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On the Day

Information on pre-registration

It is possible to make online registration during the Meeting. Please make sure to make pre-registration before you come to the site. It may take time to make on-site registration.

Not only abstract submission but also JpGU Meeting registration is necessary to participate in the meeting. On-site registration may take time. Please be sure to make pre-registration if you're going to make presentations there.

To check-in

To participants who have already made the registration, the barcode to issue the conference pass on the site has become downloadable. Please make sure to bring it on the day. Barcodes in the full size shown on the electric devices are also available. It'll take time to issue your conference pass without the barcode.

Check-in counter opening time:

From 22nd to 24th : 8:00am-6:00pm

25th : 8:30am-6:00pm

26th : 8:30am-5:00pm

Check-in counter is on the 1st floor at International Conference Hall. The check-in in the morning is expected to be crowded. We recommend checking-in of the following day is available at 5:00pm-6:00pm on the previous day.

>> Participants who have already made a registration
*The barcode required to enter the site is now downloadable. Please login to the URL bellow. After logging in, go to JpGU Meeting Menu -->barcode for conference pass button. Please make sure to bring your print out barcode to the venue.
*Barcodes shown on mobile screen is acceptable only in the normal size. If you have any difficulty showing your barcode on the display, please feel free to ask to the staff.
*We CANNOT issue your conference pass by searching for your name. If you don't bring your barcode to the venue, you'll have to print it out with a computer prepared on the site. It may take a long time.

>> For temporary ID members (those who don't have JpGU member IDs)

JpGU member discounted rate is NOT adopted by just acquiring JpGU temporary member ID. To upgrade your status from Temporary member of JpGU Meeting 2016 to JpGU member, please make a new JpGU membership ID remaining your temporary ID. Your temporary ID will automatically be deleted after the Meeting.

  • It's not necessary for undergraduate students or under and aged 70 or over to pay participation fee even if they make presentations.
  • According to the parthership agreements with AGU and AOGS, their members are qualified to register at JpGU Member rate.

Public Session Participants

Those who participate only in the public session need neither pre-registration nor participation fee. Please come to the Public session Desk directly. Online pre-registration can be made on JpGU website. If you make a pre-registration, you can have conference pass with your name on it.


Information for Speakers

Oral Presentation

  • Speakers must use their own laptop computers and a projector provided at the venue
  • Please connect your computer to the projector to check the operation before your presentation. The proper connectors to the projector are miniD-sub15pins or HDMI. For the use of HDMI, please contact our staff in your presentation room.
  • The set up size of the screen is 16:9(can be arranged to 4:3).
  • Japanese standard AC voltage is 100V 50Hz.
  • The secretariat is not responsible for any computer related troubles.

Poster Presentation

  • Poster presentations are active for one day. (basically 9:00am to 6:30pm)
  • Authors are expected to stay at their posters and communicate with the audience during core time (May 22nd to 25th 5:15pm6:30pm / 26th 3:30pm-4:45pm).
  • If your poster is unable to be posted for the whole day, please put your posting time on the board.
  • The size of the poster board is W90× H210(cm).
    Please use push pins to post your poster. Push pins are prepared at poster area.
  • Each poster must have a label at the top that indicates the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s) and affiliation(s).
  • Please remove your poster at the end of the posting time.
    Posters not removed by the due time are discarded by the congress secretariats.

----In case you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact your convener (s) immediately.


Information for Audience (including Media )

For further details, please refer to our JpGU Meeting 2016 website.

Basically, filming, shooting and recording are prohibited.
Please be sure to ask the presenter and chairpersons directly, if necessary.
We, the secretariats don’t intermediate.

Request for cooperation in collecting participants’ data We’ll use IC chips to collect the data on the attendance records of JpGU Meeting 2016. The information on the IC chip is only random digits. It will NOT include your individual information such as name or ID. Thank you, in advance for your cooperation.