subauroral latitude during sudden magnetospheric compressions" Khan-Hyuk Kim(SSR, Kyung Hee Univ.)
“Rapid radiation belt losses occurring during high speed solar wind stream driven storms: loss mechanisms" Craig Rodger(Department of Physics, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand)
“Recent observations of dropouts of the electron radiation belt and their implications" Steven Morley(LANL)
“Key Issues in Substorm Onset and Expansion" Chio Z. Cheng(PSSC, NCKU)
HIRAHARA Masafumi International Symposium for CAWSES-II and ISWI
“Current status and future plans of CAWSES-II" Tatsuki Ogino(STEL, Nagoya Univ.)
“Formation of Preliminary Center for Capacity Building for Space Weather Research" Kiyohumi Yumoto(Space Environ. Res. Center, Kyushu Univ.)
“Recent developments of Pi2 research" Andreas Keiling(UC Berkeley)
TANSKANEN Eija Terrestrial and planetary magnetotails and their response to variable upstream conditions
“Changes in the magnetotail configuration before near-Earth reconnection" Kristian Snekvik(FMI)
“Galileo observations of Jovian tail reconnection" Satoshi Kasahara(ISAS/JAXA)
P-EM27 KATAOKA Ryuho Predicting radiation dose from solar energetic particles

“Performance Evaluation of Automated Flare-CME Event Recognition System for WASAVIES" Seiji Yashiro(CUA)
“Development of GLE alarm system and observation of recent SEP events by neutron monitors" Takao Kuwabara(Bartol Research Institute, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Delaware)

【Poster】“Cosmic-ray exposure during aircraft operation” Retsu Akutsu (ALPA-Japan)

P-EM29 EBIHARA Yusuke Space Weather
“Recent Hinode Observations of Solar Flares" Toshifumi Shimizu(ISAS/JAXA)
“A prospective vision of future space weather research and operation" Ken T. Murata(NICT)
【Poster】“Space weather usage in JAXA radiation exposure management for astronauts” Chiemi Matsumura (JAXA)
Jorn Helbert Taking Mercury and the Moon in the laboratory
“Laboratory Measurements of Spectral Reflectance of Possible Mercury-analog Materials” Noam Izenberg (JHU/APL)
“Global classification of MESSENGER spectral reflectance data and lab spectra comparison.” Mario D'Amore (DLR)
KIMURA Jun Toward future explorations of Jupiter and Saturn system
“Giant Planets: Formation, Atmospheric Evolution, and Future Exploration" Sushil Atreya(AOSS, Univ. Michigan)
“Tidal Distortion of Outer Planet satellites: Implications for Interior Structure and Thermal State" Hauke Hussmann(DLR Inst. of Planet. Res.)
“Glaciation of Mars from 10 million years ago until 10 million years into the future simulated with the model MAIC-2" Ralf Greve(Inst. Low Temp. Sci., Hokkaido Univ.)
“Current and future exploration of the Moon and Mars: variations of rotation, shapes, displacements of center of mass" Yury Barkin(SAI MSU)
Yuty Barkin Studies of rotation, inner dynamics and gravitational fields of Solar system bodies
“Mercury's moment of inertia from spin and gravity data" Jean-Luc Margot(UCLA)
“VLBI mission proposed for SELENE-2 and its contribution to constrain the lunar internal structure" Koji Matsumoto(RISE, NAOJ)
“Comparison of changes in Earth rotation with temperature changes in the recent century" Leonid Zotov(ShAO)
KIMURA Makoto Asteroidal collision from meteorites and experimental works
“Shock-induced deformation of Shergottites: shock-pressures and perturbations of magmatic ages on Mars" El Goresy A.(BGI)
YURIMOTO Hisayoshi Minerals-Water-Organics in the early solar system
“Particle Transport and Thermal Processing during FU Orionis Events in the Solar Nebula" Alan Boss(DTM, Carnegie Inst.)
“Nature, origins and thermal processing of carbonaceous material in chondritic meteorites" Adrian Brearley(Dept. Earth Planet. Sci., UNM)
“Hydrogen isotopic composition of the water in CR chondrites" LYDIE BONAL(IPAG)
“Where is all the CO in Protostellar Systems?" Joseph Nuth(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
P-PS23 DEMURA Hirohide Next decade initiatives for lunar planetary explorations
“Conceptual Study on SLIM - Lunar Landing Demonstration via Small Explorer" Shujiro Sawai(ISAS/JAXA)
“Deep Space Exploration Technology Experiment Mission DESTINY" Yasuhiro Kawakatsu(ISAS)
P-PS24 TACHIBANA Shogo Origin and evolution of materials in space
“Imaging observations to understand dust grains in young circumstellar disks" Misato Fukagawa
“Collisional and orbital evolution of dust particles in protoplanetary disks" Satoshi Okuzumi(Grad. Sch. Sci., Nagoya Univ.)
“"Astromineralogy" as mineralogy: until now and from now" Akira Tsuchiyama(Earth and Space Sci., Osaka Univ.)
P-PS25 KOBAYASHI Naoki Lunar science and mission
“Lunar Bulk Composition Constrained by Reevaluation for Formation Mechanism of Anorthosite Crust" Risa Sakai(Earth and Planet. Sci., Univ. of Tokyo)
“Lunar Polar Region, Lunar Water" Junichi Haruyama(ISAS/JAXA)
【Poster】“The layered structure of lunar maria: Identification of the HF-radar reflector in Mare Serenitatis using optical images” Shoko Oshigami (NAOJ)
【Poster】“Vertical trend of modal mineralogy and Mg# of the lunar highland crust estimated from Kaguya spectral data” Makiko Ohtake (ISAS/JAXA)
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Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences (A)

Session ID Convener Session Title
ANDO Kentaro Variability of atmosphere, ocean, and air-sea interaction in and over the Indian Ocean
“Impacts of the Indian Ocean Dipole on climate variations in the southern part of the Eurasian Continent" Toshio Yamagata(EPS, Graduate School of Science, Tokyo Univ.)
“Indian Ocean capacitor effect for the past 140 years" Shang-Ping Xie(IPRC, Univ Hawaii)
“Footprints of IOD and ENSO in the 115year-Kenyan coral record" Nobuko Nakamura
“Intraseasonal variability in tropical Asian monsoon regions" Satoru Yokoi(AORI, U. Tokyo)
Lin I-I Typhoon-Ocean Interaction in the Western North Pacific Ocean and Neighbouring Seas
“Measurement of momentum flux across the air-water interface in high-speed wind-wave tank" Naohisa Takagaki(Kyoto Univ.)
“Influence of typhoon to primary production in the marine environment" Joji Ishizaka(HyARC)
NAKAMURA Hisashi Frontiers of Atmospheric Science: Extratropical air-sea interaction and Earth climate
“Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction over the Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension" Michael Alexander(NOAA/ESRL/PSD)
“Formation and erosion of the seasonal thermocline in the Kuroshio Extension Recirculation Gyre" Meghan Cronin(NOAA PMEL)
“Predictability of the western North Pacific summer climate demonstrated by the coupled models of ENSEMBLES" Riyu Lu(LASG, IAP, CAS, China)
“Role of the East-Asian marginal sea SST in the regional predictability and the North Pacific climate variability" Hyodae Seo(WHOI)
“Extratropical ocean influence on climate: The East China Sea example" Shang-Ping Xie(IPRC, Univ Hawaii)
A-AS21 IRIE Hitoshi Atmospheric Chemistry
“Estimating health effects of atmospheric aerosol particles" Kayo Ueda(NIES)
“Perspective on atmospheric chemistry and climate change from aerosols" Toshihiko Takemura(RIAM, Kyushu Univ.)
A-AS23 HASEGAWA Takuya Multi-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropical Pacific
“Global monsoon and ENSO -Inherent interactive feedback-" Hiroaki Ueda(Univ. of Tsukuba)
“Variability and change in sea level in the tropical Pacific" Tamaki Yasuda(MRI)
“Intraseasonal variability of ocean surface in the western Pacific warm pool and its connection with typhoon activity" Hiroyuki Yamada(JAMSTEC)
【Poster】“Mechanism for the asymmetry in ENSO transition and duration” Masamichi Ohba (CRIEPI)
A-AS24 MATSUMOTO Jun Extreme Weather in Cities
SATO Takahiro
A-CC31 KAWAMURA Kenji Past environmental changes by ice core studies
“Modelling the Abrupt climate change in millennial scale and its influence upon ice sheets during the middle level glacia" Ayako Abe-Ouchi(AORI, Univ. Tokyo)
“Solar influence on Greenland temperature anomalies over the past 1000 years" Takuro Kobashi(NiPR)
YAMASHIKI Yosuke Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction, Global-scale Material Circulation
“Dynamics of surface water and groundwater interaction at a coastal zone in Saijo plain, Ehime prefecture, western Japan" Maki Tsujimura(Grad School Life and Environ, Univ Tsukuba)
“Data archiving of 44-year synoptic observation of solar chromosphere" Reizaburo Kitai(Kwasan Obs., Kyoto Univ)
“Observation of atmospheric radioactivity in Tsukuba-Impacts on aerosol and deposition by the Fukushima nuclear accident" Yasuhito Igarashi(MRI)
SAITO Hirotaka Subsurface Mass Transport and Environmental Assessment
“Occurrence of soil water repellency and implications for the filtering function of soils" Karin Mueller(NZ Plant & Food Research)
“Computational Physics of Flow Through Porous Media: Permeability Scaling" Larry Winter(Arizona U)
“Fusion of Active and Passive Hydrologic and Geophysical Tomographic Surveys: The Future of Subsurface Characterization" Jim Yeh(Arizona U)
“Linking local soil transport processes to catchment hydrology and policy options" Brent Clothier(Plant & Food Research)
【Poster】“Predicting Soil CO_{2} dynamics in the vadose zone of Andisol in Western suburb of Tokyo” Chihiro Kato (Univ. of Tokyo)
A-HW26 YASUHARA Masaya Isotope hydrology 2012

“Development of multi-tracer of water toward Asian geo-isoscape study" Takanori Nakano(RIHN)
“Aquifer structures and flow systems of groundwater in the Osaka sedimentary basin" Harue Masuda(Dept. Geosci., Osaka City Univ.)
“Behavior of iodine in sedimentary rocks based on iodine speciation and ^{129}I /^{127}I ratios" Yoko Togo(AIST)

【Poster】“The influence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra river, and Meghna river on global carbon cycle” Takuya Manaka (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
【Poster】“Source and residence time of groundwater around Battambang region in Kingdom of Cambodia” Kazumi Asai (Geo-Science Laboratory)

A-HW27 YASUHARA Masaya Groundwater and environmental geology in urban areas
“Characteristics of heavy metals and metalloids included in natural sediments in the Kanto Plain, Japan" Shoichi Hachinohe(Cen.Envi.Sci.Saitama)
“Urban water pollution by perfluorinated surfactants and their precursors derived from surface runoff" Michio Murakami("Wisdom of Water" (Suntory) The University of Tokyo)
A-HW28 SUZUKI Keisuke Environmental changes in the Japanese Alps region
“Physiographic effects of landslides on landscape evolution in Northern Japanese Alps" Yoshihiko Kariya(Senshu Univ.)
“Annual channel migration and environmental diversity in the upper reaches of the River Azusa, Central Japan" Hiroshi Shimazu(Geography, Rissho Univ.)
“Consideration of climate factors concerning geographical distribution of fungi in Japan" Dai Hirose(Nihon Univ.)
A-HW30 ONODERA Shin-ichi Hydrogeology and Material Cycle in watersheds
“Community structures and activity of denitrifying microbes in forested catchment: survey using nitrite reductase genes" Nobuhito Ohte(Forest Sci. Univ. Tokyo)
“Denitrification rates in different shallow aquifers" Sadao Eguchi(NIAES)
“Aquifer structure and groundwater flow related to arsenic contaminated groundwater in Sonargaon, Bangladesh" Harue Masuda(Dept. Geosci., Osaka City Univ.)
“Relationship between critical depth and residence time as controlling factors to retention and release of nutrient" Yuta Shimizu(Grad., Integrated Sci., Hiroshima Univ.)
【Poster】“Changes of the mitorogen pollution problem accompanying human work from the field survey example by LHG of Hosei Univ.” Koji Kodera (Dep. of Geography, Hosei Univ.)
A-OS25 IKEDA Motoyoshi Coordinated efforts toward a large-scale research plan for new-era ocean science
“Action to build a base for breakthrough study by young researchers" Takuya Hasegawa(JAMSTEC)
【Poster】“New challenge of integrated fisheries information system and links to future large-scale research plan in marine ecology” Sei-Ichi Saitoh (Fac. Fish. Sci., Hokkaido Univ.)
A-PE33 OKAZAKI Yusuke Paleoclimatology and paleoceanography
“High resolution records in the Japanese coastal and slope regions for the last 3000 years" Michinobu Kuwae(SRFC, Ehime Univ.)
"“Glacial climate and thermohaline circulation: an ocean biogeochemical modeling toward direct comparison with proxy data"" Akira Oka(Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI),
The University of Tokyo)"
“Origin of magnetic mineral concentration variation in the Southern Ocean" Toshitsugu Yamazaki(GSJ, AIST)
“Orbital-scale lake-level and productivity changes in the mid-Cretaceous lacustrine deposits in southeast Mongolia" Hitoshi Hasegawa(Earth and Planetary System Science, Hokkaido University)
“The separation from global and local components of climate signals by comparison between two lake sediments" Keiichi Naito(AORI)
【Poster】“Holocene oxygen isotopic records of Itoigawa stalagmites and climate change” Tomomi Sone (SCS)
【Poster】“Oxygen isotopic composition of the Bering Sea bottom water during the Last Glacial Maximum: constraints from pore water” Akira Ijiri (JAMSTEC)
【Poster】“A negative feedback on pCO2 by shelf organic matters” Hiroyuki Ushie (AORI, Univ. of Tokyo)
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Human Geoscience (H)

Session ID Convener Session Title
H-CG31 KAWAMURA Kiichiro A relationship among submarine slides, submarine mass movements and our society
“Submarine Liquefied Sediment Flows: Characteristics and Their Potential Impacts on Societies" Shinji Sassa(PARI)
“A slope stability study for marine gas hydrate resource development" Koji Yamamoto(JOGMEC)
PETROVA ELENA Natural hazard impact on technological systems and urban areas
“Social and economic consequences of March 11, 2011 Tohoku disaster in Japan" ELENA PETROVA(Moscow Univ., Fac. Geogr.)
“Protecting industry and communities: Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011" Yoshio Kajitani(DPRI)
“Re-thinking of Land use planning at coastal area in Japan after Tsunami disaster" Hajime Matsushima(Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University)
“Post-Disater Reconstruction and Tourosm --the csce of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture" Shinjiro Ohmori
“An Example of a Historical Natural Disaster and its Influence on the Japanese-Russian Relations" Anastasia Petrova(IOS,RAS)
H-DS26 FUJII Yushiro Tsunami and Tsunami Early Warning
“Research for Improvement of the JMA Tsunami Warning System" Kenji Maeda(MRI)
“Ocean bottom seismic and tsunami network along the Japan Trench" Toshihiko Kanazawa(ERI, Tokyo Univ)
HARUYAMA Shigeko Global Land Project
“Land Use/Cover Changes in Puncak Area (Upstream of Ciliwung River)" Ernan Rustiadi(Center for Reg. Sys. Anal. Plan. and Dev., Bogor Agric. Univ. INDONESIA)
“Climate change and changing glacial landscape in Garhwal Himalaya, India" R.B. Singh(Univ. of Delhi)
SHIMAZU Hiroshi Geomorphology
“Development of faro topography in the Indian Ocean atoll" Hironobu Kan(Okayama Univ.)
H-GM21 SHIMAZU Hiroshi Geomorphology
“Applying digital stereoscopic topographic maps to geomorphological and geological interpretation" Toshifumi Imaizumi(Geography Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
HIMIYAMA Yukio International Human Dimensions Programme
“Agricultural vulnerability to climate change in the dry region of Haryana, India" R.B. Singh(Univ. of Delhi)
“Role of Wild Food Items for Seasonal Consumption Smoothing: The Case of Rural Zambia" Takeshi Sakurai(IER, Hitotsubashi University)
“Recent Development of Jabodetabek Region (Jakarta Megacity): The Dynamics of Population, Economic Hegemony and LUCC" Ernan Rustiadi(Center for Reg. Sys. Anal. Plan. and Dev., Bogor Agric. Univ. INDONESIA)
“Towards a Charter Moment: Hakone Vision on Governance for Sustainability in the 21th Century" Norichika Kanie(Tokyo Tech)
“Discussion on IHDP" Yukio Himiyama(Hokkaido Univ. of Edu.)
“Estimating CO_{2} Sequestration by Forests in Oita Prefecture, Japan, Combining LANDSAT ETM+ and ALOS Satellite Data" Kotaro Iizuka
“Land use/cover change and landscape fragmentation analysis in Baguio: A hill station city in the Philippines" Ronald Estoque(Grad. Sch. of Life & Env'tl. Sci.)
“Spatial modeling applied to the cities in Japan" Luis C. Manrique Ruiz(UEC)
TAKAHASHI Yukihiro Scope of climatic research by remote-sensing in Asia
“Lightning in Typhoons" Colin Price(Tel Aviv University)
“Robust Monitoring Techniques on Large Scale Carbon Dynamics for REDD+ in Tropical Peatland-Forest" Mitsuru Osaki
“Assessment of Field and Airborne Hyperspectral to Detect Peat Forest Degradation in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia" Muhammad Evri(BPPT)
“Micro satellite development in Indonesia" ORBITA ROSWINTIARTI(LAPAN)
“Micro-satellite User Community in Vietnam: roadmap and challenges" Thanh Ngo-Duc(Dep. Meteo., HUS)
H-TT29 OGUCHI Takashi Geographical Information Systems
“Database of altitudinal distribution of mountain glacier in high Asian mountains" Takayuki Nuimura(Nagoya Univ.)
“Land use/ cover change by human impacts using time series of geographic information" Mamoru Koarai(GSI)
【Poster】“Introduce of Smart Tiles System Architecutre for Seamless Geological Map of Japan and contribute the new website” Yoshiharu Nishioka (AIST)
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Solid Earth Sciences (S)

Session ID Convener Session Title
TAMURA Yoshihiko Creation and Destruction of Continental Crust by Plate Tectonics
“The yin and yang of continental crust creation and destruction by plate tectonic processes" Robert Stern(Geosci. Dept., U TX Dallas)
“Geochemical evidence for delamination from the Jurassic Talkeetna arc crustal section: missing pyroxenites from the Moho" Susan DeBari(Geol. Dept., Western Washington Univ.)
“Ultra-deep drilling to the middle crust of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc: Why is this planet to be the Earth?" Yoshiyuki Tatsumi(IFREE, JAMSTEC)
“Active seismic studies in the Izu-Bonin arc and ultra-deep drilling" Shuichi Kodaira(IFREE, JAMSTEC)
Ur Rehman Hafiz Convergent boundary dynamics: collision, subduction, crustal growth and deformation
“SHRIMP U-Pb dating of zircons related to the partial melting in deep subduction zone ?case study from the Sanbagawa quar" Kazuaki Okamoto(Fac. Edu. Saitama Univ.)
“Ontong Java Plateau lithosphere and its relation to craton formation" Akira Ishikawa(Univ. of Tokyo at Komaba)
“How can podiform chromitites tell us about the mantle dynamics?" Shoji Arai(Dept. Earth Sci., Kanazawa Univ.)
“Tectonic evolution of the Kurosegawa tectonic zone with relation to the multiple collisions in East Asia" Yasuhito Osanai(Earth Sci., Kyushu Univ.)
“Thermal overprinting of accretionary complex by a specific magma in Pacific type orogenic belt" Tetsumaru Itaya(RINS, Okayama Univ. of Sci.; Earth Planet. Sci., Kobe Univ.)
“Dynamics and evolution of Nansei Islands of Japan" Munetomo Nedachi(FSRC, Kagoshima Univ.)
S-CG60 KOBAYASHI Reiji Kanto Asperity Project: Toward Drilling and Monitoring
【Poster】“The 2011 Boso slow slip event” Shinzaburo Ozawa (GSI)
S-CG63 HIROSE Hitoshi Slow earthquakes
“Episodic slow slip events in the Japan subduction zone before the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake" Yoshihiro Ito(RCPEV, Graduate School of Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
“Atomistic origin of velocity-strengthening friction" Takahiro Hatano(ERI, Univ. of Tokyo)
S-CG64 SEKIGUCHI Shoji Structure and active tectonics of high strain rate zone
“Petrological crustal structure model of the northeast Honshu arc, Japan" Masahiro Ishikawa(Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama Nat. Univ.)
“Seismic structures below the Japan Sea complied from results of ocean bottom seismographic observations" Masanao Shinohara(ERI, Univ. Tokyo)
S-CG65 KAWAMOTO Tatsuhiko Geofluids and dynamics in subduction zones
“Spatial distribution of slab-related fluid in Japan - Relation to inland earthquakes -" Kohei Kazahaya(Geol. Surv. Japan, AIST)
“Thermal history of Earth and the evolution of oceans" Jun Korenaga(Yale)
“Microseismic-based detection of fluid flow in deep seated rock and its application to geothermal development" Takatoshi Ito(Inst. Fluid Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
【Poster】“Geochemical tomography for melting condition beneath Japan arcs” Hitomi Nakamura (TIT)
【Poster】“What stays in the slab and what returns to the surface? A geochemical mass balance model perspective” Jun-Ichi Kimura (IFREE-JAMSTEC)
S-CG67 FUKAHATA Yukitoshi Crustal deformation in plate convergence zones
“Uplift and denudation histories of mountainous areas of the Japanese Islands based on low-temperature thermochronology" Shigeru Sueoka(JAEA)
S-CG68 OTSUBO Makoto Stress and Crustal Dynamics
“Latest methods for inferring stress conditions from dikes and mineral veins" Atsushi Yamaji(Div. Earth Planet. Sci., Kyoto Univ.)
S-CG69 NAGAO Toshiyasu Electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities
“Generation of Electromotive Force and Changes of Seebeck Coefficient for Igneous Rock Blocks Subjected to Inhomogeneous" Akihiro Takeuchi(Tokai Univ. Earthquake Prediction Res. Cent.)
“Characteristics of electromagnetic data at Marumori in Miyagi prefecture before and after Tohoku M9.0 earthquake" Hideaki Hase(ERI, Tokyo Univ.)
S-CG72 KIMURA Gaku Fluid and seismogenesis in subduction zone
“Permeability anisotropy of serpentinite and fluid pathway in subduction zone" Ikuo Katayama(Earth and Planetary Systems Sci., Hiroshima Univ.)
“Earthquakes in subduction zones: An important role of aqueous fluids in earthquake generation" Akira Hasegawa(RCPEV, Graduate School of Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
S-CG73 NARUSE Hajime Interdisciplinary approach to earth surface dynamics
“Is dissolved salt necessary for the formation of continental shelves?" Gary Parker(UIUC)
S-CG74 SUITO Hisashi 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake: Crustal Deformation
“Coseismic displacement of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake detected by repeated multi-narrow beam bathymetric surveys" Toshiya Fujiwara(IFREE, JAMSTEC)
S-GC55 SHIMODA Gen Solid Earth Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry
“Systematic differences of I/Br ratios in kimberlites related to their origin" Chiaki Toyama
【Poster】“Origin of Suppressed Matrix Effect by 200Fs-SF-ICPMS Elemental Analysis” Jun-Ichi Kimura (IFREE-JAMSTEC)
YOSHINO Takashi Structure, mineral physics and dynamics of mantle
“On the onset of plate tectonics in the very early Earth" Jun Korenaga(Yale)
S-IT42 HATANO Takahiro Rheology and Transport Phenomena of Geomaterials
“Formation process and mechanism of slickenside" Jun-ichi Ando(Earth and Planetary Systems Sci., Hiroshima Univ.)
“Olivine fabric transition during ductile shearing in the uppermost mantle: an example from Oman ophiolite" Katsuyoshi Michibayashi(Inst. Geosciences, Shizuoka Univ)
S-RD45 FUJIMOTO Koichiro New development of resource geology
“Geochemical behavior mechanism of base metal and rare earth elements in water-rock interaction" Naotatsu Shikazono(Keio)
HIRATA Naoshi Global Collaborative Earthquake Predictability Research
“Earthquake forecasting using a smoothing Kernel and the rate-and-state friction law: Application to Taiwan" Chung-Han Chan(Dep. of Geosci., Nat'l Taiwan Univ.)
“Current developments and results of the Collaboratory for the Study of Earthquake Predictability (CSEP)" Maria Liukis(SCEC/USC)
“The Testability of Estimates of Maximum Magnitude" Danijel Schorlemmer(GFZ)
“Temporal Clustering of Mega Subduction Earthquakes" Felipe Dimer de Oliveira(Risk Frontiers)
“Possibility of the use of seismicity data for monitoring spatiotemporal slip variation on a plate interface" Naoyuki Kato(ERI, Univ. Tokyo)
S-SS27 NAKAHARA Hisashi Seismic wave propagation: Theory and Application
“Seismic interferometry in exploration geophysics: a review from practical aspect" Kazuya Shiraishi(JGI, Inc.)
S-SS29 HIROSE Takehiro Fault Rheology and Earthquake Dynamics
“Fluid-induced swarm activity as revealed by precisely determined hypocenters and focal mechanisms of earthquakes" Yohei Yukutake(HSRI, Kanagawa Pref.)
“Fault geometry affecting spatial distribution and evolution of fracture zones" Masakazu Niwa(JAEA)
“Strain anomalies induced by 2011 Tohoku earthquake observed by means of a dense GPS network in NE Japan" Mako Ohzono(ISV, Hokkaido Univ.)
“Stress state and deformation mechanism in the Nankai Trough subduction system" Hiroko Kitajima(PSU)
“Drilling the Alpine Fault: Preliminary project report" Jun-ichi Fukuda(Dept. Earth Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
【Poster】“Energy partition for grain crushing in quartz gouge and sintering effect during subseismic to seismic fault motion” Tetsuhiro Togo (NIED)
S-SS31 NISHIMURA Takuya Comprehensive approach to the intraplate earthquakes
“Diversity in Triggering Mechanism for Seismic Events Following the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake" Toshiko Terakawa(Nagoya University)
“Temporal decays of induced inland earthquakes associated with the 2011 M=9.0 Tohoku-oki, Japan, earthquake" Shinji Toda(DPRI, Kyoto University)
S-SS35 AZUMA Takashi Active faults and paleoseismology
“What controls the occurrence of inland earthquakes after the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake?" Tomomi Okada(RCPEV, Graduate School of Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
“Constructing source fault models for the crustal earthquakes in Japanese Islands" Hiroshi Sato(ERI, Univ. Tokyo)
S-SS37 HOSHIBA Mitsuyuki 2011 Tohoku Earthquake: strong motion and seismic disaster
“Soil liquefaction in Tokyo Bay area during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake" Susumu Yasuda
“Lessons of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake Focused on Characteristics of Ground Motions and Building Damage" Masato Motosaka(DCRC, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University)
S-SS38 HIRAHARA Kazuro New perspective of great earthquakes along subduction zones
“Postseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake using GPS/acoustic observations" Yukihito Osada(RCPEV, Graduate School of Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
“Characteristics of long-term strain buildup in the Kuril-Japan subduction zone: a global comparison" Yasutaka Ikeda(Earth & Planet. Sci., Univ. Tokyo)
OKUMA Shigeo Airborne surveys and monitoring of the Earth
“Airborne electromagnetic investigation of the freshwater potential in northern Sumatra after the Tsunami of 2004" Annika Steuer(BGR)
“Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Surveys in Austria - An Overview" Andreas Ahl(GBA)
“Radioactive cesium distribution released from Fukushima Daiichi NPP by aerial radiation monitoring" Atsuya Kondo(JAEA)
“Airborne gamma ray spectrometry using balloon and radio controller helicopter for decontamination evaluation" Masayuki Imaizumi(NARO,National Institure for Rural Engineering)
S-TT56 MIKADA Hitoshi Frontier Researches in Exploration Geophysics
【Poster】“11 years long term monitoring of Seismic velocity near Nojima fault using ACROSS” Ryoya Ikuta (Faculty. Sci. Shizuoka Univ.)
S-TT57 OZAWA Taku Synthetic Aperture Radar
“PALSAR ScanSAR Interferometry Using The Modified Full Aperture Processing" Masanobu Shimada(EORC, JAXA)
S-TT58 HYODO Masayuki Magnetostratigraphy and microfossil stratigraphy toward high-precision dating
“High-resolution magnetostratigraphy of Lake Biwa sediments" Akira Hayashida(Dept. Environ. Sys. Sci., Doshisha Univ.)
“Global synchroneity of Quaternary calcareous nannofossils datums betweem North Atlantic and Northwestern Pacific Oceans" Shun Chiyonobu(RITE)
S-VC52 GESHI Nobuo Volcano deformation and tectonics
“Effects of relationship between temperature and melt fraction of crustal rock on magma generation by crustal melting" Katsuya Kaneko(Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto Univ.)
“The 1883 eruption of Krakatau and its subsurface structure" Izumi Yokoyama
【Poster】“Stress conditions affected by pressure from magma reservoirs inferred from Miocene dikes in the Shitara area, Japan” Atsushi Yamaji (Div. Earth Planet. Sci., Kyoto Univ.)
S-VC54 KOZONO Tomofumi Dynamics of volcanic and igneous activities
“On linkage between researches based on observation and of elementary processes" Hiroshi Shinohara(GSJ, AIST)
“Potential Ability of Weather Radar for Volcanic Ash Detection" Masayuki Maki(NIED)
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Biogeosciences (B)

Session ID Convener Session Title
KOBAYASHI Kensei Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution of Life
“Origins of life from the point of view of evolution of biochemical functions" Kensei Kobayashi(Grad. School Eng., Yokohama Natl. Univ.)
“Origin and birth place of life on the Earth" Shigenori Maruyama(Earth and Planetary Sci., Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Abiogenic graphite in the 3.8 Ga Isua Supracrustal Belt" Takeshi Kakegawa(IMPE., Tohoku Univ.)
“Was the Archean atmosphere reducing?" Hiroshi Ohmoto(Penn State)
“Molecular resurrection of the genes of common ancestor of all the living organisms" Akihiko Yamagishi(Tokyo Univ. Pharm. Life Sci.)
KITAZATO Hiroshi Biocalcification and the geochemistry of proxies
“Calcification mechanisms in foraminifera and proxy incorporation" Jelle Bijma(AWI)
B-PT24 YONEDA Minoru Human Evolution and Climate Change
B-PT26 NOBUHARA Takami Evolution of Chemosynthetic Community in Earth History
“Earthquake Biosphere" Shinsuke Kawagucci(JAMSTEC)
B-PT27 TAKAI Masanaru Vertebrate Paleontology
“A review of early Pleistocene Gigantopithecus fauna from south China" Changzhu Jin(IVPP)
B-PT28 ENDO Kazuyoshi Paleogenomics
“Evolution of bivalve bodyplan" Hiroshi Wada(Univ of Tsukuba)
“An attempt to create the animal genomic data as a Linked Data" TAKESHI KAWASHIMA(OIST)
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Mutlidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary (M)

Session ID Convener Session Title
M-AG34 KITA Kazuyuki Challenge of earth sciences to the radioactive pollution in Fukushima
“Impacts of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants on the Ocean" Steven Jayne(WHOI)
“Radioactive fallout: lesson from Chernobyl and what could be experienced for the Fukushima post-accidental situation" Olivier Masson(IRSN)
【Poster】“What could be the consequences of the Fukushima Dai-ichi releases over mountainous areas?” Laurent Pourcelot (IRSN)
KATAOKA Ryuho From the Universe to Genomes: Histories of the Galaxy, Sun, Earth, and Life
“Triggers and process of macroevolution and mass extinctions" Kunio Kaiho(Tohoku University)
“An evolutionary story of Porifera: linkage between the most drastic climate change and the animal multicellularity" Akihiro Kano(Soc. Cul. Studies, Kyushu Univ.)
“Gene Duplication and Diversity of species" Kazuho Ikeo(nig)
“Biological effects of long-term low-dose-rate irradiation and biodefense mechanism" Kimio Tanaka(Dept. Radiobiol., IES)
“Meteorite impacts on the early Earth and origin of life" Takeshi Kakegawa(IMPE., Tohoku Univ.)
HOBARA Yasuhide Atmospheric Electricity
“Comparison of ELF Inversion Methods for Global Lightning Activity" Earle Williams(MIT)
“Observation of lightning discharges using VHF broadband interferometers" Wansheng Dong
“Lightning Applications in Severe Weather Research" Colin Price(Tel Aviv University)
“Is it possible to predict earthquakes? - There are reasons to believe" Alexander Schekotov(IPE/RAS)
“Possible precursors to the 2011 3/11 Japan earthquake:VLF/LF propagation anomaly and ULF depression anomaly" Masashi Hayakawa(AWCC Univ. UEC)
Groisman Pavel Changes in Northern Asia and the Arctic: Their feedbacks to the Globe
“Temporal and spatial variations of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane over Siberia" Toshinobu Machida(NIES)
“Megafauna and frozen soil: the drivers of atmospheric CH4 and CO2 dynamics" Sergey Zimov(North-East Scientific Station)
“Research on high-latitude Eurasian-global linkages at the International Arctic Research Center" John Walsh(IARC UAF)
OHTANI Eiji Deep Carbon Cycle
“The MoHole: Journey to the Earth's mantle" Katsuyoshi Michibayashi(Inst. Geosciences, Shizuoka Univ)
“Challenges to Explore the Terrestrial Subsurface Biosphere in Japan" Yohey Suzuki(Univ. Tokyo)
“Role of volatiles on petit-spot volcanoes" Naoto Hirano(CNEAS, Tohoku Univ.)
“Phase relations in peridotite and eclogite systems with H2O and CO2 at 3-27 GPa" Konstantin Litasov(Dept. Earth Planet. Mat. Sci., Grad. Sch. Sci., Tohoku Univ.)
“Density and magnetic properties Fe_{7}C_{3} to 1.7 Mbar with implications for carbon in the Earth's inner core" Jie Li(Earth Environ. Sci., U. Michigan)
M-IS21 SHIBATA Hideaki Biogeochemistry
“Iron isotopic signature of red blood cell samples from shark and seal : new tracer for biological cycle of Fe in marine" Takafumi Hirata(Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyoto University)
“Processes of stromatolite formation examined from the modern analogs" Tomoyo Okumura
M-IS24 KIMURA Yuki Interface- and nano-phenomena on crystal growth
“Dynamics of organic molecule adsorption on calcium carbonate calcite surface: a molecular dynamics study" Hiroki Nada(AIST)
“Preparation of Core-Shell Type Organic/Metal Hybridized Nanocrystals and Their Optical Properties" Hidetoshi Oikawa(IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)
M-IS25 GOTO Kazuhisa tsunami deposit
“Aspects of, and approaches to, tsunami-genetic sediments" tsunemasa shiki
“Hydraulics of sediment erosion and reworking by surging currents" Koji Minoura(Geology, Tohoku University)
M-IS26 ITOH Kiminori Space climatology and climate phenomenology
“Response of the north polar vortex and its evolution to solar activity using chemistry-climate model and reanalysis data" Yousuke Yamashita(NIES)
“Climatic cooling caused by a major weakening of the geomagnetic field" Ikuko Kitaba(KURCIS)
“An isotopic view on ionising radiation as a source of sulphuric acid" Shohei Hattori(Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Sci. and Eng., Titech)
【Poster】“Spatial distribution of climate response to the solar cycles during the Maunder Minimum” Yasuhiko T. Yamaguchi (AORI, Univ. Tokyo)
M-IS27 INOUE Mayuri Drilling Earth Science
“Digest of first part of IODP NanTro SEIZE project" Arito Sakaguchi(JAMSTEC)
“IODP Expedition 331 Deep Hot Biosphere" Takuro Nunoura(JAMSTEC)
M-IS28 KASHIYAMA Yuichiro Evolutionary Dynamics: Life Systems Founded on Solar Energy
“Light-induced transcriptional responses of proteorhodopsin-containing marine bacteria" Hiroyuki Kimura(Dept. of Geoscience, Shizuoka Univ.)
“Isolation and characterization of Parmales and its dynamics in the Oyashio region, western North Pacific" Mutsuo Ichinomiya(Prefectural Univ. Kumamoto)
M-IS29 YAMAMOTO Masayuki Symposium on the 10th Anniversary of the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar
“Equaorial Fountain" Toshitaka Tsuda(RISH, Kyoto Univ.)
"“Innovations on radar convection dynamics and Japan-Indonesia collaboration"" Manabu D. Yamanaka(IORGC, JAMSTEC;
DEPS/GSS, Kobe Univ)"
M-IS30 MATSUOKA Atsushi Evolution of the Pelagic Realm
“Linkage between Massive Volcanic Events and Global Extreme Climatic Events in the Cretaceous Period" Junichiro Kuroda(IFREE, JAMSTEC)
M-IS31 MORISHITA Tomoaki Formation and Modification of the Oceanic Plate: Past, Present and Future
“"Rock -Fluid-Ecosystem" linkage in oceanic crust" Kentaro Nakamura(PEL, JAMSTEC)
“Spatial compositional variability and origin of incipient subarc mantle inferred from the northern Oman ophiolite" Eiichi TAKAZAWA(Dept. Geol., Facul. Sci., Niigata Univ.)
“Three-dimensional shear wave structures of the upper mantle beneath the Philippine Sea and the French Polynesia region" Takehi Isse(ERI, Univ. of Tokyo)
MINAMOTO Yasuhiro Centennial Progress of Geophysic
“Application of high-time resolution geomagnetic data to diagnosis of neutral atmospheric waves in the upper atmosphere" Toshihiko Iyemori(WDC for Geomag., Kyoto Univ.)
“Geomagnetic detection of the sectorial solar magnetic field and the historical peculiarity of minimum 23-24" Jeffrey Love(USGS)
“Automatic Magnetic Observatories with AUTODIF" Jean Rasson(IRM)
“Magnetic observatory data - unique input for probing the Earth's mantle" Hisashi Utada(ERI, Univ. of Tokyo)
“The Earth's magnetic field: Where do we stand? Where do we go?" Mioara Mandea(CNES, FRANCE)
M-TT37 TAKAHASHI Yoshio Frontiers in Geochemistry : New Scientific Probe to Unveil the Earth
“Organic chemistry within submicron regions of Earth and planetary materials using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy" Hikaru Yabuta(Osaka Univ., Dept. Earth & Space)
“U-Pb age determination for Quaternary zircons using a laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry" Hideki Iwano(Kyoto Fission-Track)