Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2023
Invited Presentation Guidelines
Invited Presentation Guidelines
For Conveners
Conveners may invite authors to present at their sessions.
Number of Invited Authors
・Each session except for Union and Public sessions can have up to TWO invited presentations (oral or poster) and ONE invited poster presentation (3 invited presentations in total) per time slot.
* E sessions can have a maximum of THREE invited presentations irrespective of the presentation format.
* Poster-only session is counted as a single time slot.
・Oral time slots are allocated based on the JpGU Time Slot Allocation Formula.
・The assigned number of invited presentations will NOT be affected by the final number of slots after abstracts submission.
Invited Authors Priority
・Conveners may assign presentations over 15 minutes for invited authors, however a time slot cannot be extended over 90 minutes.
・The "Invited Author" designation will be indicated on the program.
Abstract Submission of Invited Authors
・Invited authors are NOT exempt from the process and fees associated with a regular abstract submission.
They are requested to submit the abstract(s), make a registration and payments on their own.
・The abstract submission after the deadline CANNOT be accepted for any reason. The abstract submission process includes the payment of the fee within the deadline.
*If the conveners wish to cover the expense of their invited authors, please contact JpGU Office in advance.
Financial Support
・JpGU does NOT provide any financial support –reimbursement for abstract submission and registration fee or travel expenses – to invited authors.
Registration as Invited Authors
・Official registration of invited authors must be made through the session organization system during the session organization period, at the end of February.
・Before the official registration of the invited authors, convener may list authors on the potential invited author list.
This list will be posted on the meeting website from end of November.
The list will be updated accordingly. Please promptly notify JpGU office if modification needs arise.
Please note that invited authors who are not registered at this point will not be listed with invited status on the website.
・Invited authors will be introduced on the Potential list when conveners enter the required information on the Session Proposal System
・The final list will be published after the official registration is completed.
For Invited Authors
Thank you for accepting the convener's invitation to be the invited author for the session convened at JpGU 2023.
Abstract Submission
A JpGU ID is required to submit an abstract for the JpGU 2023.
*How to obtain a JpGU ID▶   

The process to submit an abstract is no different from regular submissions; you must submit the abstract from the submission system during the submission period. Payments should also be completed during this period.

Please note that abstract submission without payment will not be processed.
Presentation Details
If assigned oral presentation, you will be informed your time of presentation by the session convener.
If no contact regarding the time of presentation, please prepare for 15 minutes presentation.
Discussion and question and answer must be included in the presentation time you are assigned.
Please note that being an invited author for non-Union or Public Session does not guarantee that you will receive an oral presentation.
If accepted as an invited author, the "Invited Author" sign will be indicated on the program.
Meeting Registration
All contributors including invited authors need to register with required fees in order to attend the meeting. This is separate from the abstract submission fee.

Please note that there is no financial support for invited authors from JpGU.
Financial Support
As mentioned above, JpGU does not provide any kind of financial support to invited authors.