Scientific Program in JpGU Meeting 2010

In JpGU Meeting 2010, sessions are largely divided into three, Public, Union, and 7 scientific sessions.

Sessions to be held in JpGU Meeting 2010
(Sessions are to be released on December 21. )

Public Session(Public Presentation Program in JpGU Meeting 2009: Outreach and publicity related sessions)

Public Sessions are ones to announce the frontlines of earth planetary science related sciences.
This session corresponds to Public Presentation Program in JpGU Meeting 2009.

- List of Pubic presentation (O) for JpGU Meeting 2010

Union Session

Union Sessions are ones to widely introduce and make discussions among researchers on earth planetary science frontiers and problems common in this community as a whole.
There may be the sessions all made up of invited lectures.

- List of Pubic presentation (U) for JpGU Meeting 2010

Scientific Sessions(Science Sessions)

Scientific Sessions are divided into 7 session categories.
There are a lot of related sessions among them.
Please take a look at each session and find one youfre interested in, in case of abstract submission and participation. All sessions partly include invited lectures, but basically we accept abstract submission from regular participants.

Scientific Sessions(Science Sessions)

  • Space and Planetary Sciences Session
    Planetary Sciences, Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Space Physics, etc.
  • Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences Session
    Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Atmospheric Environment, Ocean Sciences, Hydrology, Cryospheric Sciences, Global Environment, Climate Change, etc.
  • Human Geosciences Session
    Geography, Geomorphology, Sciences on nature-human interactions on the earthfs surface and related topics (natural hazards, disaster prevention and social actions, natural resources and energy issues, etc.)
  • Solid Earth Sciences Session
    Geodesy, Seismology, Solid Earth Electromagnetism, Earth's Interior, Tectonics, Geology, Quaternary Research, Resource Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy Volcanology, Geochemistry, etc.
  • Biogeosciences Session
    Biogeosciences, Astrobiology, Origin of Life, Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions, Paleontology, Paleoecology, etc.
  • General Geoscience Session
    Education of the Earth and Planetary Sciences, Education in Schools, Disaster Prevention, Society and Sciences, Science Journalism, Science History, etc.
  • Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Session
    Sessions which does not close in one category or does not belong to any of the above science session categories, and joint sessions held with academic associations which do not join JpGU.

- Scientific Session in JpGU Meeting 2010

International Session

Foreign researchers are invited and all sessions are held in English.
This session is to let people around the world know lively earth planetary science related activities in Japan.

- International session