For International Attendees

VISA Information

- International attendees except for citizens of Countries and Regions Exempt for VISA need a VISA to travel to Japan .
Documents required for VISA application may differ depending on the nationality fo the applicant.
We strongly recommend that applicants first contact the nearest embassy/ consulate gerenal for more inforrmation.
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Supporting Documents

The applicants may be asked for supporting documents for their VISA application.
JpGU issues those documents in the required form of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (charged service).

[Supporting Documents] *In a format requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
1. Letter of Guarantee (Sealed by JpGU)
2. Invitation Letter (Template of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
3. Itinerary in Japan
4. Details of Company/ Organization (Original Copy)

Schedule of Supporting Documents Issue 
Application Period
March 1 (THU) - April 24 (TUE) at 11:59pm JST
*Applications after this date is not accepted.

Issuing Period
From March 14 (WED)
*Documents will be created on a first-come service basis.

Requirements for Application
Supporting documents will be issued to those who
- are presenting at the meeting or will attend the meeting as registered attendess.
- completed the meeting registration and its payments.

*Please note that we cannot provide supporting documents to spouses, children, or others who will be accompanying on the trip but not attending the 2018 meeting as registered attendees.

- 5,500 JPY/ application (tax included).
*After the application is submitted, modicidations or edits on the documents will be unavailable.
Please make sure to confirm all information before submitting your application.
*Please note that if you need any unavoidable modification after the documents were created (mailed), additional fee may be charged. * This is a non-refundable process fee even if the VISA is delayed or you cancel your trip to Japan.

Application Period
-We accept applications for supporting documents for VISA application from March 1 (THU)- April 24 (TUE) at 11:59pm (JST).
*We CANNOT accept applications after this date.
-The application and payments must be completed during this period in order to be accepted.
-Supporting documents will be mailed within a week after the application.
Please contact us if you don't receive them after a week of application.

[Required files for Application]
-Please prepare the following files for your application.
All files must be in required format less than 500MB each.

1. Scanned copy of your passport ID page [File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png ]
2. Schedule of Stay [ File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, xlsx ]
Download a format ▶ Schedule of Stay_JpGU Meeting 2018.xlsx
3. Copy of Flight e-ticket [ File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png ]
4. Copy of Accommodation (Booking) Certificate [ File Format : pdf, jpeg, jpg, png ]

How Apply for Supporting Documents
- Supporting documents should be requested from your JpGU members page.

[Application Steps]
1. Log in to My JpGU Account with your JpGU ID and password.
2. Click "JpGU Meeting" and open the "Supporting Documents for VISA Application" tab.
3. Enter all required information, upload files and complete the payment.

Confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

Important Notes
-The documents issued by JpGU are not the VISA itself, but supporting documents for a VISA application.
Please go to your nearest Japanese Embassy/ Consulate General of Japan and apply for a VISA by yourself.
- Chinese citizens who will travel with a passport of Public Affairs is advised to acquire them prior to the application of the supporting documents.
*Extra charge will be required to revise the documets once they are created even for the reason of the delay of the passport issurance.

Letter of Invitation

- Letters of invitation by JpGU are issued for contributors, presenters and registered attendees.

Applicants must complete a meeting registration and all other related payments before submitting the application.
See HERE for details.