Invitation to Session Proposal in JpGU Meeting 2010

Session Proposals:
Session Proposals: The Session proposals was closed on October 30.
Session proposal starts : September 16, 2009
Session proposal closes (Deadline for Session Proposals): October 30, 2009 at 17:00 JST

Session Proposals, JpGU Meeting Membership Registration

  • Sessions should be proposed through our website.
  • JpGU Meeting Membership Registration is necessary.
  • Please be sure to get JpGU Membership Subscription ID No., or JpGU Meeting Membership Registration ID No.
  • Session proposals can be submitted by not only the main convener but also others.
  • Co-conveners can be registered without any IDs.
  • Please note that the main convener's ID No. is required for proposal submission.)
  • 15 input items are necessary to make abstract submissions.
    1. English title (Within 60 one-byte characters)
    2. English short title (Within 40 one-byte characters)
    3. Main convener's ID
    4. Co-conveners' ID, or names and affiliations
    5. Session proposal type (Individual, Study Group, Project Team, JpGU Section, JpGU, Co-sponsored by JpGU-member societies with formal confirmation by them)
    6. Session Categories(Select from the 7 categories)
    7. Specify if you desire your session to be a Union or Public Session
    8. "International Session" (specify this for sessions in which language is English)
    9. Language to be used in Session (specify English)
    10. Scope (description of your session) in English (Within 400 one-byte characters)
    11. Select one (Oral and poster papers/ oster papers) which your session is composed of.
    12. Expected numbers of oral papers and poster papers
    13. Desired size of the room (approx. number of expected session participants)
    14. Other additional requests and information (for example, sponsor information other than JpGU, joint scientific society etc.)Free description within 800 one-byte characters
    15. Request of arrangement of your session site (for example, request of LCD projector, screen location, position of your session posters in the poster venue, etc.)Free description within 800 one-byte characters.

Introduction of Session Categories in JpGU Meeting 2010

Sessions are divided into following 9 categories.
  1. Public Session
  2. Union Session
  3. Space and Planetary Sciences Session
  4. Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences Session
  5. Human Geosciences Session
  6. Solid Earth Sciences Session
  7. Biogeosciences Session
  8. General Geoscience Session
  9. Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Session

Please select one when you make session proposals.
  1. Public Session
    Sessions about outreach and public relations to present earth planetary science matters widely to the public. This session is planned by Japan Geoscience Union.
  2. Union Session
    Sessions related to, and/or having impact on, the entire earth planetary science.
    Please submit your session proposal from "Session Proposal Screen" and select "Union Session" on input item 7.
    After that, write down the reason you want to present as "Union Session." Please note that it's not guaranteed if your session is accepted as "Union Session" or not.
    If it's not adopted as "Union Session," it is categorized to one of 7 categories you selected on input item 6.
    "Union Sessions" are adopted by Program Organizing Board according to the following 2 points.
    A)If it's widely related to earth planetary sciences as a whole or useful for its development or not
    B)If it's effective to promote and develop earth planetary sciences' frontiers, such as new and multidisciplinary fields or not
  3. Space and Planetary Sciences Session
    Planetary Sciences, Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Space Physics, etc.
  4. Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences Session
    Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Atmospheric Environment, Ocean Sciences, Hydrology, Cryospheric Sciences, Global Environment, Climate Change, etc.
  5. Human Geosciences Session
    Geography, Geomorphology, Sciences on nature-human interactions on the earth's surface and related topics (natural hazards, disaster prevention and social actions, natural resources and energy issues, etc.)
  6. Solid Earth Sciences Session
    Geodesy, Seismology, Solid Earth Electromagnetism, Earth's Interior, Tectonics, Geology, Quaternary Research, Resource Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy Volcanology, Geochemistry, etc.
  7. Biogeosciences Session
    Biogeosciences, Astrobiology, Origin of Life, Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Paleontology, Paleoecology, etc.
  8. General Geoscience Session
    Education of the Earth and Planetary Sciences, Education in Schools, Disaster Prevention, Society and Sciences, Science Journalism, Science History, etc.
  9. Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Session
    Sessions which does not close in one category or does not belong to any of the above science session categories, and joint sessions held with academic associations which do not join JpGU.

>>International Session
We strongly encourage you to propose International Sessions to JpGU Meeting 2010.
These sessions are all made in English.
This session is to let JpGU's activities be known worldwide researchers, and facilitate interaction between JpGU and international activities. At least one of conveners should be a Japanese JpGU member researcher. If you don't know any Japanese scientist for a convenor of your session proposal, please consult JpGU Meeting Organizing Committee.
Your International Session proposal is greatly appreciated.

How to make International session proposal

Note: International sessions are adopted by Program Organizing Board together with Committee for International Affairs.

Preliminary Schedule for JpGU Meeting 2010

Mid-September, 2009 (around 16)Session proposal starts
Late in October, 2009 (around 30)Session proposal closes
Late in November, 2009Sessions fix
Around Jan. 12, 2010 (Tue.)Abstract submission starts
Registration starts
Around Jan. 29, 2010 (Fri.)Advance abstract submission closes
Around Feb. 5, 2010 (Fri.)Abstract submission closes
Around Apr. 9, 2010 (Fri.)Registration closes
May 23 (Sun.) - 28 (Fri.), 2010JpGU meeting 2010

Program Organizing Board plans to make final decisions about adopting sessions, discuss and adopt Union and Public Sessions together with Union Science Board and Publicity and Outreach Committee.

If you have any questions, please send them to any member of JpGU Meeting Organizing Committee. The committee members are shown at <committees.html>.