Abstract Submission Period

Abstract submission period : January 13 (WED), 2PM - February 18 (THU) 2021, 5PM JST

Early submission deadline:February 4 (THU) 11:59PM JST
Final submission deadline : February 18 (THU) 5PM JST

Abstract Submission Fee

See the Fee Table to learn about the abstract fee.

Early-bird rate applies to the abstract fee paid by the early deadline. Please note that standard rate will automatically be charged after Feb 5 .
Abstract edits can be made online even after the payment is completed until the abstract submission deadline on Feb 18 at 5PM JST.
Please note that the abstract submission fee is a non-refundable processing fee irrespective of the approval and/or withdrawal once paid.

Guidelines and Regulations

Entry Items to Submit an Abstract

Affiliations You can register up to 50 affiliations per abstract.
Multiple affiliations can be registered to one author.
Within 40 one-byte characters
Authors Name and JpGU ID.
JpGU ID is required to all contributors and presenters.
* If your co-author will not attend the meeting and does not have a JpGU ID, enter "000000" in the ID input box.
Presentation Language Presenters may select their presentation language according to the session language.
Presentations in E sessions must be made in English.
The choice can be either Japanese or English for J sessions.
[NOTE]* We will publish the presentation language in the printings and on the website. Please DO NOT change your presenting language later.
Presentation Format Select "Oral or Poster" or "Poster".
* Oral presentation cannot be requested.
Presentation format for the "Oral and Poster" option will be assigned by the session convener.
Session to Submit Select the session you are submitting an abstract from the list.
[NOTE] A presentation may be placed to another session at the conveners discretion.
Abstract Title Entry must be within 120 one-byte characters without line feed.
* Bold, italic, underline, superscript and subscript are available.
[NOTE] Bold is displayed only in the abstract PDF.
[NOTE] If bold is used in the abstract title, the style is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the convener or depending on the format of printing materials.
Keywords (Optional Item) You can register up to 6 keywords per submission.
Registration as Volunteer Judges for the Outstanding Student Presentation Award (Optional Item) Please checkmark your section if you agree to be a volunteer judge for OSPA. The OSPA Committee will contact you with the details of the procedures later.
Application to present a poster at local venue All the poster presentations are to be made available online. In addition, if you wish to make a poster presentation at the local venue, please indicate your intention to do so herer, regardless of your choice of presentation method (oral/poster) or the result of acceptance.
After the program is finalized, you will be asked to register again for the on-site poster presentation, but only those presentations that you requested at the time of initial submission will be allowed to be presented on-site (you may withdraw your request).
Abstract Body Within 4,000 one-byte characters including spaces.
Image file (Optional Item) JPEG or PNG file (jpg, jpeg, png) less than 1024 KB
*Entry application for OSPA (Outstanding Student Presentation Award) must be submitted from the JpGU My Account page of the contributor.
Please note that the OSPA related option you are asked during the abstract submission process is to show your intention to serve as OSPA JUDGES, not for OSPA CANDIDATES

Students who intend to enter for the award are expected to read the OSPA Entry Guidelines prior to their entries.
*Details regarding the OSPA entry, how and when to enter, etc. will be announced as soon as they are determined.


Presentation Language

Each session has a language code (E or J).
This code indicates the presentation language of posters / slides and oral presentations.
See HERE to learn more about presentation language.

The oral presentation and all other materials including posters and slides must be in English at E session.
Presenters of J session may choose their presentation language either English or Japanese during the abstract submission.
J Sessions:
The main language is Japanese. However, we ask presenters to prepare their posters or oral presentation slides either entirely in English or with English translations so participants who cannot read Japanese are able to understand the contents.
E Sessions:
English should be the main language used for the presentation including information on slides and posters. Japanese may also be used where appropriate.
[NOTE]* We will publish the presentation language in the printings and on the website. Please DO NOT change your presenting language that you selected.


Submit an Abstract

Presenters are expected to read the related Guidelines and Regulations before submitting an abstract.

[Submission Steps]
1. Log in to "My Account Page" using your JpGU ID/ emailaddress and password.
2. Open the "Abstract Submission" tab on the left side menu.
3. Click "My Submission Info" and proceed from the "Submit an Abstract" button.

The annual member's due for 2021 fiscal year (if you have an ID that requries it) should be paid prior to the abstract submission.
Graduate students must update their student status before processing any payments if they wish to receive the student discount.

Basic Information on Presentations

Presentation Platform

Confit is adopted as the platform for the 2021 virtual contents.
Oral presentations are to be made via Zoom and online posters must be uploaded to the Confit system.

On-site Poster Presentation

On-site meeting has been cancelled.

Presentation Related Manuals