For Exhibitors

How to Apply

We accept application via online system.
Ad and services listed on this page (except for JGL) are exclusively available to exhibitors.


Contents Detail Deadline Fee
1. Stamp Rally
(at the venue)
Detail March 30th(Fri) Free
2. E-mail News Detail April 13rd (Fri) Free
3. Posting Your Logo on the Top Page Detail April 27th(Fri)
4. Banner on Mobile Apps Detail March 16th (Fri)32,400 JPY
5. Program Book (A4 size booklet) Detail March 16th (Fri) See Detail
6. JGL(News Letter) Detail March 16th (Fri) See Detail
7. Paper Cup Advertising Detail March 16th (Fri) See Detail
8. Degital Signage Detail May 8th (Tue) See Detail
9. Bar-code Scanner Detail March 16th (Fri) See Detail
9. Short Seminar Detail April 27th (Fri) Free


  1. Stamp Rally

    If you want to have more interaction with the participants, why don't you join our "Stamp Rally." This is a simple game. Participants collect stamps at each booth to fill their stamp card and by finishing it, they get a prize. All you have to do is prepare small prizes, talk to the participants, give them a stamp and have fun!

    [Fee] Free
    [Things you provide]

    1. Please provide prizes (20pcs or more). Please bring them to the stamp rally booth at the first day.
    2. Please equip a small stamp (about 1 inch square or smaller) at your booth.

    [Deadline]March 30th(Fri)
    [Infromation]At May 20, more participants will join Stamp Rally because we have "Public sessions". Especially much senior high school students may participate "Poster presentations by senior high school students ".

    *Staff need to be your booth during show hours.

    *Please be informed that exhibitiors for Pamphlet Stand can not apply.

  2. E-mail News Special Issue(introducing Exhibitors)

    E-mail news special issue will introduce exhibitors to JpGU Members and ID holders, about 10,000 person.
    The mail news will be sent in two parts before the Meeting.
    [Fee] Free
    [Deadline]April 13rd(Fri)
    [Material format]English: Within 68 one-byte characters x 5 lines (txt only)
    Japanese:Within 34 two-byte characters x 5 lines (txt only)
    You can send in either English or Japanese, or both.
    Sample:Mailnews No.275 May 12, 2016 (English) (Japanese)

  3. Banner on Mobile Apps(iPhone・Android)

    Mobile Application for 2017 JpGU Meeting is getting ready. It offers Meeting information before, during, and after the meeting term.
    Your banner will be shown on the bottom of the top page. Tapping your banner enables you to jump to indicated URL.
    With every 5 seconds, banner image will be replaced.
    [Fee] 32,400JPY
    [Deadline]March 16th(Fri)
    [Material format] 210 (h)pixel*1536(w) pixel format: png, eps, ai, or psd file.

  4. Advertisement in the Meeting Program Book (A4)

    Program Book will be distributed to all participants, and includes general information, schedule, index by authors, and other useful information.
    [Deadline] March 16th(Fri)
    [Material format] eps or ai file

    H × W (mm)
    Full page
    250 × 180
    Half page
    120㎜ × 180
    Quater page
    120× 85
    Normal (Black and White) 162,000JPY 81,000JPY 43,200JPY
    The inside front cover (Black and White) 194,400JPY - -
    The inside back cover (Black and White) 194,400 JPY - -
    The outside back cover (Full color) 270,000JPY - -
    (including tax 8%)

  5. JGL (NewsLetter)

    JGL 2017 May issue will be issued on the first half of May 2017, and sent to JpGU members.
    Because information on Meeting are printed, it will be used as a guidbook for participants.
    This will be distributed to Nonmembers in the venue.
    JGL is printed in Japanese.
    [Deadline] March 16th(Fri)
    Normal (Full color) Fullpage 300,000JPY
    Normal (Full color) Halfpage 150,000JPY
    Normal (Full color) One-third of page 100,000JPY
    Normal (Full color) One-sixth of page 50,000JPY
    (including tax 8%)

  6. You can read JGL HERE

  7. Paper cup adverticing

    Meeting provide complimentary coffee and water for participants. You can provide cups for those.
    Participants receive and hold the cup by their hands and will look close your logo.
    [Deadline] March 16th(Fri)
    [Things you provide] Printed coffee cups * 2,000pcs
    [Fee]21,600JPY/2,000pcs(not includes the price of cups, printing fee)
    [The number of limit]12,000 (2,000pcs*6days)
    *Please tell us your request regarding the day your cups used.

    Coffee schedule :

    International Conference Hall: 10:30am- and 3:15pm-
    International Exhibition Hall : all day
    Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall:10:30am- and 3:15pm-

    Daily session list : HERE

  8. Degital Signage

    Information wll be posted soon.
  9. Bar-code scanner

    We will lend out a hand-held scanner which can read the bar-codes printed on participant's name tags. The participants' [name, organizations, email address, and scanning date] will be provided to you later.
    [Fee]16,200JPY/scanner [Application] March 16th(Fri)
    *Please obtain his/her consent before scanning tag.
    *Information on some people (participants for public sessions, keynote speaches, Highschool students or younger, and others) are not provided.

    *Staff need to be your booth during show hours.

    *Please be informed that exhibitiors for Pamphlet Stand can not apply.

  10. Short Seminar

    Application HERE


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