Regulation on abstract submissions

Version 3.0 dated September 2nd, 2013

(Meeting Registration)

1. Contributors (First Author or Presenter, in principle) have to make Meeting Registration through JpGU Meeting website before submitting abstracts. The registration of co-author(s) is unnecessary. Meeting Registration is subdivided into two types: registrations as JpGU Member and as Non-JpGU Member (abstract submission and meeting registration without JpGU Membership Subscription). For the JpGU member, Meeting registration fee and so on is largely discounted. If it's convenient for you, please make Membership Subscription.
*Meeting Registration and new join to JpGU Membership is possible to perform at this web site (Click HERE!!).

2. Contributors themselves have to make membership registration in principle. Contact information has to be accessible, and has to be contributors', not substitutes'.

(Preparation of Abstract)

1. A paper for presentation (Abstract) should be prepared in accordance with guidance shown at JpGU Meeting website.

(Submission of Abstract)

1. The first author or speaker should make submit an abstract in person in principle with consent of coauthor(s). In the event of a problem for the first author or speaker to submit an abstract in person e.g. from abroad, Program Committee may request the convener to submit an abstract in place. Otherwise, inquiries are invited to the Secretariat of Meeting. An abstract submitted by anybody else in place without consent of the first author will be rejected in principle.

2. There is no restriction in number of submissions to a plurality of sessions. However, the first author or a speaker will be allowed to apply for oral presentation once and poster presentation once, or poster presentations twice, total two in total for a same session in principle (an invited speaker's lecture included), except in cases where an academic supervisor submits or makes presentation in place of his/her graduate and undergraduate student about an abstract that the student wrote as the first author or prior permission to do so has been given by Program Committee, etc. However, one same person should preferably refrain from making so many presentations for a same session to respect the fairness in opportunity of presentation.

(Submission fee)

1. A submitter of an abstract pays a submission fee as otherwise fixed. An invited speaker also pays a submission fee in submission.

(Entry registration)

1. Meeting Entry Registration is required for anybody going to make oral or poster presentation (invited speaker included) during the JpGU Meeting. To that effect, Meeting Entry Registration Fee should be paid as otherwise fixed.

(Acceptance of abstract)

1. Program Committee finally decides to accept an abstract, based on an advice of a convener. An abstract, however, may not be adopted, as judged inappropriate for presentation, e.g. in the following cases:
- the contents of the abstract are found to be greatly different from the purports of the meeting and the session.
- the contents of the abstract are found to be scientifically inappropriate or poorly formatted as an paper for presentation.
- the contents of the abstract are found to be inappropriate in terms of social ethics.
- One same person is found to have applied for entry in a same session with a plurality of submissions e.g. for the purpose of assuring an opportunity of presentation or a false application is found to have been made e.g. in the name of quite another person (as a dummy).

2. The mode of presentation (to be made orally or with poster) is determined in accordance with a time frame of oral presentation proposed by Program Committee and with the contents of the presentation judged by the convener. The abstract may be accepted in a session other than desired by the submitter, due to the convener's judgment.

3. When an abstract is not accepted, the submitter will be notified of the reason from Program Committee. In this case, the submission fee is returned to the submitter.

4. If dissatisfied with the reason for non-acceptance, the submitter can demand reexamination of the paper by Program Committee.

(Modification/Cancellation after acceptance)

1. Once abstracts are accepted, NO modification is available. Inform the Secretariat of Meeting of unavoidable change or correction, if any, as soon as possible.

2. Inform the Secretariat of Meeting of unavoidable cancellation of presentation, if any, e.g. due to disease, accident, etc. as soon as possible. In the case of cancellation after acceptance, the submission fee will not be returned.

3. The date or mode of presentation cannot be changed, unless judged necessary by Program Committee and the Convener.

(Time frame for presentation)

1. Presentation at oral session will have a time frame of 15 minutes per subject in principle (time for questions included).