Session List 2016
Language J Japanese E English
Type of presentation O Oral P Poster
Special sessionThe 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and related crustal activities

Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Union
U-01 Tadao Nishiyama Geoscience and society E O·P 24th (TUE)
U-02 Teruyuki Nakajima Earth and Planetary satellite observation projects Part I: Science Landscape of Japan with NASA Space Missions E O·P 23rd (MON)
U-03 Hodaka Kawahata JPGU and enhancement of scientific transmission capacity by scientific journals J O·P 23rd (MON)
U-04 Kenji Tanaka How JpGU will manage environment and disaster? J O·P 25th (WED)
U-05 Yukio Himiyama Future Earth - The Integrated Research for Sustainable Future J O·P 22nd (SUN)
U-06 Shuhei Okubo Large-scale Research Projects: Master Plan 2017 and its beyond J O·P 24th (TUE)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Public
O-01 Satoshi Miyajima For the achievement of qualities and abilities required at the next Course of Study J O·P 22nd (SUN)
O-02 Tatsuhiko Hara Poster presentations by senior high school students J O·P 22nd (SUN)
O-03 Tatsuhiko Hara Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science J O·P 22nd (SUN)
O-04 Mahito Watanabe Geoparks in Japan J O·P 22nd (SUN)
O-05 Satoshi Kaneshima Relationship between earth science community and nuclear power plants - Hamaoka nuclear plant as an example J O·P 22nd (SUN)
O-06 Kazuyo Sakanoi What is "diversity promotion" for students and researchers in JpGU? J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Space and Planetary Sciences(P)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Planetary Sciences(PS)
P-PS01 Jun Kimura Outer Solar System Exploration Today, and Tomorrow E O·P 22nd (SUN)
P-PS02 Takehiko Satoh Mars E O·P 23rd (MON)
P-PS11 Keiko Hamano Planetary Sciences J O·P 25th (WED)
26th (THU)
P-PS12 Masaaki Miyahara Formation and evolution of planetary materials in the solar system J O·P 24th (TUE)
P-PS13 Hiroshi Nagaoka Lunar science and exploration J O·P 22nd (SUN)
P-PS14 Shogo Tachibana Origin and evolution of materials in space J O·P 25th (WED)
P-PS15 Munetake Momose New developments of planetary sciences with ALMA J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Session Sub Category Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment(EM)
P-EM03 Huixin Liu Mesosphere-Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Earth's Atmosphere E O·P 22nd (SUN)
P-EM04 Ryuho Kataoka Space Weather, Space Climate, and VarSITI E O·P 22nd (SUN)
23rd (MON)
P-EM05 ALEXEI DMITRIEV Cosmophysical plasma jets E O·P 25th (WED)
P-EM06 Seiji Zenitani Magnetospheric Multi-Scale (MMS) mission -- A new age of magnetospheric physics E O·P 24th (TUE)
P-EM07 Yoshizumi Miyoshi Dynamics in magnetosphere and ionosphere E O·P 24th (TUE)
25th (WED)
P-EM08 Danny Summers Inner magnetosphere: Latest results and new perspectives E O·P 23rd (MON)
P-EM09 Mamoru Yamamoto Study of coupling processes in solar-terrestrial system E O·P 23rd (MON)
P-EM16 Yuichi Otsuka Physics and Chemistry in the Atmosphere and Ionosphere J O·P 24th (TUE)
P-EM17 Takayuki Umeda Space Plasma Physics: Theory and Simulation J O·P 24th (TUE)
25th (WED)
P-EM18 Tomoaki Hori Dynamics in magnetosphere and ionosphere J O·P 25th (WED)
P-EM19 Ken Tsubouchi Heliosphere and Interplanetary Space J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
P-CG10 Taishi Nakamoto Small Solar System Bodies: General and Mars Satellite Sample Return Mission E O·P 22nd (SUN)
23rd (MON)
P-CG20 Ichiro Yoshikawa Status and perspective of future missions and their instruments and technologies for space sciences J O·P 24th (TUE)
P-CG21 Takeshi Imamura Planetary atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere J O·P 26th (THU)
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences(A)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology & Atmospheric Environment(AS)
A-AS01 Nobuko Saigusa Global Carbon Cycle Observation and Analysis E O·P 24th (TUE)
A-AS02 Masaki Satoh High performance computing of next generation weather, climate, and environmental sciences using K E O·P 22nd (SUN)
A-AS11 Yousuke Yamashita Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate J O·P 23rd (MON)
A-AS12 Hitoshi Irie Atmospheric Chemistry J O·P 25th (WED)
26th (THU)
A-AS13 Jun-ichi Furumoto Hyper-dense observation and forecast to elucidate micro-scale atmospheric phenomena J O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Ocean Sciences & Ocean Environment(OS)
A-OS03 Shin-ichi Ito Marine ecosystem and biogeochemical cycles: theory, observation and modeling E O·P 23rd (MON)
A-OS04 Toshiyuki Hibiya Ocean Mixing Frontiers E O·P 22nd (SUN)
A-OS14 Yutaka Yoshikawa Ocean Mixing Processes: Impact on Biogeochemistry, Climate and Ecosystem J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Session Sub Category Hydrology & Water Environment(HW)
A-HW16 Seiko Yoshikawa Water and material transport and cycles in catchment ecosystems: from headwater to coastal area J O·P 26th (THU)
A-HW17 Atsushi Higuchi Hydrological Cycle and Water Environment J O·P 25th (WED)
A-HW18 Masaya Yasuhara Isotope Hydrology 2016 J O·P 25th (WED)
A-HW19 Takeshi Hayashi Water Environment and Geology in Urban Areas J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Cryospheric Sciences & Cold District Environment(CC)
A-CC20 Tetsuo Ohata Glaciology J O·P 25th (WED)
A-CC21 Kenji Kawamura Ice cores and past environmental changes J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Geological & Soil Environment(GE)
A-GE05 Shoichiro Hamamoto Subsurface Mass Transport and Environmental Assessment E O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
A-CG06 Tomoki Tozuka Multi-scale ocean-atmosphere interaction in the tropics E O·P 24th (TUE)
A-CG07 Masami Nonaka Asia-Pacific climate variations on diurnal to secular time scales E O·P 24th (TUE)
A-CG08 Yosuke Yamashiki Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction: Global-scale Material Circulation through River Runoff E O·P 23rd (MON)
A-CG09 Michio Kawamiya Development and application of land and ocean biogeochemistry components of Earth system models E O·P 23rd (MON)
A-CG10 Riko Oki Earth and Planetary satellite observation projects Part II: Satellite Earth Environment Observation E O·P 23rd (MON)
24th (TUE)
A-CG15 Toshihiro Miyajima Coastal Ecosystems - 2. Coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and mangroves J O·P 24th (TUE)
A-CG22 Tomomichi Kato Material Circulations in Land Ecosystems J O·P 25th (WED)
A-CG23 Jun Shoji Coastal Ecosystems ? 1. Water Cycle and Land-Ocean Interactions J O·P 24th (TUE)
A-CG24 Takao Kawasaki Science in the Arctic Region J O·P 26th (THU)
Human Geosciences(H)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Geography(GG)
H-GG12 Hiroshi, P. Sato 2015 September heavy rainfall disaster in Kanto and Tohoku area, Japan J O·P 23rd (MON)
H-GG13 Gen Ueda Use and management of natural resources and environment J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Geomorphology(GM)
H-GM01 Hiroshi Shimazu Geomorphology E O·P 23rd (MON)
H-GM14 Hiroshi Shimazu Geomorphology J O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Quaternary research(QR)
H-QR15 Toshihiko Sugai Diachronic dynamics of human-environment interactions J O·P 26th (THU)
Session Sub Category Social Earth Sciences & Civil/Urban System Sciences(SC)
H-SC02 Taikan Oki Coupled Human-Water Dynamics across Scales: Observations, Understanding, Modeling, and Management E O·P 25th (WED)
H-SC03 Kuniyasu Mokudai Complexity, Change and Adaptive Management of Socioecological Landscapes: An Earth System Perspective E O·P 22nd (SUN)
H-SC04 Yukio Himiyama Implementing Geoscience Research for the Earth's Future E O·P 23rd (MON)
H-SC16 Tatsuto Aoki Human environment and disaster risk J O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Disaster geosciences(DS)
H-DS05 Masahiro Chigira Landslides and related phenomena E O·P 26th (THU)
H-DS06 ELENA PETROVA Natural hazards impacts on the society, economics and technological systems E O·P 24th (TUE)
H-DS07 Mitsuteru Sato Monitoring and prediction of natural disasters using new methodologies E O·P 24th (TUE)
H-DS17 Masahiro Chigira Geohazards in humid, tectonically active countries and their precursors J O·P 24th (TUE)
H-DS18 Yujin Kitamura Submarine landslides and their consequences J O·P 26th (THU)
H-DS19 Yuichi Namegaya Tsunami and Tsunami Forecast J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Resource and Engineering Geology(RE)
H-RE20 Tomochika Tokunaga CCUS (Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization, and Storage) for Climate Mitigation J O·P 24th (TUE)
Session Sub Category Technology & Techniques(TT)
H-TT08 Yuichi S. Hayakawa Geoscientific applications of high-definition topography and geophysical measurements E O·P 22nd (SUN)
H-TT09 Takashi Oguchi Geographic Information Systems and Cartography E O·P 22nd (SUN)
H-TT21 Ichiro Tayasu Development and applications of environmental traceability methods J O·P 24th (TUE)
H-TT22 Akihiko Kondoh New horizons brought by UAV J O·P 24th (TUE)
H-TT23 Teppei Ishiuchi Environmental Remote Sensing J O·P 23rd (MON)
H-TT24 Mamoru Koarai Geographic Information Systems and Cartography J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
H-CG10 ELENA PETROVA International comparison of landscape appreciation E O·P 23rd (MON)
H-CG11 Yoshiki Saito DELTAS: multidisciplinary analyses of complex systems E O·P 26th (THU)
H-CG25 Eiji Sasao Nuclear Energy and Geoscience J O·P 24th (TUE)
H-CG26 Naofumi Yamaguchi Interdisciplinary approach to earth's changing surface J O·P 22nd (SUN)
H-CG27 Akihiko Kondoh Collaboration between scientists and stakeholders at the scene of environmental issues J O·P 22nd (SUN)
H-CG28 Kaori Tomita-Yokotani Circulation of materials in closed bio-ecosystems by the systems of organisms. J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Solid Earth Sciences(S)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Geodesy(GD)
S-GD22 Jun Nishijima Gravity and Geoid J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-GD23 Koji Matsuo Geodesy General Contributions / Global Geodetic Observing System J O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Seismology(SS)
S-SS01 Fumiko Tajima Earthquake early warning developments around the world E O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-SS02 Kyuichi Kanagawa Frontier studies on subduction zone megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis E O·P 24th (TUE)
S-SS03 Hiroshi Tsuruoka New frontiers in earthquake statistics, physics-based earthquake forecasting, and earthquake model testing E O·P 25th (WED)
S-SS04 Danijel Schorlemmer Rethinking Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis E O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-SS24 Junichi Nakajima Earthquake prediction and forecast J O·P 26th (THU)
S-SS25 Seiji Tsuno Strong Ground Motion and Earthquake Disaster J O·P 24th (TUE)
S-SS26 Koichiro Obana Crustal Structure J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-SS27 Takeshi Iinuma Fault Rheology and Earthquake Physics J O·P 25th (WED)
26th (THU)
S-SS28 Kiwamu Nishida Seismic wave propagation: Theory and Application J O·P 23rd (MON)
24th (TUE)
S-SS29 Mitsuyuki Hoshiba Real-time monitoring, analysis, prediction of seismic ground motion, crustal movement and volcanic activity J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-SS30 Yoshinari Hayashi Seismicity J O·P 25th (WED)
S-SS31 Mamoru Koarai Active faults and paleoseismology J O·P 23rd (MON)
24th (TUE)
S-SS32 Masayuki Murase Crustal Deformation J O·P 23rd (MON)
24th (TUE)
S-SS33 Shin'ichi Sakai Special Project for Reducing Vulnerability for Urban Mega Earthquake Disasters J O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Earth's Electromagnetism(EM)
S-EM05 Hidetoshi Shibuya Full vector geomagnetic and paleomagnetic secular variation: direction, intensity and dynamo simulations E O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-EM34 Masaki Matsushima Geomagnetism, paleomagnetism and rock magnetism J O·P 24th (TUE)
S-EM35 Masahiro Ichiki Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth and Planetary Interiors, and Tectono-Electromagnetism J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Science of the Earth's Interior & Tectonophysics(IT)
S-IT06 Satoru Tanaka Interaction and Coevolution of the Core and Mantle E O·P 23rd (MON)
S-IT07 Takashi Yoshino Structure and dynamics of Earth and Planetary deep interiors E O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-IT08 Jun Korenaga Structure and Dynamics of Suboceanic Mantle: Theories and Observations E O·P 24th (TUE)
S-IT09 Yoshihiko Tamura Hard-Rock Drilling: Oceanic Lithosphere to Continental Crust Formation E O·P 23rd (MON)
S-IT10 Hidehisa Mashima Do plumes exist? E O·P 26th (THU)
S-IT11 Gaku Kimura Geodynamic evolution of northeast Asia and western Pacific E O·P 24th (TUE)
S-IT12 Makoto Yamano Tectonic processes on the incoming plate seaward of the trench: Inputs to subduction zones E O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Geology(GL)
S-GL36 Yasuto Itoh Frontier of basin formation tectonics on convergent plate margins J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-GL37 Makoto Otsubo Regional geology and tectonics J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-GL38 Takahiro Tagami Geochronology and Isotope Geology J O·P 24th (TUE)
S-GL39 Makoto Okada Lower-Middle Pleistocene Boundary GSSP in the Kazusa Group J O·P 24th (TUE)
S-GL40 Tomohiro Toki Advanced Mud Volcano Studies J O·P 24th (TUE)
Session Sub Category Resources, Mineral Deposit & Resource Exploration(RD)
S-RD41 Kenzo Sanematsu Resource Geology J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Mineralogy & Petrology(MP)
S-MP13 Hafiz Ur Rehman Oceanic and Continental Subduction Processes-I, from petrologic-geochemical perspective E O·P 23rd (MON)
S-MP14 Madhusoodhan Satish-Kumar Supercontinents and Crustal Evolution E O·P 24th (TUE)
S-MP15 Kazuaki Okamoto Oceanic and Continental Subduction Processes-II, from structural-petrologic perspective E O·P 23rd (MON)
S-MP42 Atsushi Kyono Physics and Chemistry of Minerals J O·P 25th (WED)
S-MP43 Tetsuo Kawakami Deformed rocks, Metamorphic rocks and Tectonics J O·P 25th (WED)
S-MP44 Noriyoshi Tsuchiya Dynamics of melt, ductile and brittle rock mass and energy system J O·P 25th (WED)
Session Sub Category Volcanology(VC)
S-VC45 Yasuhiro Fujimitsu Hydrothermal systems of volcanoes J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-VC46 Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto Mitigation of Volcanic disaster - Basic and applied research J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-VC47 Yosuke Aoki Active volcanism J O·P 24th (TUE)
25th (WED)
S-VC48 Teruki Oikawa Volcanic and igneous activities, and these long-term forecasting J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-VC49 Satoshi Okumura Real-time volcanology: Integration of geophysical and material science observations and physical modeling J O·P 24th (TUE)
Session Sub Category Geochemistry(GC)
S-GC16 Hirochika Sumino Volatile Cycles in the Deep Earth - from Subduction Zones to the Mantle and Core E O·P 25th (WED)
S-GC50 Gen Shimoda Solid Earth Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Session Sub Category Technology & Techniques(TT)
S-TT17 Hitoshi Mikada Recent Advances in Exploration Geophysics (RAEG2016) E O·P 24th (TUE)
S-TT18 HungYu Wu Stress geomechanics: observations, modelings and implications E O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-TT51 Hiromitsu Nakamura Seismometry and monitoring system J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-TT52 Shigekazu Kusumoto Airborne surveys and monitoring of the Earth J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-TT53 Saiko Sugisaki Contribution of luminescence dating to geosciences J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-TT54 Yosuke Miyagi Synthetic Aperture Radar J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-TT55 Takane Hori Creating future of solid Earth science with high performance computing (HPC) J O·P 24th (TUE)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
S-CG19 Bjorn Mysen Hydrogen in the Earth's interior from the crust to the core E O·P 23rd (MON)
S-CG20 Keiko Kuge Intermediate-depth and deep earthquakes: their origins and material properties of subducting slabs E O·P 24th (TUE)
S-CG21 Yoshihiro Ito Recent advances and future directions in slow earthquake science E O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-CG56 Tatsuo Nozaki Petrology, Mineralogy and Resource Geology J O·P 26th (THU)
S-CG57 Ikuo Katayama Geofluids and dynamics in subduction zones J O·P 24th (TUE)
S-CG58 Tomohiro Ohuchi Rheology, fracture and friction in Earth and planetary sciences J O·P 22nd (SUN)
S-CG59 Kyoko Okino Ocean Floor Geoscience J O·P 25th (WED)
S-CG60 Naoji Koizumi Crustal fluids and deformation J O·P 24th (TUE)
S-CG61 Hisashi Nakahara The 20th anniversary of K-NET: Past and future of strong-motion networks J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-CG62 Eiichi Takahashi Activation of long-term volcanic activity by mega-earthquake J O·P 23rd (MON)
S-CG63 Yukitoshi Fukahata Dynamics in mobile belts J O·P 23rd (MON)
24th (TUE)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Astrobiology & the Origin of Life(AO)
B-AO01 Kensei Kobayashi Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution of Life E O·P 24th (TUE)
Session Sub Category Paleontology(PT)
B-PT03 Takashi Toyofuku Biomineralization and the Geochemistry of Proxies -Field ecology, Laboratory culture and Paleo E O·P 22nd (SUN)
B-PT05 Tsuyoshi Komiya Decoding the history of Earth: From Hadean to Modern J O·P 25th (WED)
B-PT06 Yukio Isozaki Phanerozoic biodiversity change: Extinction and diversification J O·P 26th (THU)
B-PT07 Isao Motoyama Biotic history and its relation to the Earth history J O·P 25th (WED)
B-PT08 Robert Jenkins Evolution of Chemosynthetic Ecosystem in Earth History J O·P 26th (THU)
Session Sub Category Complex & General(CG)
B-CG04 Yohey Suzuki Earth and Planetary Science Frontiers for Life and Global Environment E O·P 22nd (SUN)
B-CG09 Kentaro Nakamura Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral, and Atmosphere J O·P 23rd (MON)
General (Education and Outreach)(G)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category General (Education and Outreach)
G-01 Chi-Min Liu Ocean Education in tomorrow classrooms E P 23rd (MON)
G-02 Hitoshi Nakai Comprehensive disaster prevention education J O·P 22nd (SUN)
G-03 Takeyuki Ueki Geoscinece Outreach J O·P 22nd (SUN)
G-04 Masatsune Hatakeyama Geoscience education for 1st-12th graders J O·P 22nd (SUN)
G-05 Masatsune Hatakeyama Geoscience education at bachelor course J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary(M)
Session ID Convener Title Language Type of
Session Sub Category Intersection(IS)
M-IS01 Pavel Groisman Environmental, socio-economic and climatic changes in Northern Eurasia and their feedbacks to the Earth System E O·P 23rd (MON)
M-IS02 Setsuya Nakada IGGP of the future E O·P 24th (TUE)
M-IS03 Katsumi Hattori Interdisciplinary studies on pre-earthquake processes E O·P 25th (WED)
M-IS06 Muneoki Yoh Biogeochemistry J O·P 22nd (SUN)
M-IS07 Takayuki Ogata geopark J O·P 25th (WED)
M-IS08 Tetsuya Kodama Electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities J O·P 25th (WED)
M-IS09 Hitoshi Tomaru Gas hydrates in environmental-resource sciences J O·P 23rd (MON)
M-IS10 Keita Iga Geophysical fluid dynamics-Transfield approach to geoscience J O·P 23rd (MON)
M-IS11 Kazuhisa Goto tsunami deposit J O·P 26th (THU)
M-IS12 Yuki Kimura Interface- and nano-phenomena on crystal growth and dissolution J O·P 22nd (SUN)
M-IS13 Atsushi Matsuoka Evolution of the Pelagic Realm J O·P 23rd (MON)
M-IS14 Kazuhiko Miura Atmospheric Electricity J O·P 23rd (MON)
M-IS15 Minoru Ikehara Global climate change driven by the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Ice Sheet J O·P 24th (TUE)
M-IS16 Yasuhiro Yamada Drilling Earth Science J O·P 26th (THU)
M-IS17 Tomohisa Irino Paleoclimatology and paleoceanography J O·P 23rd (MON)
24th (TUE)
M-IS18 Akira Usui Marine manganese deposits: Origin, growth processes, and environments J O·P 24th (TUE)
M-IS19 Takuji Nakamura Arctic and Antarctic Science and Future Plan J O·P 24th (TUE)
M-IS26 Yujiro Suzuki Dynamics of eruption cloud and cumulonimbus; modelling and remote sensing J O·P 26th (THU)
M-IS33 Michinari Sunamura Microbial ecology in earth and planetary sciences J O·P 23rd (MON)
M-IS34 Toshitaka Baba The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and related crustal activities J O·P 25rd (WED)
Session Sub Category General Geosciences, Information Geosciences & Simulations(GI)
M-GI04 Yasuhiro Murayama Open Research Data and Interoperable Science Infrastructures for Earth & Planetary Sciences E O·P 23rd (MON)
M-GI20 Keisuke Suzuki Environmental changes in mountainous area J O·P 24th (TUE)
M-GI21 Ken T. Murata Earth and planetary informatics with huge data management J O·P 24th (TUE)
M-GI22 Junichiro Makino Development of computational sciences on planetary formation, evolution and surface environment J O·P 24th (TUE)
M-GI23 Kei Kurita Neo-Kitchen Earth Science as an activation tool for our brain J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Session Sub Category Applied Geosciences(AG)
M-AG24 Kazuyuki Kita Dynamics of radionuclides emitted from Fukuchima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in the environment J O·P 23rd (MON)
Session Sub Category Space Development & Earth Observation from Space(SD)
M-SD25 Naomi Katayama Space Food and Space Agliculture J O·P 22nd (SUN)
Session Sub Category Technology & Techniques(TT)
M-TT05 Masaki Kanao Cryoseismology - a new proxy for detecting surface environmental variations of the Earth - E O·P 26th (THU)
M-TT27 Tatsu Kuwatani New frontier of data analysis in geoscience: Data-driven approach J O·P 22nd (SUN)
M-TT28 Hajime Obata Frontiers in Geochemistry : Prospect for geochemistry and cosmochemistry in future J O·P 22nd (SUN)
M-TT29 Kazuo Amano Social media and earth and planetary sciences J O·P 22nd (SUN)
M-TT30 Toru Mogi Integrated Geophysical Survey J O·P 23rd (MON)
M-TT31 Masa-yuki Yamamoto Brand-new scope of coupling geophysics being established by infrasound and associated waves J O·P 26th (THU)
Session Sub Category Others(ZZ)
M-ZZ32 Michiko Yajima Geoscience Studies: historical, philosophical and STS studies J O·P 22nd (SUN)