special lecture

World class researchers give you special lectures during lunch time everyday except for 26th, Tuesday. Lunch boxes are sold in front of the lecture room.

Room :  International Conference Room
Time  :  13:00 - 1340

[ May 24th, Sun ]
Lecturer :  Taikan Oki  (The University of Tokyo)
Title : 人間─地球系のグローバルな水循環研究
Global hydrological cycles in social ecological systems

[ May 25th, Mon ]
Lecturer : David Rubie (University of Bayreuth)
Title : Accretion and Early Differentiation of the Terrestrial Planets

[ May 27th, Wed ]
Lecturer : Atsushi Suzuki
 (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Title : サンゴ、サンゴ礁と地球環境-生物学と地球科学の連携研究-

[ May 28th, Thu ]
Lecturer : Ryuho Kataoka (National Institute of Polar Research)
Title : オーロラ研究の新展開