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Session List

L135: (Paleoclimate and paleoceanography)

5/20 AM1 Function Room A 09:00 - 09:15 L135-001 Late Pliocene paleoenvironmental changes from the Ananai Formation drilled core: evidence for stable isotope ratio
*Shigetaka Kita, Minoru Ikehara, Yasuo Kondo, other
5/20 AM1 Function Room A 09:15 - 09:30 L135-002 A cooling event during the Matuyama-Brunhes magnetic polarity transition
*Ikuko Kitaba, Masayuki Hyodo, Shigehiro Katoh, other
5/20 AM1 Function Room A 09:30 - 09:45 L135-003 Temporal variations of the TOC content during the last 572 ka in the sediment cores off the Shimokita Peninsula, northwest Pacific
*Fujio Kumon, Hiroshi Ichikawa, Akihito Uebayashi, other
5/20 AM1 Function Room A 09:45 - 10:00 L135-004 Environmental changes within submarine cave during the past 7,000 years, based on stratigraphic distribution of lateritized grains
*Akihisa Kitamura, Nagisa Yamamoto, Takashi Toyofuku
5/20 AM1 Function Room A 10:00 - 10:15 L135-005 Changes in marine environment around the Okinawa Islands during the Bond Cycle 4
*Nagisa Yamamoto, Akihisa Kitamura, Tomohisa Irino
5/20 AM1 Function Room A 10:15 - 10:30 L135-006 Intra-annual to annual time resolution record during 600-1700B.P. from a stalagmite in southwestern Philippines.
*Masako Hori, Chuan-Chou SHEN
5/20 AM2 Function Room A 10:45 - 11:00 L135-007 Paleoceanographic reconstruction of the Japan Sea over the last 190 ka
*Koji Minoura
5/20 AM2 Function Room A 11:00 - 11:15 L135-008 Paleoenvironment based on foraminiferal, pollen and diatom analyses mainly for the Tokyo Formation in Haneda airport D runway
*Eiko Akiyama, Takatoshi Noguchi, Takashi Chiba, other
5/20 AM2 Function Room A 11:15 - 11:30 L135-009 Relationship between the carbon isotope ratios of Sphagnum from bog cores band the past atomospheric CO2 concentration
*Seigo Oki, Fumio Kitajima, Hiroshi Naraoka, other
5/20 AM2 Function Room A 11:30 - 11:45 L135-010 Subsurface sedimentary structure of Lake Biwa revealed by seismic sub-bottom profiling
*Tsuyoshi Haraguchi, Kaori Okumoto, Shinji Masumoto, other
5/20 AM2 Function Room A 11:45 - 12:00 L135-011 Mud deposition due to Typhoon Durian on 4-5th December 2006 in BaDong beach, Vietnam
*Futoshi Nanayama
5/20 AM2 Function Room A 12:00 - 12:15 L135-012 Chronology and sedimentation of hyper salinity lake(Meedee lake) in the eastern Mediterranean
*Naoki Izumitani, Takuya Sagawa, Masafumi MURAYAMA, other

L135: (Paleoclimate and paleoceanography)  top of this page
*poster  5/19
L135-P001 Climate changes in Lake Biwa based onconcentration of biogenic silica in surfacesediments
*Toshiki Nakanishi, Yoshio Inouchi, Naoya Iwamoto, other
L135-P002 Lake-level changes in Lake Nojiri, shown in grain size composition of cored sediments
*Yuki Nakamura, Yoshio Inouchi, Yusaku Aoki, other
L135-P003 Grain size composition and distribution of bottom surface sediments in Lake Nojiri,central Japan
*Kazuma Sugai, takeshi Takiguchi, Yusaku Aoki, other
L135-P004 The estimation of sediment amount of Lake Suwa using our original handy bottom corer.
*Hideki Yoshikawa, Fujio Kumon, Yoshio Inouchi, other
L135-P005 Paleoenvironmental changes for the last 27 kyr in central Asia inferred from geochemical records of Lake Hovsgol sediment.
*Takuma Murakami, Nagayoshi Katsuta, Koshi Yamamoto, other
L135-P006 Characterization of the eolian dust sources by ESR of impurity centers in quartz
*Yuua Yamamoto, Shin Toyoda, Yuko Isozaki, other
L135-P007 Paleoclimate since 100 ka recorded in a stalagmite collected from eastern Shiga Prefecture, Japan
*Akihiro Kano, Sho Takeuchi, Masako Hori, other
L135-P008 Variations of East Asian Summer Monsoon Since the Last Deglaciation in the northern East China Sea
*Yoshimi Kubota, Katsunori Kimoto, Ryuji Tada, other
L135-P009 Reconstruction of last glacial maximum-last deglaciation local marine reservoir values around the Japanese islands
*Ken Ikehara

L136: (Climate changes: past, present and model)    top of this page
5/19 AM1 Function Room A 09:00 - 09:06 @ Introductory talk
5/19 AM1 Function Room A 09:06 - 09:33 *L136-001 Thermohaline circulation in the Sea of Okhotsk
*Humio Mitsudera, Keisuke Uchimoto
5/19 AM1 Function Room A 09:33 - 09:48 L136-002 Long-term variation of sea-ice and sea surface environment in the Okhotsk Sea obtained by marine sediment core
*Tatsuhiko Sakamoto, Saburo Sakai, Koichi Iijima, other
5/19 AM1 Function Room A 09:48 - 10:15 *L136-003 Biogeochemical changes in the North Pacific in response to a shut down of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
*Laurie Menviel
5/19 AM1 Function Room A 10:15 - 10:30 L136-004 Millennial scale changes in intermediate depth circulation recorded in the sediment cores from the northwestern North Pacific
*Naomi Harada, Katsunori Kimoto, Yusuke Okazaki, other
5/19 AM2 Function Room A 10:45 - 11:00 L136-005 Changes in water mass structures in the Bering Sea: Evidence from neodymium isotopes of Fe-Mn oxyhydroxides
*Keiji Horikawa, Yoshihiro Asahara, Koshi Yamamoto, other
5/19 AM2 Function Room A 11:00 - 11:15 L136-006 Exposure age of the east of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile by cosmogenic Be-10 and Al-26
*Kazuyo Shiroya, Yusuke Yokoyama, Hiroyuki Matsuzaki
5/19 AM2 Function Room A 11:15 - 11:30 L136-007 East Antarctic Ice Sheet fluctuations and global climate changes since the late Tertiary
*Masako Yamane, Yusuke Yokoyama
5/19 AM2 Function Room A 11:30 - 11:45 L136-008 Simulations of ocean carbon cycle based on the glacial climate fields of a full coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM
*Megumi O. Chikamoto, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Akira Oka, other
5/19 AM2 Function Room A 11:45 - 12:00 L136-009 Conditions for Global Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Obtained from a one-dimensional Marine Biogeochemical Cycle Model
*Kazumi Ozaki, Eiichi Tajika
5/19 AM2 Function Room A 12:00 - 12:15 L136-010 Modeling of methane bubbles released from seafloor gas hydrate
*Akitomo Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Eiichi Tajika
5/19 PM1 Function Room A 13:45 - 14:00 L136-011 The timing of orbital-scale changes in the East Asian summer monsoon, westerly jet, and northwestern Pacific surface temperature
*Kana Nagashima, Ryuji Tada, Yuko Isozaki, other
5/19 PM1 Function Room A 14:00 - 14:15 L136-012 Hydrogen isotopic compositions of n-alkanes in Hongyuan peat core over the last 13 kyr
*Osamu Seki, Philip Meyers, Kimitaka Kawamura, other
5/19 PM1 Function Room A 14:15 - 14:30 L136-013 Anomalous decadal variability in O and C isotopic ratios of tree-ring cellulose in southwestern Japan during the little ice age
*Takeshi Nakatsuka, Keiko Ohnishi, Hiroyuki Tsuji, other
5/19 PM1 Function Room A 14:30 - 14:45 L136-014 Revisit to stable carbon isotope records in coral annual bands
*Osamu Abe
5/19 PM1 Function Room A 14:45 - 15:00 L136-015 The ENSO-East Asian monsoon teleconnection recorded in the Sr/Ca ratio of coral skeletons from the southern South China Sea
*Takehiro Mitsuguchi, Phong X. Dang, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, other
5/19 PM1 Function Room A 15:00 - 15:15 L136-016 Surface water freshening at the western Pacific warm pool during the LGM
*Takuya Sagawa, Yusuke Yokoyama, Minoru Ikehara, other

L136: (Climate changes: past, present and model)  top of this page
*poster  5/19
L136-P001 Retreat of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Ross Sea After Last Glacial Maximum
*Takahiro Yamazaki, Yusuke Yokoyama, Mamito Koizumi, other
L136-P002 Six year-long time-series carbon and oxygen isotope records in the Bering Sea and the central subarctic Pacific during 1993-1999
*Hirofumi Asahi, Yusuke Okazaki, Minoru Ikehara, other
L136-P003 Reconstruction of Japan paleoclimate during the past 45 ka by measuring Be-10 and major elements in the sediment of Lake Biwa
*Satomi Takahashi

L137: (Arctic Region)   top of this page
5/19 PM1 201A 13:45 - 14:00 L137-001 International System on Arctic Science and Japanese activities
*Hiroshi Kanda
5/19 PM1 201A 14:00 - 14:15 L137-002 Contribution of biological soil crusts to the terrestrial carbon cycle in a High Arctic glacier foreland in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard
*Shinpei Yoshitake, Masaki Uchida, Hiroshi Koizumi, other
5/19 PM1 201A 14:15 - 14:30 L137-003 Evidence of Heterotrophic Microbial Decomposition of Soil Ancient Carbon in the Glacier Retreat, Svalvard, Norway Arctic
*Masao Uchida, Masaki Uchida, Miyuki Kondo, other
5/19 PM1 201A 14:30 - 14:45 L137-004 Climatic change and plant growth as factors affecting population growth rate of Japanese rock ptarmigan in Tateyama Mts.
*Naoya Wada
5/19 PM1 201A 14:45 - 15:00 L137-005 Biomass estimation by ALOS/PALSAR over boreal forest in Alaska
*Rikie Suzuki, Yongwon Kim, Reiichiro ISHII
5/19 PM1 201A 15:00 - 15:15 L137-006 Effects of geology on differentiation of phytogeocoenoses in the Subarctic environment of Yukon Territory, Canada
*Satoru Kojima
5/19 PM2 201A 15:30 - 15:45 L137-007 Seasonal change of sediment trap-collected pteropod Limacina helicina in Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic, 2004-2006
*Fumihiro Akiha
5/19 PM2 201A 15:45 - 16:00 L137-008 Changes in C37 alkenones recorded in sediment on the continental shelf of the Bering Sea: record of Emiliania huxleyi bloom
*Naomi Harada, Kazumasa Oguri, Osamu Tadai, other
5/19 PM2 201A 16:00 - 16:15 L137-009 The spatiotemporal chlorophyll-a distribution under the influence of the changing Arctic ice-ocean circulation
*Kohei Mizobata
5/19 PM2 201A 16:15 - 16:30 L137-010 Snow data assimilation in the Lena River basin
*Kazuyoshi Suzuki, Yoshiyuki Fujii
5/19 PM2 201A 16:30 - 16:45 L137-011 Evaluation of long-term water, energy, and CO2 budget at two Arctic sites with a coupled hydrological and biogeochemical model
*Hotaek Park, Yoshihiro Iijima, Hironori Yabuki, other
5/19 PM2 201A 16:45 - 17:00 L137-012 Inter-annual variations of the snow-melt area and snow surface albedo in the Greenland ice sheet
*Kunio Rikiishi
5/20 AM1 201A 09:00 - 09:15 L137-013 Climatic and environmental changes during the past 200 years viewed from Arctic ice cores
*Kumiko Goto-Azuma
5/20 AM1 201A 09:15 - 09:30 L137-014 Early 20th century warming in the Arctic - recent findings and future subjects
*Takashi Yamanouchi
5/20 AM1 201A 09:30 - 09:45 L137-015 Prediction Experiments of the Arctic Oscillation Index using a Barotropic General Circulation Model
*Hiroshi Tanaka
5/20 AM1 201A 09:45 - 10:00 L137-016 Numerical Simulation of Arctic Cyclones using NICAM Installed at CCS, University of Tsukuba, Japan
*Hiroshi Tanaka
5/20 AM1 201A 10:00 - 10:15 L137-017 Influence of summertime Arctic sea-ice reduction on wintertime Eurasian coldness
*Meiji Honda, Jun Inoue, Shozo Yamane
5/20 AM1 201A 10:15 - 10:30 L137-018 Further catastrophic reduction of sea ice caused by activations of sea ice motion and upper ocean circulation in the Arctic Ocean
*Koji Shimada, Kohei Mizobata, Motoyo Itoh, other

L137: (Arctic Region)   top of this page
*poster  5/19
L137-P001 Winter CO2 efflux from snow surface on the high Arctic glacier foreland
*Naoko Kan, Masaki Uchida, Hiroshi Koizumi, other
L137-P002 The impact of climatic warming on the ecosystem carbon cycle of a high Arctic glacier foreland II: long-term simulation
*Masaki Uchida, Hiroyuki Muraoka, Hiroshi Kanda, other
L137-P003 Photosynthetic characteristics of lichens growing in a high arctic glacier foreland
*Takeshi Inoue, Sakae Kudoh, Masaki Uchida, other
L137-P004 Isotopic Signatures of Soil Organic Carbon in a Successional Glacier Foreland in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard
*Miyuki Kondo, Masao Uchida, Masaki Uchida, other
L137-P005 Novel radiocarbon chronology tool using archaeal tetraether lipids in the western Arctic Ocean sediments
*Masao Uchida, Motoo Utsumi, Kazuhiro Kato, other
L137-P006 Pilot study on carbon cycle of Marine Crenarchaeota in the Arctic Ocean using molecular biological approaches
*Chie Sato, Motoo Utsumi, Yukiko Kuroki, other
L137-P007 Spatial-temporal structures of intraseasonal precipitation oscillations over northern Eurasia during summer
*Yoshiki Fukutomi, Tetsuzo Yasunari
L137-P008 Distribution of cell membrane lipids of Crenarchaeota in the Arctic Ocean
*Yukiko Kuroki, Masao Uchida, Chie Sato, other
L137-P009 Dynamics and Statistics of Arctic Cyclones Compared with Tropical and Extra-tropical Cyclones
*Shinji Takahashi, Hiroshi Tanaka

L215: (CCS)   top of this page
5/21 AM2 303 10:45 - 11:00 L215-001 The Experimental Research for CO2 Storage in Basaltic-Rock Aquifer.
*Yutaro Takaya, Kentaro Nakamura, Shunsaku Awaji, other
5/21 AM2 303 11:00 - 11:15 L215-002 Behavior and Permeability of Coal at Supercritical CO2 on Different Boundary Conditions
*Tamotsu Kiyama, Soshi Nishimoto, Masaji Fujioka, other
5/21 AM2 303 11:15 - 11:30 L215-003 Feasibility study of methanogenic bio-process from geologically sequestered carbon dioxide
*Yuiko Nakata, Kozo Sato, Hideo Kawaguchi
5/21 AM2 303 11:30 - 11:45 L215-004 Characteristic and future of resources and energy materials of Stopped CO2 circulated system buried underground
*Yasunori Miura
5/21 AM2 303 11:45 - 12:00 L215-005 A Validation of Water- CO2 Migration Model by In-situ Gaseous CO2 Injection Test into Rock Mass
*Hiroshi Suenaga, Eiji Nakata
5/21 AM2 303 12:00 - 12:15 L215-006 CO2 monitoring and it's roles in geological sequestaration
*ziqiu xue, Toshifumi Matsuoka
5/21 PM1 303 13:45 - 14:00 L215-007 Activity for Safety Assessment of CCS at RITE
*Eiji Hayashi, Kameichiro Nakagawa, Hironobu Komaki, other
5/21 PM1 303 14:00 - 14:15 L215-008 Strategy for detection and monitoring of stored CO2 leakage from seafloor
*Kiminori Shitashima
5/21 PM1 303 14:15 - 14:30 L215-009 A study on mitigation of carbon dioxide leakage from storage reservoir
*Taiki Yamada, Kozo Sato
5/21 PM1 303 14:30 - 14:45 L215-010 A possible way to remedy leakage from reservoirs of geological CO2 storage
*Hidenori Tanaka, Masayoshi Sakurai, Kotaro Sekine, other
5/21 PM1 303 14:45 - 15:00 L215-011 Experimental study of quantifying CO2 mass with joint inversion of resistivity and wave velocity
*Yoshihiro Nakatsuka, ziqiu xue, Toshifumi Matsuoka, other
5/21 PM1 303 15:00 - 15:15 L215-012 On the CO2 Geological Storage Study at AIST in 2009FY and later
*Toshiyuki Tosha, Yasuko Okuyama

L215:(CCS)   top of this page
*poster  5/
L215-P001 Study of behavior of supercritical CO2 at mineral surface by FT-IR spectroscopy
*Shunsuke Furukawa, Nobuo Hirano, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya
L215-P002 Rock physics study on Japanese geo-samples using proton nuclear magnetic resonance
*Yoshito Nakashima, Shin Utsuzawa
L215-P003 Considering of a CO2 storage technique using shallow aquifer
*Tatsuki Tokoro, Tooru Kato, Ken Nozaki, other
L215-P004 Depth dependency on fracture permeability in Neogene sedimentary basin at Horonobe, Hokkaido, Japan
*Shin-ichi Uehara, Takuma Matsumoto, Toshihiko Shimamoto, other
L215-P005 CO2 enhanced solubility trapping caused by convective mixing in an aquifer storage
*Chitoshi Akasaka, Norifumi Todaka, Yasuko Okuyama
L215-P006 A few laboratory experiments on the CO2 microbubbles sequestration method
*Daisuke Miyazawa, Tamotsu Kiyama, Seiichiro Ioka, other
L215-P007 Carbon microbubbles sequestration: a novel technology for stable underground emplacement of greenhouse gases
*Hitoshi Koide
L215-P008 CO2-driven Matsushiro swarm earthquakes: natural analogues of underground CO2 storage in Japan
*Hitoshi Koide
L215-P009 Simulation of Geophysical Monitoring for Carbon Sequestration into Saline Aquifers
*Yuji Nishi, Tsuneo Ishido, Toshiyuki Tosha
L215-P010 A feasibility study of gravimetric methods for monitoring geologic CO2 sequestration into aquifers
*Mituhiko Sugihara, Tsuneo Ishido
L215-P011 Framework of Risk Assessment of CO2 Geological Storage
*Atsuko Tanaka
L215-P012 The potential impacts on biogeochemical cycles of ocean CO2 sequestration
*Namiha Yamada, Masahiro Suzumura, Nobuo Tsurushima

L216: (Climate change in the low latitude)  top of this page
5/19 PM2 Function Room A 15:30 - 15:45 L216-001 Carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of modern brachiopod shells from a warm-temperate shelf environment, Sagami Bay, Japan.
*Yasufumi Iryu, Kazuyuki Yamamoto, Ryuji Asami
5/19 PM2 Function Room A 15:45 - 16:00 L216-002 Assessment of Sr/Ca ratio in coral skeleton as a high-precision SST proxy with high temporal resolution
*Keitaro Kojima, Atsushi Suzuki, Takashi Okai, other
5/19 PM2 Function Room A 16:00 - 16:15 L216-003 Examination of the possibility about the paleoclimate reconstruction by using the Porites corals in Ishigaki Island
*Daisuke Araoka
5/19 PM2 Function Room A 16:15 - 16:30 L216-004 Reconstruction of paleoceanography during mid to late Holocene recorded in fossil corals in Kikai Islands
*Yuta Kawakubo, Yusuke Yokoyama, Atsushi Suzuki, other
5/19 PM2 Function Room A 16:30 - 16:45 L216-005 Grain-scale heterogeneities in the stable carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of the international standard calcite materials
*Toyoho Ishimura, Urumu Tsunogai, Fumiko Nakagawa
5/19 PM2 Function Room A 16:45 - 17:00 L216-006 Mg isotope composition in hermatypic and deep-sea corals
*toshihiro yoshimura, Masaharu Tanimizu, Mayuri Inoue, other

L216: (Climate change in the low latitude)  top of this page
*poster  5/19
L216-P001 The Potential of Sungkai (Peronema canescens) in Climate Reconstruction
Shigeki Tamura, *Yumiko Watanabe, Takeshi Nakatsuka, other
L216-P002 Study on the coral skeleton of Porites australiensis response to light under long-term rearing experiments
Kazuaki Shimada, *Atsushi Suzuki, Mayuri Inoue, other
*L216-P003 Influence of the East Asian Monsoon on climate variability reconstructed from a 170-year subtropical Western Pacific coral record
*Mari Mishima, hodaka kawahata, Atsushi Suzuki, other

L217: (MAHASRI- iLEAPS)  top of this page
5/21 AM1 201A 09:00 - 09:04 @ Introductory talk
5/21 AM1 201A 09:04 - 09:19 *L217-001 MAHASRI and other international research projects related with Asian monsoon
*Jun Matsumoto
5/21 AM1 201A 09:19 - 09:34 *L217-002 Overview of iLEAPS: Integrated Land Ecosystem - Atmosphere Processes Study
*Kazuyuki Yagi
5/21 AM1 201A 09:34 - 09:36 @ Introductory talk
5/21 AM1 201A 09:36 - 09:54 *L217-003 Physical and chemical characteristics of aerosols emitted by biomass burning and their impacts on climate
*Yutaka Kondo, Nobuhiro Moteki, Nobuyuki Takegawa
5/21 AM1 201A 09:54 - 10:06 L217-004 Satellite detection of biomass burning NOx emissions in Siberia for the period 1998-2004
*Hiroshi Tanimoto
5/21 AM1 201A 10:06 - 10:18 L217-005 Biogenic volatile organic compounds emitted from Japanese forests
*Akira Tani
5/21 AM1 201A 10:18 - 10:30 L217-006 Organic aerosols: Their composition, origin and dynamics
*Kimitaka Kawamura
5/21 AM2 201A 10:45 - 10:57 L217-007 Status and problems of numerical simulation of secondary organic aerosol formation
*Makoto Koike, Hitoshi Matsui, Nobuyuki Takegawa, other
5/21 AM2 201A 10:57 - 11:09 L217-008 Changes in atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, and land use in Asia and their complex impacts on climate
*Kengo Sudo, Kumiko TAKATA, Tetsuzo Yasunari
5/21 AM2 201A 11:09 - 11:21 L217-009 Simulation of climate change through aerosol direct and indirect effects -- focusing on aerosols from soil and vegetation --
*Toshihiko Takemura
5/21 AM2 201A 11:21 - 11:31 @ Discussion
5/21 AM2 201A 11:31 - 11:33 @ Introductory talk
5/21 AM2 201A 11:33 - 11:51 *L217-010 Continental-scale interaction between vegetation and climate
*Tetsuzo Yasunari
5/21 AM2 201A 11:51 - 12:03 L217-011 Semiannual oscillations of rainfall, botanical activity and carbon dioxide in the equatorial region
*Manabu D. Yamanaka, Shuichi Mori, Jun-Ichi Hamada, other
5/21 AM2 201A 12:03 - 12:15 L217-012 Does too much soil water damage Siberian larch forest? Instantaneous response and long-term tolerance of a forest to environments
*Takeshi Ohta, Ayumi Kotani, Taro Nakai, other
5/21 PM1 201A 13:45 - 13:47 @ Introductory talk
5/21 PM1 201A 13:47 - 13:59 L217-013 Estimation of canopy leaf area index in Siberian larch forest and validation
*Rikie Suzuki, Kobayashi Hideki, Nicolas Delbart, other
5/21 PM1 201A 13:59 - 14:11 L217-014 Impacts of land use changes during 1700-1850 on seasonal changes of land condition and water cycle over the East Asia
*Ryoji Yamashima, Jun Matsumoto, Kumiko TAKATA
5/21 PM1 201A 14:11 - 14:23 L217-015 Numerical investigation of relationship between climate and carbon cycle in the East Asian terrestrial ecosystem
*Kazuo Mabuchi
5/21 PM1 201A 14:23 - 14:35 L217-016 Correlation analysis between terrestrial CO2 budget and teleconnection indices
*Akihiko Ito
5/21 PM1 201A 14:35 - 14:47 L217-017 Multi-model analysis of terrestrial water and carbon cycle in Japan and Asia: Japan-MIP and Asia-MIP
*Kazuhito Ichii
5/21 PM1 201A 14:47 - 14:59 L217-018 Influence of fretilization and vegetation change on climate and terrestrial carbon balance in 4xCO2 world.
*Ryouta O'ishi, Ayako Abe-Ouchi
5/21 PM1 201A 14:59 - 15:15 @ Discussion
5/21 PM2 201A 15:30 - 15:32 @ Introductory talk
5/21 PM2 201A 15:32 - 15:50 *L217-019 Integrating the observing system and numerical modeling
*Taikan Oki
5/21 PM2 201A 15:50 - 16:02 L217-020 Discussion for the comments on in situ measurment by Dr. Pavel Kabat
*Hiroaki Kondo
5/21 PM2 201A 16:02 - 16:07 @ Discussion
5/21 PM2 201A 16:07 - 16:09 @ Introductory talk
5/21 PM2 201A 16:09 - 16:27 *L217-021 Collaboration between MAHASRI and iLEAPS
*Toshio Koike
5/21 PM2 201A 16:27 - 17:00 @ Discussion

L217: (MAHASRI- iLEAPS)  top of this page
*poster  5/20
L217-P001 Observations and numerical simulations on cumulus topped boundary layer over the Loess Plateau, China
Masanori Nishikawa, *Tetsuya Hiyama, Hatsuki Fujinami, other
L217-P002 Real-time continuous measurements of methane in a temprate Japanese cypress forest by near-infrared laser spectroscopy
*Kenshi Takahashi, Yoshiko Kosugi, Akito Kanazawa, other
L217-P003 Examination of water exchange of a cool temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest using multi-layered canopy model
*Junko Nakata, Takehiko Satomura, Nakata Junko River Basin Research Center, Modeling Analysis and Assessment Group
L217-P004 Global dataset creation of soil moisture and vegetation water contents using Aqua/AMSR-E data
*Hideyuki Fujii, Toshio Koike
L217-P005 Land-atmosphere interaction over Sahel region, Africa revealed by several satellites data
*Yuki Murayama, Atsushi Higuchi, Munehisa Yamamoto, other
L217-P006 Intercomparison of the relationship between precipitation and elevation among gridded precipitation datasets over the Asian region
*Osamu Arakawa, Kenji Kamiguchi, Akio Kitoh
L217-P007 Uncertainties in Precipitation and Their Impacts on Simulation of Global CO2 Budget
*Makoto Saito, Akihiko Ito, Shamil Maksyutov
L217-P008 Changes in Asian summer monsoon induced by cultivation during 1700-1850
*Kumiko TAKATA, Kazuyuki Saito, Ryoji Yamashima, other