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Session IDH-RE12
Title New Developments in Engineering Geology
Short Title New Developments in Engineering Geology
Date & Time
PM2 Thu, 25 MAY
PM3 Thu, 25 MAY
AM2 Friday, 26 MAY
Main ConvenerName Takato Takemura
Affiliation Nihon University
Co-Convener 1Name Toru Takeshita
Affiliation The Division of Academic Resources and Specimens, The Hokkaido University Museum, Hokkaido University
Session Language J
Scope There has recently been a growing demand for engineering geology, because the mitigation to disaster caused by heavy rain fall such as debris flow and landslide, exploration of renewable energy such as geothermal energy, underground carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) and high-level radioactive waste (HLW) disposal, and environment issues such as groundwater usage and soil contamination have become new social issues. Regardless of the situation, since the number of researchers and engineers specialized in engineering geology has not increased during the past years, such a demand for engineering geology cannot be fulfilled at the moment. Thus, this session has been organized to seek how to develop engineering geology in the future involving younger generation, which has been recently evolving and at a transient state. To accomplish these purposes, we will solicit presentations from a variety of disciplines including those of immediate importance as mentioned above and traditional fields. We further request the presenters to include a future vision of engineering geology in their talk.
Presentation Format Oral and Poster
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Japan Society of Engineering Geology