About Highlights

Each year, JpGU issues a press release regarding the meeting outline and highlighted presentations, which used to be selected by Section Board and session conveners.

This year, at JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017, we aimed to widely promote the researches highly acknowledged both scientifically and socially, thus, JpGU decided to call for highlights from each presenters who wish to release their researches to media and have a chance for a coverage.
JpGU will not arrange the press conference nor guarantee the coverage, however a direct contact from media may be expected.
We accept calls for either oral presentation or poster presentation.

【Important Notes】
- Please note that not all applications are to be accepted.
They will be firstly reviewed by Section Board and secondly by Publicity and Outreach Committee for the appropriateness of scientific and social meaning.
- We believe press release is a good opportunity to promote your research and encourage applications of papers already published as well as new presentations with highly scientific and social meaning at YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT.


If you wish to apply for a press release, please fill in and submit the Application Form below.

【Deadline: April 14, 2017 at 5:00 JST】

* Please describe the scientific and social meaning/ impact of your presentation briefly and comprehensibly for the press.

1. Date of Presentation
2. Presentation Time (Slot)
3. Place of Presentation
4. Session Title
5. Presentation Number
(e.g. AAA01-01, BBB02-P01)
6. Presentation Title
7. Name of Presenter
8. Contact Email Addrress
9. Summary of Presentation (within 400 characters)
10. Scientific Impact (within 400 characters)
11. Social Inpact (within 400 characters)
12. Has this presentation been presented or published as a paper before? YES or NO
Name of author, year of publish and name of publisher (magazine) of the paper, if selected 'YES'.