Poster Printing Service

JpGU has partnered with Kinko’s to print posters for pick up at the International Exhibition Hall 8.
Presenters who applied for this service may pick up their posters at Poster Desk.

Order Deadline: May 21 at 5:00pm JST

Price List

*Tax included.
Semi-Glossy A1 <23.39"*33.11"> 4158 JPY
B1 <28.66"*40.55"> 6048 JPY
A0 <33.11"*46.81"> 7182 JPY
B0 <40.55"*57.32"> 9072 JPY
Non-woven fabrick A1 <23.39"*33.11"> 9072 JPY
B1 <28.66"*40.55"> 10962 JPY
A0 <33.11"*46.81"> 13230 JPY
B0 <40.55"*57.32"> 16632 JPY
Matte A1 <23.39"*33.11"> 3564 JPY
B1 <28.66"*40.55"> 5184 JPY
A0 <33.11"*46.81"> 6156 JPY
B0 <40.55"*57.32"> 7776 JPY

Child Care Service

Professional nursing service in the site during JpGU Meeting 2018.

Halal Lunch Box

In the co-operation with Chiba-City,"Sushi Ichi Ju" provide participants with "Halal Lunch Box" delivery service.
Please download the Order Form below to refer Menu and how to order.

Order Form

Please fax to "Sushi Ichi Ju" , not JpGU.