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JpGU - AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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Booth Category
Special Exhibition Booth

Exhibition Fee:
330,000 JPY/booth

Special Exhibition Booth provides an opportunity to promote products, services, projects, and any other information on geoscience and related issue for companies, institutions, organizations, groups and others.

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Please refer to the details for nortification on booths on Central Mall.
Publishers Desk

Exhibition Fee:
55,000 JPY/booth

Located in the 2nd floor and on the way to the conference rooms, Publishers Desk may be the best place to sell your products.

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University Panel

Exhibition Fee:
77,000 JPY/booth

The panel provides an opportunity to appeal the research results of each university and also introduce faculties and departments, promote public relations' activities and interaction of personnel.

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Science Society Desk

Exhibition Fee:
33,000 JPY/booth(desk for JpGU society members)
44,000JPY/booth(desk for other societies)

The desk provides an opportunity to appeal the activity and publications to recruit new members.

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Pamphlet Stand

Exhibition Fee: 11,000JPY/booth

The Pamphlet Stand is the most reasonable and easiest way to promote your organization even without being at the venue. Just send us your pamphlets, brochures or any kind of booklet type publications and they will be placed at the entrance of the site.

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