Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences (A)
Session Sub-categoryCG
Session IDA-CG30
Title Extratropical oceans and atmosphere
Short Title Extratropical oceans and atmosphere
Date & Time
AM2-PM2 Sun, 21 MAY
PM3 Sun, 21 MAY
PM1 Monday, 22 MAY
Main ConvenerName Shion Sekizawa
Affiliation Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Co-Convener 1Name Shota Katsura
Affiliation Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
Co-Convener 2Name Yuta Ando
Affiliation National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College
Co-Convener 3Name Shoichiro Kido
Affiliation JAMSTEC Application Lab
Session Language E
Scope Historically, the extratropical ocean had been considered passive to atmospheric variability. Recent studies, however, revealed that the extratropical ocean also influences atmospheric circulations, and the interactive ocean-atmosphere coupling has attracted considerable interest for its active roles in the climate system. The goal of this session is to further deepen our understanding of the air-sea interaction in the extratropics by focusing on a wide variety of phenomena from meso-scale to basin-scale, and from daily to global warming timescales. Studies related to the extratropical air-sea interaction involving cloud, aerosol, ecosystem and the connection with tropical/polar regions are also welcomed.
Presentation Format Oral and Poster
Collaboration Joint with -
The Oceanographic Society of Japan, Meteorological Society of Japan