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Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2015 - International Session

International Session

International Session, together with International Symposium welcome participants from abroad.


Official language of International Symposium is English.
Both oral and poster presentations are made in English.

International session List will be released on our website when it's set.

JpGU International Symposium Program

Union (U)

U-01 Geoscience Ahead Gaku KIMURA
U-02 Japanese community activities stimulated by NASA space missions Masaki FUJIMOTO

Space and Planetary Sciences (P)

Planetary Sciences (PS)
P-PS01 Outer Solar System Exploration Today, and Tomorrow Jun KIMURA
P-PS02 Enabling Access to Solar and Planetary Resources through the Virtual Observatory Baptiste CECCONI
P-PS03 Rotation, inner dynamics and variations of natural processes on the Earth, the Moon and Mars. Yury BARKIN
P-PS04 International Collaboration in Planetary and Space Sciences: Small Projects, Big Missions, Everything Sho SASAKI
P-PS05 Mars Takehiko SATOH
Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment (EM)
P-EM06 Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Earth's Atmosphere Huixin LIU
P-EM07 Space Weather, Space Climate, and VarSITI Ryuho KATAOKA
P-EM08 Progress in Physics of the Inner Magnetosphere Danny SUMMERS
P-EM09 Dynamics in magnetosphere and ionosphere Shin'ya NAKANO
P-EM10 Study of coupling processes in solar-terrestrial system Mamoru YAMAMOTO
P-EM11 New frontier: Observations of the middle and upper atmospheres from ISS Akinori SAITO
P-EM12 Ionospheric and thermospheric disturbances during recurrent magnetic storms ALEXEI DMITRIEV

Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences (A)

Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology & Atmospheric Environment (AS)
A-AS01 Advances in Atmospheric Remote Sensing Techniques Wenbo SUN
A-AS02 Ultra-high precision mesoscale weather prediction by high performance computing Kazuo SAITO
A-AS03 Understanding extremes: high-resolution models, dense observations and the emergent role of big data Eugenio REALINI
Geological & Soil Environment (GE)
A-GE04 Subsurface Mass Transport and Environmental Assessment Yasushi MORI
Complex & General (CG)
A-AS05 The role of salinity in Indo-Pacific ocean and climate Niklas SCHNEIDER
A-CG06 Asian monsoon hydroclimate Jun MATSUMOTO
A-CG07 Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction: Global-scale Material Circulation through River Runoff Yosuke YAMASHIKI
A-CG08 Mountainous Catchment Storage Estimation for water resource management and flood risk reduction purposes INTAN SUPRABA
A-CG09 Satellite Earth Environment Observation Riko OKI

Human Geosciences (H)

Geography (GG)
H-GG01 International comparison of landscape appreciation Christoph RUPPRECHT
Geomorphology (GM)
H-GM02 Geomorphology Hiroshi SHIMAZU
Social Earth Sciences & Civil/Urban System Sciences (SC)
H-SC03 Implementing Human Dimensios Research for the Earth' Future Yukio HIMIYAMA
H-SC04 Geoscience Aspects of Underground Urban Development Eduardo DE MULDER
H-SC05 Tsunami and other Coastal Natural Hazards;is there enough information and awareness in rural and remote areas? Vicente
Disaster geosciences (DS)
H-DS06 Landslides and related phenomena Masahiro CHIGIRA
H-DS07 Natural hazards impacts on the society, economics and technological systems ELENA PETROVA
Technology & Techniques (TT)
H-TT08 Geoscientific applications of high-definition topography and geophysical measurements Yuichi S. HAYAKAWA
[AGU 2014] #4435 "High-Resolution Topography and Process Measurements for Analyzing Earth-Surface Dynamics"
[EGU 2015] GM2.2/SSS12.13 "Topography and geomorphology: quantifying processes from high resolution topographic surveys"
[EGU 2015] GM2.3/ESSI2.15 "Photo-based topographic reconstruction: Application and advances in the geosciences"
Complex & General (CG)
H-CG10 connecting Near Earth Asteroids with the local cratering record Simon Portegies ZWART

Solid Earth Sciences (S)

Seismology (SS)
S-SS01 Exploring our limits in understanding earthquakes and improving our knowledge -CSEP Experiment in Japan- Hiroshi TSURUOKA
S-SS02 Frontier studies on subduction zone megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis Kyuichi KANAGAWA
Science of the Earth's Interior & Tectonophysics (IT)
S-IT03 Structure and dynamics of Earth and Planetary deep interiors Takashi YOSHINO
S-IT04 Rheology of Earth's Interior Tomohiro OHUCHI
S-IT05 Hard-Rock Drilling: Oceanic Lithosphere to Island Arc Formation and Beyond Yoshihiko TAMURA
S-IT06 Early Earth - from accumulation to formation - Tatsuya SAKAMAKI
S-IT07 New constraints on the tectonic evolution of Northeast Asia jonny WU
Mineralogy & Petrology (MP)
S-MP08 Micro- to macro-scale deformation: petrologic, mineralogic, geophysical and geochemical checkpoints Hafiz UR REHMAN
S-MP09 Supercontinents and Crustal Evolution Satish-Kumar
S-MP10 ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism ?slab fluid and deep mantle dynamics- Kazuaki OKAMOTO
S-VC11 Volatiles and volcanoes: the role of volatiles in determining how and when volcanoes erupt Iona MCINTOSH
S-VC12 Multidisciplinary volcano monitoring Yosuke AOKI
Technology & Techniques (TT)
S-TT13 Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysics (RAEG2015) Hitoshi MIKADA
Complex & General (CG)
S-CG14 Mixed volatiles in subduction zones; Physical and chemical properties and processes Bjorn MYSEN
S-CG15 Detection of microcracks prior to rupture and layered interfaces by the seismoelectronical method Yukio FUJINAWA
S-CG16 Deep Carbon Cycle Yuji SANO
S-CG17 The Alpine-Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau System and tectonic events in Asia Xixi ZHAO

Biogeosciences (B)

Astrobiology & the Origin of Life (AO)
B-AO01 Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution of Life Kensei KOBAYASHI
Biogeosciences & Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions (BG)
B-VG02 Nutrient cycling in coastal ecosystems Punyasloke BHADURY
Paleontology (PT)
B-PT03 Biocalcification and the Geochemistry of Proxies -Field ecology, Laboratory culture and Paleo Takashi TOYOFUKU
General (Education and Outreach) (G)
G-01 Education of Earth science in tomorrow classrooms Chi-Min LIU

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary (M)

M-IS01 Geoconservation and sustainable development Kuniyasu MOKUDAI
M-IS02 Interdisciplinary studies on pre-earthquake processes Katsumi HATTORI
M-IS03 Exploring the role of soil in earth science: ecological/biogeochemical linkage and beyond Rota WAGAI
Technology & Techniques (TT)
M-TT05 New phase of GPS/GNSS apph3lication as an integrated earth observation system Yoshinori SHOJI
M-TT06 Development and utilization of micro-satellite under international collaboration Yukihiro TAKAHASHI

JpGU Journal Special International Session

PEPS Special International Sessions are adopted at JpGU Meeting 2015.
For further details, see September Edition of JpGU Mailnews.

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