Online/Virtual Participation

Registration is required for online/ virtual participation.
Please register for the meeting from the JpGU members site.

Registration Period

Registration period for the online participation: April 5 (MON) - June 5 (SAT) 11:59PM [JST]
・Presenters' deadline: April 16 (FRI) 11:59PM [JST]
・All attendees (non-presenters) pre-registration deadline: May 19 (WED) 11:59PM [JST]

Online registration will be available until the day of the meeting (there is no distinction between early and regular registration), but it is required for oral presentations or online poster presentations, so please register as early as possible.

【Additional Resources】
●See Here to learn how to obtain a JpGU ID.
●See HERE to learn about the registration fee.
Please note that online/ virtual participation fee is not refundable.

How to Register for Online participation

Registration must be made through the JpGU online system.
After logging in with your JpGU ID and password, open the "JpGU Meeting" tab on the left side menu and click "Meeting Registration" button.
Log in with your JpGU credentials > open the "JpGU Meeting" tab on the left side menu > click "Meeting Registration" and proceed.

*Please refer to the JpGU 2021 Participation Manual for further instructios on registration.
*2021 annual due (only JpGU Members) payment are required in order to make a meeting registration.
If the annual due of 2020 and/or before is not settled, please proceed it first.


How to Access the Online/Virtual Content

"Conifit" is adopted as the online/ virtual platform for the 2021 meeting.
●The login function will become available on May 21.
The login button will not appear until then even though you have made the registration prior to this date.
JpGU ID holders who have made the meeting registration by May 19 will be able to log in to the 2021 portal site on May 21.
Those who register on and after May 20 will be able to log in at 3PM JST on the next day of your registration.
Your meeting registration does not immediately enable you to connect to the portal site for log in; please note this time gap.

*Registration for online participation is required to enjoy the online/ virtual content.

On-site Participation

On-site meeting has been cancelled.


Registration Fee

●See HERE to learn about the registration fee for the ONLINE participation.

*Please note that the registration fee has been revised from that of the 2020 virtual meeting.

Online/Virtual Participation Manual


JpGU ID Category & How to Obtain JpGU ID

How to Join JpGU/ Obtain JpGU ID

JpGU ID can be obtained at JpGU system below.
*JpGU ID category is not changeable once you propose a session or submit an abstract using it.

Fiscal Year of Membership

If you wish to receive a discount and other services that JpGU provides, please obtain a JpGU Member ID.

This ID required the annual due payment and a member must to be up to date with the membership due to participate in the 2021 meeting as a JpGU Member.

The fiscal year of 2021 membership starts at Jan 13, 2021.
Attendee who will create the JpGU Member ID is recommended to do so after this date.
The JpGU Member ID can be created anytime but if you create the ID on or before January 12, 2021, you will be charged the annual due for 2020 year and you will also be charged the annual due of 2021 in order to participate in the meeting.

For Conveners who will propose a session

Conveners must use the same JpGU ID to propose a session, submit and abstract, purchase a discussion frame and make a meeting registration.
If a convener becomes a JpGU Member during September to December 2020 to propose a session, he/ she will be charged the annual due of 2020 fiscal year.
In additional to this, annual due for 2021 is necessary in order to attend the meeting in 2021.
The annual due for 2021 open its payment in January 2021.

* Conveners who will newly acquire an ID are expected to refer to the Fee Table and learn about the difference of the rates BEFORE being a JpGU Member or creating a Nonmember ID.

AGU Members To Obtain JpGU ID

AGU members may create a JpGU ID by registering their AGU account with JpGU.
In this case, AGU member will not be charged the annual due for JpGU membership.
*The AGU membership must be up to date with the membership due of AGU.

【How to Obtain】
1. Click the "Register My AGU Account with JpGU" button below.
2. (You will be redirected to AGU website) Log in with your AGU log in credentials.
3. Follow the instructions displayed on the AGU website.
4. Your JpGU ID is sent to the registered email address.

*Regular rate of JpGU members are applied for Seniors of AGU members.

AOGS and EGU Members To Obtain JpGU ID

JpGU Members discount is applied to AOGS and EGU members.

【How to Obtain】
1. Select Nonmember
2. Enter your email address
3. Click the URL sent to your email address.
4. Checkmark AOGS or EGU when you are asked if you belong to any Societies.

Members of our Partner Unions and Society, AGU, EGU and AOGS, shall create an ID either using their membership of cooporating unions or as JpGU Member.
JpGU Member is provided with benefits such as no registration fee for senior members, election, etc.

JpGU ID Category

JpGU ID (regardless of the membership category) is required to propose a session, submit an abstract and make a meeting registration.
Plese see below for details on JpGU ID category.
JpGU ID category Annual dues
>About annual dues
Discount on registration fee
>Registration fee table
Membership (or ID) duration
JpGU Member Annual due is charged depending on the classification.
Automatically extended for another year.
2021 Meeting Participation ID (Nonmember ID) × × Automatically deleted after the meeting and no passed over to next year.
AGU Members
>How to obtain
× Automatically extended for another year.
AOGS Members
EGU Members
>How to obtain
Automatically deleted after the meeting and no passed over to next year. .
* Please note that an individual can only hold one JpGU ID.
Once the ID holder proposes a session and/ or submit an abstract, the ID cannot be converted to another ID category.
* JpGU member discount applies for AGU, AOGS and EGU members.

Free Participation on the Open Day to Public

Free participation is offered to attend the oral and poster presentations of Public sessions on the "Public Day" on May 30 and June 6.

Please be noted that public participants are only available to attend Public Sessions.
If you are interested in attending regular sessions, the meeting registration (with charge) is required.

Up to undergraduate students can attend the meeting free of charge by acquiring a JpGU ID for free and making a meeting registration.


About Payment

Payment Methods

Individual payment Payment by affiliated institutions
Payment methods Credit card Credit card (advance payment on behalf of your affiliated institution)
After the credit card payment is settled, individuals may generate a receipt from their members page and use it to claim the reimbursement for each expense.
Please note that the receipt issued on the system is the official receipt.
JpGU does not send the original copies by mail.
Acceptable credit card VISA,MasterCard,JCB,AMERICAN EXPRESS and Diners Club
*Debit cards are not accepted

Cancellation Policy

Membership annual dues, abstract submission fee and registration fee for online participation
These are all NON-REFUNDABLE processing fees.
*Abstract fee is not refundable irrespective of the approval and/or withdrawal once paid.

Registration fee for ON-SITE participation
There will be a cancellation period, and we will also accept cancellations and refunds due to your health condition on the day of the event.
Refunds will also be made in the event that the on-site meeting is reduced or cancelled.
Procedures will be announced separately as soon as details are finalized.

Payment Issues

If you experience any difficulties with payments by credit card, please contact us using the Payment Support Form BEFORE the deadline of each payment.
Please note that we do not accept contacts by emails.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you experience any technical issues.
Late payments are accepted if the trouble is informed before the deadline.

International attendees are advised to be careful with the time difference between Japan time and their local time.

Possible Cause of Trouble

Please check the most common causes listed below before sending in a question.
【Technical issues】
-Error in the credit card number or telephone number input : the input may contain "-(hyphens)" or a non-numeric characters. Any other symbols such as +(plus) etc. should not be used as well.
(Correct) 0000000000000000 / (Incorrect) 0000-0000-0000-0000
(Correct) 0369142080 / (Incorrect) 03-6914-2080

-Invisible input: please make sure that there is no space in the input.
(Correct) 0000 / (Incorrect) □0000,0000□ *□ indicates space

JpGU is only capable of supporting technical troubles such as above.
If enter all information correctly but error occurs, the credit card owner is advised to contact the credit card company.

In case of payment issues, please contact us using the Payment Support Form BEFORE the deadline of the payment.
Contacts by emails are not accepted.
If JpGU does not receive any contact by the payment deadline, the payment will not be accepted for any reason.

Alternative to Credit Card Use

Please contact JpGU secretariat office for details.


We do not provide printed receipts.
The receipt is downloadable from your JpGU account.

Our system issues issued receipts of payments only made by credit cards.
(Receipts for bank transfers are not available.)

To download and print out your receipt, log in to My Account Log in with your JpGU ID and password.
Open the "Payment" tab and click "Issue Receipt" button on the left side.

Receipts will open in a pop-up window and be displayed in a PDF file.
Please allow pop-up windows before you try to open the receipt.

Once the receipt is issued, you will not be able to download the same file again.
"Reissued" sign will be displayed if you download the same receipt more than twice.
Please be sure to save the data you downloaded if you'll need them later.
*The bill to name is editable from your account.
*Receipts will be issued per each payment. Please note that the system does not generate summed up receipts.
* Please contact us using the Payment Support Form if you have any inquiries regarding the issue of receipts.