For Exhibitors

Flow and Schedule for Exhibit

(Details are announced on exhibition guidance, which is going to be uploaded on March.)
Application Please make application through online system for exhibitors.
note: We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.
Exhibitors registered after March 31 are not to be listed on Program book.
Cancellation & Penalties :
From One week after the application is accepted to March 31st, 2018... 50%
On or after April 1st ...100%

Your Information Please register information on your booth through online system.
After log-in with your mail address and password,
Please click "Register your details" to jump to the input form.

Aprlication required Application for option, P.R. Activities, Exhibitiors Passes and others will be start on February.

Guidance Exhibition guidance will be uploaded in March 2018

Ordering P.R. activities
Please order P.R. activitiesthrough online system

Ordering Options Please order options for your booth by April 13th through online system.
This inclueds logo on the name plate, internet line, power usage.

Exhibtors Pass
Please apply for Exhibitors pass.
E-ticket for pass will be able to be issued and printed by yourself through online system after May 9th.

Payment Please make payment your booth fee befor the meeting date.
You can print your invoice for fees by yourself throught the online system after February.
NOTE: Fees for options(Fee for optional items, power, internet line, logo on the name plate) are to be paid to Makuhari Messe The person in charge will contact you regardingdetails later.

Shipping Please ship your materials for exhibition.

Shipping notification Please send "Shipping notification" by May 17th through online system.

Meeting May 20 - 24, 2018