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Abstract Submission Guidelines

*Please also refer to Abstract Submission Regulations before submitting an abstract.

0. Regulations

0-1. Regulation on Abstract Submissions

Click HERE to refer to the Regulation on Abstract Submissions

0-2. Rules and Regulations on Copyright

Click HERE to refer to the Rules and Regulations on Copyright

1. Preparation for Submissions

1-1. Required Contents

-JpGU ID of the contributor and presenter ▶JpGU ID of Co- authors

-Other Items ▶Contents

1-2. Submission Period

January 10- February 19 at 5:00pm JST
Early Submission Deadline: Feb 5 at 11:59pm JST

1-3. Submission Steps

Please submit your abstract from the online submission site.

We DO NOT accept files send to JpGU Office by emails or any other means.

(1) Log in to https://www.member-jpgu.org/jpgu/en/ with your JpGU ID and password.
(2) Open the "Abstract Submission" tab on the left side.
(3) Click "My Submission Info" and proceed from the "Submit an Abstract" button.
*JpGU ID is required for the abstract submission.
*Please complete a payment by Feb 5 to receive the early submission discount.

2. Submit an Abstract

2-1. JpGU ID of Authors

Registration of JpGU IDs of the contributor and presenter are required.

JpGU IDs of co-authors are not required but highly recommended to register.

Contributors may also register their co-authors.

JpGU IDs of co-authors are optional, however if the JpGU ID is not registered, the co-author formation entered by contributors will be used in the index.
*We cannot guarantee the correct personal information if JpGU ID is not used.
*Please make sure to contact your co-author prior to the registration.

Search of JpGU ID by names is available.

2-2. Author Registration in a Group Name

If the contributor strongly wishes to register the name of the group instead of his/ her own, please enter the information as follows;

Family name box: Enter “Register a Group Name”
Given name box: Enter the name of the group
JpGU ID: Enter 000000

This entry information will be reflected in the abstract to be released in May.

2-3. Affiliation

Multiple affiliations can be registered per author.

If the (co-)author does not belong to any organization, please select “none”.

2-4. Presentation Language

During the submission process, you are asked a language preference for your presentation.

All presenters in
-EE sessions must select English as their presentation language
-EJ sessions may select either English or Japanese as presentation language but slides and posters must be in English
-JJ sessions may select either English or Japanese.

If a presenter of EJ and JJ session wish to change the presentation language by any reason

Presenters of EJ and JJ may change the presentation language in case of unavoidable reason however they need not to contact neither JpGU nor conveners in advance about their changes.

2-5. Presentation Format (Oral and/ or Poster)

Presenters may request either “Oral or Poster Presentation” or “Poster Presentation” as their presentation format.

Please note that oral presentation cannot be requested.

If select “Oral or Poster Presentation”, the format will be assigned by the session convener(s).

Request for poster presentation should be honored and given priority, however presenters may be offered an oral presentation by the convener.

2-6. Session

Presenters must select a session they wish to present at.

A session can be searched and selected by
-Session ID (Category): from the session list box
-Title: from title search box

A submitted abstract may be placed in a different, more appropriate session than the one to which it was submitted. Final decisions regarding placement of individual abstracts and sessions rests with the session conveners.

If the placement cannot be accepted, the abstract may be rejected.

2-7. Available Letters and Symbols

See HERE for symbols and letters that can be used in the abstract.

Bold, italic, underline, superscript and subscript are also available.

Please use Character Entity Reference to display characters not in the list above.

2-8. Title

A presentation title should be within 120 one-byte characters.

Text decoration (bold, italic and etc.) are available but is correctly displayed only in the abstract PDF.
Other means such as website and other printing materials may not reflect the decorations.

2-9. Abstract Body

Abstract body must be entered within 4,000 one-byte characters including spaces.

Indent cannot be added. Spaces entered at the beginning and the end of the sentence will be automatically deleted.

If you experience difficulties in entering the abstract body, please check the point below.
The format of double quotations and single quotations sometimes changes automatically into double-byte character when copying and pasting a text written in Microsoft Word.

2-10. Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Entry/ Judge Entry

New for 2018: Entry is accepted from My Account page, not during the submission process.

In order to apply for OSPA, the presenter must be the same person to whom submits the abstract. (Third party application is not available)

OSPA Regulation

[OSPA Judges]
If you agree to be a volunteer judge for OSPA, please express your interest by selecting a judging section during the submission process.
You will be contacted from the representatives of the section later.

2-11. Image Uploading

One image is available to upload when submitting the abstract. Image upload is free of charge.
*If you wish to use a few images, please compile them in one image before starting your submission.

The image should be within 1MB in jpeg, jpg or png.

The image upload is optional.

You will be asked to upload an image at the end of the submission process.

2-12. Abstract Submission Fee and Payment

-Not only the required contents input through the submission portal but also the payment must be finished to complete a submission.

-Submissions not paid by the deadline will be automatically withdrawn.

Early Submission Fee: 3,240 JPY/ submission (tax included)
Normal Submission Fee: 4,320 JPY/ submission (tax included)
To receive the early submission discount, payment must be completed during the early submission period (by Monday, Feb 5 at 11:59 pm JST)

-Abstract submission fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee, and not based on your attendance at the meeting. (excpet for rejected submissions)

-Do not withdraw a paid submission to make edits. Refunds will not be issued for abstracts that are withdrawn and resubmitted, and payment will be required for any resubmissions.

-The only method of payment accepted for abstract fees is by credit card.

-Submission fee for public sessions except for posters of Geopark session is free of charge.

2-13. Edits of Submitted Abstracts

-After an abstract is submitted, it can be accessed and edited until the abstract submission deadline (Feb 19 at 5:00pm JST). After this deadline, edits cannot be made.

2-14. Invited Authors

The process to submit an abstract is no different from other presenters;
invited authors should submit their abstracts from the submission portal and complete its payment by the submission deadline.

See Invited Authors Guidelines for more details.

2-15. Meeting Registration

The abstract submission fee DOES NOT register you for the meeting.
All presenters must make a meeting registration in order to attend the meeting.

[Registration Steps]
(1) Log in to https://www.member-jpgu.org/jpgu/en/ with your JpGU ID and password.
(2) Open the "JpGU Meeting" tab on the left side
(3) Click "Meeting Registration" and follow the instructions.

3. After Submission

3-1. Acceptance/ Rejection

Acceptance notifications will be distributed via email on March 13.

The notification will be sent only to the contributors. Please share it with whom may need the result by yourself.

Contributors may receive a contact regarding their abstracts from conveners during Feb 19 – Mar 7.
Please be reachable during this period.

3-2. Final Program

Final program will be available online on March 14.

Final program includes presentation ID, title, name of presenter, authors, affiliation of authors, time and date of presentation and presentation format.

Abstract body (in PDF) will be released on May 11.

3-3. Letter of Invitation and Acceptance

Letters of invitation and/ or acceptance in PDF will be sent via email to those who request them.

Please use the designated form to apply which is to be open in March 14.

3-4. Supporting Documents for VISA Application

JpGU will start providing supporting documents for VISA application (5,500yen/ package) from March 14.

4. Edits and Cancellation

4-1. Edits and Withdrawals During the Submission Period

An abstract can be edited or withdrawn freely from the same website it is submitted during the submission period (by Feb 19 at 5:00pm JST).
*The refund is not issued for paid submissions.

4-2. Changes After the Submission Deadline

Changes to abstracts are not permitted after the abstract submission deadline.

The portal site to post information from convenes/ presenters will open in the end of March.
Presenters may use this portal to announce the changes to their presentations.
*Please note that the portal is to post information but not to request changes to the abstract.

4-3. Cancellation After the Submission Deadline

Contributions are expected to be presented andnot cancelled.

If you already know that your contribution will not be presented, you are asked to inform JpGU and session convener(s) about your cancellation from the designated form.
The form is to be open in the end of March.

Presenters may encourage a co-author to present on your behalf if you are unable to attend the meeting.
In such case, your representative should also make a meeting registration and pay the fee.

[Notes on Fees]
The refund of abstract submission fee is not issued in any reason.
Meeting registration fee is refundable if we receive the refund request by May 8.
After this date, no refund is issued. Please note that the cancellation of your presentation is not connected to a refund request.
The request must be made separately from each designated form.

5. Presentation

5-1. Presentation Language

Presentations should be given in accordance with the language format of the session.
[EE]: All (slides/posters & oral presentations) English.
[EJ]: Slides and posters in English. Oral presentations in English or Japanese (presenter's choice).
[JJ]: Slides/Posters and oral presentations in Japanese and/or English (presenter's choice).

5-2. Oral Presentations

-Time frame for one oral presentation is 15 min including questions and discussion.
This time frame cannot be changed.
* Conveners may change the presentation time of their invited speakers.

-Projector and screen are equipped in each room.

-JpGU does not use a central uploading system. Please bring your own laptop computer to connect with the equipped projector and screen.
Few computers are available for lending at the headquarters (room 205) in case of emergency.
Please note that the PCs are limited in number thus we cannot guarantee the lending.

-The connecting cables to the projector are HDMI or D-Sub 15(VGA).
Cables for Mac are not prepared. Please bring on your own if necessary.

-There is no Wi-Fi connection in the lecture rooms.

5-3. Poster Presentations

-Board size is W180cm×H90cm (landscape position).
We don’t have any restrictions for the size or number of papers unless it fits the board size.

-Posting Time
8:30 am –6:30pm
*Please make sure that your poster is hung before the Poster Core Time.
*Posters not removed by the end of Evening Core Time will be discarded by JpGU staff.
*Posters cannot be hung on the previous day of the presentation.

-Poster Core Time
Daytime Poster Core Time (at AM2- PM2) and Evening Core Time (at PM3) are held at the meeting.
Daytime Poster Core Time of each session is scheduled between AM2- PM2. Some sessions will not have Daytime Poster Core Time under the decision of the session convener.
All sessions have Evening Core Time.
*Presenters are expected to stay at their posters during the core time. If not, please post the time you will be at your poster on the board.

-PCs, tablets or any electric devices that needs a power supply to operate are not available in the Exhibition Hall.

*Poster Printing Service
JpGU has partnered with a poster printing company to provide a printing service.
User of this service can pick up their posters at the venue.
We provide language assistance to those who need it.
Details will be posted on our website.