Invited Authors Guidelines

Version 1.0 dated November 17th, 2016

【For Conveners】

Conveners may invite authors to present at their sessions.

Number of Invited Authors
-Each session except for Union and Public session can have up to TWO invited (either oral or poster) presentations and ONE invited poster presentation per oral time slot.
*The number of invited authors for the poster only sessions will be the same as one oral time slot is able to have.
*Oral time slot is the allocated time slots excluding Poster Core Time (both Daytime and Evening Core).
-The assigned number of invited presentations will NOT be affected by the final number of slots after abstracts submission.

Invited Authors Priority
-Conveners can decide the length of presentations (over 15 min) for the oral presentation made by invited authors, but one time slot is 90 minutes and this timeframe cannot be changed.
- “Invited Author” signs for poster presentations of the invited author will be prepared at the site.
- Invited authors will be listed on the JpGU- AGU Joint Meeting Website.

Abstract Submission
-Invited authors are NOT exempt from the process and fees associated with abstract submission. They are requested to submit the abstract(s), make a registration and payments on their own as with all other authors.
-The abstract submission after the deadline CANNOT be accepted.
-Abstract submission without payments may be rejected.
-The JpGU office DOES NOT provide a third-party submission service.

Invited Author Registration
After the session is approved, conveners can list their invited authors from the website. The information entered here is used to be posted sequentially online on the invited authors list.
Please note that this is NOT a formal registration of the invited author(s).
Conveners must register the invited authors during the scheduling process, February 24th – March 2nd, 2017. This is the formal registration of the invited authors.
The registration made during this period will be uploaded on the web as a finalized list.

Please contact JpGU Office in case of any changes including cancellation of the invited author listed on the web as soon as possible.

JpGU does NOT have the online system to send invited authors an invitation letter. Please contact directly to your invited author(s) and confirm their acceptations.

Union Sessions Only
There is no limit on the number of the invited authors for Union sessions.
The number of the invited authors and the length of presentations will be at the discretion of the convener(s) but the timeframe (90 min / slot) cannot be changed.

Financial Support
JpGU does NOT provide any financial support -reimbursement for abstract submission and registration fee or travel expenses – to the invited authors.
Please contact JpGU Office in advance, in case the conveners will cover them.

Public Sessions
Please refer here for information ▶

【For Invited Authors】

Thank you for accepting the invitation to be the invited author for the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017.

Abstract Submission
A JpGU ID is required to submit an abstract for the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017.
*How to acquire a JpGU ID▶   *For AGU members▶

The process to submit an abstract is no different from others; invited authors should submit their abstracts from the site during the submission period and payments should be made as well. Abstracts submission without payments may be rejected.
+ Abstract Submission period: January 6th – February 16th, 2017
+ Early-bird submission: January 6th – February 3rd, 2017 at 11:59 pm

Oral Presentation
Being an invited author for non-Union and non-Public session DOES NOT guarantee that that person will receive an oral presentation.
They are invited authors, either in an oral or a poster session.
If a session is given an oral allocation, the author in that session and the length of the presentation will be decided and informed by the convener(s).
If you don’t have any contact from the convener regarding the presentation time, please prepare a 15 minutes talk.

Poster Presentation
An “Invited Author” sign will be posted on the poster board at the site. If you don’t find it, please contact our staff.

Meeting Registration
All authors including invited authors need to make a registration and its payment in order to attend the 2017 joint meeting. The abstract submission and its payment don’t register you for the meeting.

Financial Support
No travel reimbursements, waived or discounted abstract submission and registration fee are provided to the invited authors from JpGU.

Public Sessions
Please refer here for information ▶