Tips for Publication Success

Date & Time May 27 (MON), 9:00-10:30
Location Room 102, 1F, International Conference Hall
How to participate Registration required but but walk-in participants will also be welcome.
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Description In this seminar, attendees will learn about writing and developing parts of their manuscript and receive information to help them structure their paper effectively. Attendees will also hear about different types of journals and what to consider when choosing a journal for their research. This seminar is useful for students who are just starting their careers in research, as well as for career researchers who are looking for tips to further improve their writing and journal selection.
Notes The talk will be held in English and beverages will be provided for registered attendees. Some may be available for walk-ins.
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SPring-8 is Sure to Serve Your Needs

Date & Time May 28 (TUE), 12:30-13:40
Location Room 301A, 1F, International Conference Hall
How to participate Open to all
Lunch will be provided to those who visited the A07 exhibition booth and get the numbered ticket.
Description We are happy to inform you with three lectures about SPring-8 (A synchrotron radiation facility).
Dr. Uramoto (Kochi Univ.) and Dr. Morono (JAMSTEC) will speak with “Mn-microparticles in deep-sea sediments: new finding of micrometer-scale mineral particles by multidisciplinary analysis including synchrotron-based microtomography”.
Dr. Okumura (Tohoku Univ.) will speak with “In situ observation of magma by synchrotron radiation X-ray imaging” These lectures are research results using with synchrotron radiation. Finally, Dr. Yagi (JASRI) will speak with “Introduction of SPring-8 and it’s research proposals”. It contains the introduction of SPring-8 performance and the method of submitting SPring-8’s research proposals.
Notes All lectures are given in Japanese. And we prepare lunch in the workshop (only 30 lunchbox).
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SPring-8/SACLA Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
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Wiley Author Workshop: Advice for early carrier researchers submitting

Date & Time May 28 (TUE), 12:30-13:40
Location Room 105, 1F, International Conference Hall
How to participate Registration required.
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Lecturer Prof. Tetsuji Muto
Description Editor-in-Chief of Island Arc, the international journal of the Geological Society of Japan published by Wiley, gives you advice on how to structure your research paper effectively. You will learn useful tips for improving the quality of your paper and increasing the chance of getting your work accepted and published in international journals.
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Lecture of IDL for analyzing Earth science data

Date & Time May 29 (WED), 14:00-15:30
Location Room 202, 1F, International Conference Hall
How to participate Application: Please email to iugonet-workshop-loc@iugonet.org with
(1)Your name,(2) Affiliation, (3) Position (or academic year) (4) E-mail, (5) Experience of programing IDL or not (6) Request for borrowing PC or not (7) Qestions you want to ask in the seminar (if you have them).
Deadline for Application: Tuesday 21 May, 2019
*Walk-in participants will be admitted, subject to availability of seats.
Description Active engineers at Harris Geospatial Solutions give a lecture about basic usage and grammer of IDL (Interactive Data Language). To allow the participants to apply the acquired knowledge to their research, the lecturers explain how to make functions and procedures carefully. In addition, the participants can consult with the lecturers about any problems they faced in their research.
Notes We recommend that the participants bring their own laptop PCs. We can give the temporary license for IDL8.5 that is available during about a month. Also, it is possible for non-IDL users to install IDL8.5 on their PCs.
We can lend laptop PCs, if the participants do not have their own PCs. (But, the number of the PCs are limitted.)
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Harris Spatial Solutions and IUGONET