For exhibitors


Option fee:77,000JPY (including consumption tax)

You can hold a 45 minutes hybrid seminar at a vacant time slot.

How to apply

1.Please Log-in to the online system and apply from "Apply For Advertisement" button.
2.Please send detail from the form below.
items: Title of the Seminar, Outline, and the Date and Time.
* If you have special request on Zoom channel on which your seminar held, please fill that clumn.
Both of above 1 and 2 are required, but Date and Time is not fixed at the moment.
JpGU office will communicate later regarding your seminar schedule.
In case that Date and Time are inconvenient for your seminar, please contact to JaGU Office as soon as possible.

[Deadline]April 30th(Sat)
Please let us know your preference up to the third choice
*Subject to change due to sessions or other events.

referense:Time schedule

Please avoide following time because Exhibitors' Pop-Up wil be held at those time.
5/23 Mon 15:30~17:00
5/24 Tue 13:45~15:15
5/25 Wed 13:45~15:15

 09:00 - 09:4509:45 - 10:3010:45 - 11:3011:30 - 12:1513:45 - 14:3014:30 - 15:1515:30 - 16:1516:15 - 17:00
May 22 Sun  304(78)304(78)
May 23 Mon 301B(62)
304 (78)
304 (78)
 * Pop-Up Scheduled* Pop-Up Scheduled
May 24 Tue Exhibition Hall Special Setting 1 (54)
103 (78)
202 (25)
304 (78)
Exhibition Hall Special Setting 1 (54)
103 (78)
202 (25)
304 (78)
202 (25)202 (25)* Pop-Up Scheduled
301B (62)
* Pop-Up Scheduled
301B (62)
301B (62)301B (62)
May 25 Wed 301A (52)301A (52)* Pop-Up Scheduled
* Pop-Up Scheduled
May 26 Thr 301A (52)301A (52) 301A (52)301A (52)
May 27 Fri 102 (48)
105 (78)
102 (48)
105 (78)
201B (72)
202 (25)
201B (72)
202 (25)


NEWS&INFO Special Issue(introducing Exhibitors)

special issue will introduce exhibitors to JpGU Members and ID holders..
The mail news will be sent in two parts before the Meeting.
[Fee] Free
[Apply] Please apply via online system.
[Deadline]April 30th(Sat)
[Material format]English: Within 68 one-byte characters x 5 lines (txt only)
Japanese:Within 34 two-byte characters x 5 lines (txt only)
Sample: May 15, 2019

Posting Your Logo on the web

Putting your logo on the meeting website, we will introduce exhibitors.
[Fee] Free
[Apply] Please apply via online system.  Then please send the file with email to exhibition[at], with subject "[Logo on the web]"and your name.
[Deadline]May 9th
[Material format] 50(h)pixel*170(w) pixel format: gif, jpg, or png file.

About Exhibitors Pass

- Please wear your name tag all the time.
- Please request passes by May 6th through online system. - Plese refer to booth details to know the number of Eexhibitor pass you can receive.
- In case you make presentation, please register as a participant not only as an exhibitor.
* Nobady can enter the venue without his/her own pass,
Please don't leave your pass at your booth.

How to issue

- Please request passes by May 6th through online system.
Exhibitors' pass for on-site
- On and after May 9th you can isue your "e-ticket" through online system.
- Please print and bring with the "e-ticket" to the venue, and please scan the e-ticket at the rception counter to print your exhibitors pass.  Re-printing exhibitors pass at the venue, and checking your registration status require extra charges.

Account for Online Meeting
We will send you login instructions with your initial password and other information to the e-mail address you submitted at a later date.


CategoryEnter into Exhibition AreaEnter into Presentation Rooms Presentation
Exhibitors Pass A×
Exhibitors Pass B××

Quiz Rally

Quiz Rally is a easy game to promote your online exhibition booth.
Participants to the Meeting will go around Exhibitors' online booth, and then they answer questions.
The questions are easy one as far as they carefuly watch your booth.
After the Meeting, participants who answered the questions with high score may receive prizes.

About Courses

The quiz will be divided into two categories of courses: the on-site exhibition course and the online exhibition course. Special exhibitors may submit one quiz for both the on-site and online exhibit course. Quiz from Publishers Desks, University Panels, and Societycademic societies will be given in the On-site course, and Quiz from online exhibitors will be given in the Online course.

Note about Quizs

- Please make sure that overseas participants will be able to find the correct answer. - Questions will be displayed along with your booth name and booth number, so please do not use the booth name itself as the question. - The purpose of the questions is to encourage visitors to tour the exhibition booths, so please create questions whose answers can be found in the booths.
Stickers which show your booth participate the Quiz Rally

How to apply

Application Deadline:May 13th
Please apply from Application Form for Quiz Rally , providing one or five question(s) with 4 answer options each and the right answer. Office will send a confirmation mail.

- On-site course: Please post the answers so that they can be found when you visit the on-site exhibit. - Online course: Please contain discription or images or another contents which will be a hint for your questions, into your Confitr, and please paste a sticker which show you participate the Quiz Rally - Quiz you provide should be One. Your quiz will be used at any one day during the meeting.
- If you kindly provide us prizes for participants, please read below.
 * Providing prizes is not necessary.

Meeting Participants

Date of event: All dates of meeting
All of participants can answer this Quiz Rally anytime during the 2021 meeting.
JpGU Office will send the prizes for each winner(s) after the meeting.

Providing Prizes

[Application deadline]
May 13th

Please apply from the Quiz Rally Prize providing form
Please note that prizes are to be sent to JpGU office(Tokyo, Japan) by the Meeting date. Please bear the shipping fee.
Prizes in data format are welcome.

[Expected prizes]
Many prizes from each Exhibitor are not expected, then one to five pieces of premium prizes will be highly appreciated.
Reference: Prizes provided at the 2020 meeting

Exhibitors' Pop-Up

You can have an one minuite talk at a vacant time slot.
Short interviews as well as talk will be planned to promote the exhibitors to the participants.


You can request Date and Time first-come-first-served basis.
Estimated closing time will vary depending on the number of participating exhibitors.
- May 23rd 3:30PM-5:00PM 10:45AM~0:15 PM
- May 24th 1:45PM-3:15PM
- May 25th 1:45PM-3:15PM


Application Deadline:May 13th
Please apply from the form below.