About JpGU 2022


JpGU Meeting 2022 Chair

Sachiko HAYASHIDA (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
JpGU is a large organization with about 10,000 members and 51 scientific associations related to Earth and Planetary Sciences, and the annual conference at Makuhari until 2019 was literally a festival of Earth and Planetary Science, with about 8,000 attendees each year enjoying beer in the poster hall and wandering around the exhibition hall looking for souvenirs. However, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic in 2020, face-to-face meetings were restricted, and the past two years have been extremely difficult to manage. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the conference management for the past two years.

As of September 2021, the number of new infections is on a downward trend, but the medical system in major cities is becoming increasingly severe, and the situation for next spring is still uncertain.

On the other hand, when you think about it this way, the online conference is a good opportunity for members and students who have been unable to attend Makuhari due to long distance. "Turning a pinch into a chance" may be nothing more than a cliché slogan, but we can also see the corona disaster as the arrival of an era in which we can abandon our existing values and create new ones. It was precisely because our daily life was taken away that we were able to realize anew the value of ordinary, everyday life. Being unable to travel for business made us realize the effectiveness of online meetings. We were able to reevaluate our busy schedule. Were there any insights you gained from the lost experience? I believe that new history will be made from it.

JpGU Meeting 2022 Program Committee Chair

Masaki ISHIWATARI (Hokkaido University)
Session proposal for JpGU2022 started on October 1. The deadline is November 2. Program Committee kindly asks all conveners to propose attractive sessions. JpGU2022 will be held as a hybrid format (on-site and online) next May at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, It is aimed that all participants can attend JpGU2022 at the conference rooms and/or from anywhere through network. This is a first attempt for JpGU.

The past two JpGU annual meetings have been held only in online format. The online format has made it possible for participants to attend JpGU from their workplaces, homes, including from overseas, thus improved convenience. This has given us hope that we can further promote collaboration with other scientific societies. On the other hand, in the questionnaire after JpGU2021, we heard many participants hope for the on-site format.

In coming years, we will be searching for a better style for the meeting considering both of these advantages and disadvantages. In this sense, JpGU2022 can be considered as a start of a new stage. Since JpGU2022 will be held in a new format, your increased collaborative efforts in organizing the sessions as the conveners will be most appreciated. As the expectations of improved contents of the sessions will grow, as in previous meetings, we would like to ask conveners to design the sessions so that the discussions can be held from interdisciplinary and multiple viewpoints. In addition, we would like to ask all the participants to contribute many presentations and active discussions in the new format.

The Program Committee has also made some changes in the guidelines, such as the number of conveners, as an effort of the search for a better meeting format. We hope that we will be able to work together with all conveners and participants to organize a better conference style.

All members of Program Committee look forward to seeing you at the JpGU2022 with a new style next May. We appreciate your continued support.

Meeting Outline

Name of the meeting Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2022
Dates MAY 22 (SUN) - JUNE 2 (THU) JUNE 3 (FRI) , 2022
【Hybrid phase】 MAY 22 (SUN) - 27 (FRI)
【Online Poster Session phase】 MAY 29 (SUN) -JUNE 2 (THU) JUNE 3 (FRI)
Meeting format Hybrid (In-person and online )
On-site venue MAKUHARI MESSE, Chiba
Host Japan Geoscience Union
Contact Contact us via the Contact Form if you have any inquiries.

*Oral presentations will be given live via Zoom either locally or online. Presenters are free to choose either on-site or online presentation. In addition, on-site poster presentations (without online webcast) will also be held. In the online poster sessions phase, online poster presentations will be conducted utilizing online video conferencing system (such as Zoom breakout rooms) for posters presentations and discussion.

* It is possible that we may have to cancel the on-site meeting.
In that case, there will be no on-site poster presentation, but all oral sessions and online poster sessions will be held online following the original schedule and program.
*See HERE to learn about COVID-19 Safety Protocols at the venue.
*See HERE to learn about the date extension of the online poster session phase.


Key Dates

OCT 1 (FRI) Session proposal opens (2PM)
NOV 2 (TUE) Session proposal closes (5PM)
DEC 10 (FRI) Session list release
DEC 14 (TUE) Session schedule-at-a-glance release
JAN 12 (WED) Abstract submission starts (2PM JST)
FEB 3 (THU) Early abstract submission deadline (11:59PM JST)
FEB 17 (THU) Final abstract submission deadline (5PM JST)
MAR 22 (TUE) Notification of abstract acceptance
MAR 24 (THU) Scientific program release
End of March Registration opens
Early APR Presenter registration deadline
MAY 13 (FRI) Abstract PDF release
MAY 22 (SUN) - 27 (FRI) JpGU 2022 Hybrid meeting
MAY 29 (SUN) - JUNE 2 (THU) JUNE 3 (FRI) JpGU 2022 Online poster session
* Online Meeting Tutorial and Q&A Webinar sessions are planned to be held in late January, late March and early May.

* All dates and deadlines are set in Japan Standard Time (JST).

Session Hours

During Hybrid phase (May 22 - 27)

AM1 9:00-10:30AM
AM2 10:45AM-12:15PM
Lunchtime 12:15-1:45PM
PM1 1:45-3:15PM
PM2 3:30-5:00PM
PM3 5:15-6:45PM

*Oral sessions are scheduled during AM1, AM2, PM1 and PM2.
*PM3 is the on-site poster session hour (core time).

Online Poster Session phase (May 29 - June 3)

Core Time 11:00AM~1:00PM
*At the beginning of each session, flash talks will be given by poster presenters.
* Various events will be held in addition to the above time window of Core Time.
* In consideration of the global time difference, only the sessions adopted as joint sessions may have been assigned to be held in the AM slot (9:00-11:00AM) or PM slot (4:00-6:00PM) based on the request from conveners.


Presentation Format & Language

Presentation Formats

Two formats are available for presentations: oral and poster.

JpGU accepts either orals and posters or posters-only session.
Some sessions will be posters-only sessions.

Presentation formats are assigned by session conveners. Oral presentations cannot be requested, however posters may be requested and should be given priority.
If you would like to present a poster, please select the format as "poster" when submitting your abstract.
Oral presentations ・Oral presentations will be given live on-site or online via Zoom. Also, pre-recorded presentation videos can be played and viewed during the session.
・Presenters are free to choose either on-site or online presentation.
・We are planning to allow conveners and chairpersons to run the session remotely either online or at the on-site venue.
・Even if all the presentations are online, they will be broadcasted to the on-site local venue.
・The duration is fixed 15 minutes/ talk including discussion time.
Poster presentations ・All poster presentations are requested to be posted online in the online meeting portal "Confit".

[During Hybrid phase]
・Questions and answers can be made using the comment function. ・Presenters who wish to present at the local venue will be assigned a poster board to give a presentation there. The poster venue can be used all day even outside the core time.
[During Online poster session phase]
・The poster presenters are to give flash talks. After that, participants will be invited to discuss with the presenters in each Breakout Room.
* See HERE to learn the requirements for presentation confirmation.

Session Language

Session language is either English and /or Japanese.
Session language is selected by the session convener.
Session Language Code Slides and Posters Oral presentations
E English English
J English or Japanese (presenter's choice) English or Japanese (presenter's choice)
*In E sessions, English should be the main language used for the presentation including information on slides and posters. Japanese may also be used where appropriate, e.g. for asking questions.


Fee Table

Annual Dues

*Consumption tax is not charged.
(Including K-12 teachers and JpGU senior members)
2,000 JPY
Graduate Student 1,000 JPY
Up to Undergraduate Student 0 JPY (Free of charge)

Abstract Submission Fee

*10% consumption tax included.
Early-bird abstract submission payment processed within
Wed, January 12 - Thu, February 3 11:59PM, 2022
6,600 JPY/ abstract
Regular abstract submission payment processed within
Fri, February 4 - Thu, Feb 17 5PM, 2022
8,800 JPY/ abstract

About Registration Fee

・As the meeting is a hybrid event, the registration fee will be the same for both onsite and online registration. (There is no one-day ticket.)
・If it is decided that we will move to a fully online meeting before the registration is open, we will reconsider the registration fee.
・In case we have no choice but to move to a fully online meeting after the registration is opened due to the spread of COVID-19, we will ask you to pay the original registration fee considering the ongoing preparations and the meeting system implementation. Please understand that no refunds will be made.

registration fee

*10% consumption tax included.
*Discount rates apply also for AGU, AOGS and EGU members.
*Nonmember rates (no discount) apply for Meeting Participant ID (Nonmember ID) holders.
*Registration starting date to be announced later.
Meeting registration fee
Member discount rate
(applies also to AGU, AOGS, EGU members)
Standard rate
(no discount)
Regular 22,000 JPY 33,000 JPY
K-12 Teachers 11,000 JPY 16,500 JPY
Graduate Students 11,000 JPY 16,500 JPY
Seniors (JpGU Members only)* 11,000 JPY -
Up to Undergraduate Students Free
* Senior (70 or above) rate applies exclusively to JpGU regular members.
Regular member rate applies to AGU, EGU, AOGS members or Meeting participation ID holders even in this age range.


Payment Methods

The only method accepted for payments is by credit card on the online system.

Bank transfer by affiliated institutions became unavailable from 2020.
If you have any inquiries regarding payments or you experience difficulties in using credit cards, please see the Payment page.