About JpGU Meeting

Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) Meeting is the biggest joint meeting for discussion about the Earth and planetary sciences in Japan. 46 academic association are involved in earth science, planetology, and space science in Japan cooperate on this project. Since 1990, this joint meeting has been held every year in spring for nineteen years and many important research presentations have been made. The number of participants and participating parties is growing every year. This year, 4,800 participants made research presentations and had active research exchanges at 134 sessions of six-day JpGU Meeting 2009.

The most outstanding characteristic of JpGU Meeting is that all scientific topics of the Earth and planetary sciences are discussed there. The scientific topics include the natural environment of earth interior and cosmic space, the relationship between evolution of living things and natural environment, the interaction between where human beings live and natural environment, and what human beings do in the natural environment. Another characteristic of the meeting is that its scope embraces even both educational and political conditions that are related to the history of our research on the Earth and planetary sciences, journalism, and academic environment of the Earth and planetary sciences. As we pick up various subjects such as basic geology, geophysics, geochemistry, space science, human geography, earth science education, environmental administration, and earth science career pass as session topics, we can say that our meeting globally stands out in the various academic meetings for discussion about the Earth and planetary sciences. We believe that those various interdisciplinary or academic exchanges encourage the development of each academic field, and hope that the new trend in the Earth and planetary sciences will come among those exchanges.

Moreover, JpGU Meeting forms not only a framework of academic exchanges in Japan but also a contribution to exchanges of views with geoscientists in the world. It is certain that the academic exchange with many overseas scientists will develop the Earth and planetary sciences and create a new research field. We also need to promote international cooperation and make cooperative research as soon as possible in order to solve the problems about natural disasters and environment. We are sure that JpGU Meeting, which is the biggest geoscience meeting in Asia and has a wide range of subjects, helps all the participants find a solution to the problems about cooperation and exchange of views with the researchers in various fields in many countries as well as in Asia and the problems about the Earth, planet, and human environment that frequently arise all over the world. Fortunately, JpGU Meeting is held at the international conference hall of Makuhari Messe, which is located near Tokyo. It takes about two hours from Narita International Airport to Makuhari Messe. The place is within easy access of Tokyo and it takes forty minutes. Therefore you can easily visit Japanese main research institutes and universities that are located near Tokyo. In addition, as Makuhari Messe is situated in the business district, where the buildings of the large international companies cluster, you will have no difficulty in finding a suitable place for stay and work. We look forward to many overseas researchers' participating in the meeting, hoping for a new academic development and an appearance of new research.