Japan Geoscience Union

Payment Methods

JpGU only accepts credit card as a payment methods.

*The acceptable credit card is VISA,MasterCard,JCB,AMERICAN EXPRESS and Diners Club.
*Debit card is different from credit card and is not accepted as a payment method.
*Bank Transfer by affiliated institutions is not accepted from the 2020 meeting.

Payment by Affiliated Institutions

Using your Credit Card

After the credit card payment is settled, individuals may generate a receipt from their members page and use it to claim the reimbursement for each expenses.
The receipt issued on the system is the official receipt.
JpGU does not send the original copies by mail.

Learn more about how to issue official receipts.

Cancellation Policy

Membership Annual Dues, Abstract Submission Fee and Party Registration Fee

These are all NON-REFUNDABLE processing fees.
*No refund is issued for rejected abstracts.
*We will reimburse the party registration fee if you have pre-paid because party has been canceled. (April 9th 2020 updated)

Meeting Registration Fee

The meeting attendees who request a refund within the designated period are issued a refund of the meeting registration fee. The deadline for the request is on May 8 at 11:59pm JST, from the Meeting Registration Cancellation Form.
In this case, the amount of the refund is the fee after deducting the commission charge.
All request MUST be submitted in writing using the designated form above.
Please note that we do not accept cancellation requests by emails.

Payment Issues

If you experience any difficulties with payments by credit card, please contact us using the Payment Support Form BEFORE the deadline of each payment.
Please be sure to use the contact form above. We do not accept contacts by emails.
*All kinds of payment issues must be reported by the deadline in Japan Standard Time.
Contacts received after the deadline may not be responded in the expected manner whereas payments for contacts by the deadline will be accepted even after the deadline.

International attendees are advised to be careful with the time difference between Japan time and their local time.

Technical Difficulties

Please check the most common causes listed below before sending in a question.

-Error in the credit card number or telephone number input : the input may contain "-(hyphens)" or a non-numeric characters. Any other symbols such as +(plus) etc. should not be used as well.
(Correct) 0000000000000000 / (Incorrect) 0000-0000-0000-0000
(Correct) 0369142080 / (Incorrect) 03-6914-2080

-Invisible input: please make sure that there is no space in the input.
(Correct) 0000 / (Incorrect) □0000,0000□ *□ indicates space

JpGU is only capable of supporting technical troubles such as above.
If enter all information correctly but error occurs, the credit card owner is advised to contact the credit card company.

In case of payment issues, please contact us using the Payment Support Form BEFORE the deadline of the payment.
Contacts by emails are not accepted.
If JpGU does not receive any contact by the payment deadline, the payment will not be accepted for any reason.

Alternative to Credit Card Use

If credit card is an inconvenient payment method for you, we accept payments by bank transfer.
Please read the three notes below and take the required action if you would like to proceed with this payment method.

1. Administration fee is charged to each transaction if settles with methods other than credit card payment.
→Learn more about →Administrative Fees

2. Each procedure should be completed within the designated deadline. Learn more about →Key Dates & Deadlines
3.Payment request for bank transfer should be submitted using the designated form after selecting "Proceed Bank Transfer" button on your JpGU Members site.
→Learn more about Designated Bank Transfer Payment Request Form

[ Important ]
・We do not issue a receipt for the payment settled with this method. Please contact JpGU Office in case you need the receipt.

1. Administration Fee

The following administrative fee must be added to each fee amount.
Domestic Bank Transfer Administrative Fee 2,000 JPY/ item (tax included)
Overseas Bank Transfer Administrative Fee 4,000 JPY/ item (tax included)
Due to technical issues, we can only accept one payment at once and separate administrative fees are required per settlement item.


Case #1.
I would like to proceed a domestic transfer for the meeting registration fee, annual due and abstract submission fee.
How much will be the administrative fee?
In this case, there are three settlement items, so 2,000 JPY times 3 and your total administrative fee is 6,000 JPY.

Case #2. I would like to proceed an overseas transfer for the meeting registration fee and abstract submission fee.
How much will be the administrative fee?
In this case, there are two settlement items, so 4,000 JPY times 2, and your total administrative fee is 8,000 JPY.

2. Key Dates & Deadlines

Annual Dues In case you will attend the meeting and/ or submit abstracts, annual due payment must be completed before submitting abstracts and/ or registering for the meeting.
Early Abstract Submission Fee Abstract submission will be valid if the request is sent from the designated form and JpGU Office can confirm the deposit by Feb 4 at 11:59 p.m. JST.
Standard Abstract Submission Fee Abstract submission will be valid if the request is sent from the designated form and JpGU Office can confirm the deposit by Feb 18 at 5:00 p.m. JST.
Early Meeting Registration Fee Early meeting registration will be valid if the request is sent from the designated form and JpGU Office can confirm the deposit by May 8 at 11:59 p.m. JST.
Additional Registration Fee If you change your status or want to change the ticket category after settling the payment, please pay the balance sue until May 15 at 11:59 p.m. JST.
Standard Meeting Registration Fee On and after May 9, when the meeting registration fee changes to standard rate, bank transfer cannot be proceeded. In such case, we accept registrations in on-site rates. Please note that we only accept cash for the on-site registration fee.
*Membership category updates may require adjustments of the balance differences. If this is proceeded on and after May 16, bank transfer payment is not accepted. In such case, please pay the balance on-site at the registration counter in cash.

3. Designated Form to Proceed Bank Transfer

•In order to proceed the bank transfer payment, you need to (1) check-mark the bank transfer option when asked for the payment method in your JpGU members page and (2) send the required information through the designated form.

•Only deposit will not make you payment valid since we are unable to identify the individuals without the submitted form information.
•The bank account information is provided in the auto-reply email after the form is submitted.
•After you click the "Proceed Bank Transfer" button, you will be redirected to the bank transfer request form. In case of any mis-operation or difficulties in submitting the request, please contact us using the Payment Support Form .
We do not accept inquiries by emails.


We do not provide printed receipts.
The receipt is downloadable from your JpGU account.

Our system issues issued receipts of payments only made by credit cards.
(Receipts for bank transfers are not available.)

To download and print out your receipt, log in to My Account Log in with your JpGU ID and password.
Open the "Payment" tab and click "Issue Receipt" button on the left side.

Receipts will open in a pop-up window and be displayed in a PDF file.
Please allow pop-up windows before you try to open the receipt.

Once the receipt is issued, you will not be able to download the same file again.
"Reissued" sign will be displayed if you download the same receipt more than twice.
Please be sure to save the data you downloaded if you'll need them later.
*The bill to name is editable from your account.
*Receipts will be issued per each payment. Please note that the system does not generate summed up receipts.
* Please contact us using the Payment Support Form if you have any inquiries regarding the issue of receipts.