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Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016 - Exhibitor List -
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Exhibitor List -

Name URL Contents Business Contact Keyword
1 Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences HP Introduction of JAMS activties Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences is involved in an expansive field of science, encompassing mineral science, geochemistry,and petrology. KYL04223@nifty.ne.jp Academic, Research
2 Palaeontological Society of Japan HP Introduction of society's publications and activities scientific society psj-office@world.ocn.ne.jp Academic, Research
3 The Oceanographic Society of Japan HP Advertizing the Oceanographic Society of Japan and selling books The purpose of the Oceanographic Society of Japan is to promote the oceanography and do outreach activities. To achieve this purposes, we held annual meetings and workshops, regularly publish the scientific journals and newsletters and award prizes to prominent investigations. haradan@jamstec.go.jp Academic, Research
4 The Seismological Society of Japan HP
Acceptance of the annual membership fee.
Book display-sale.
The mission of SSJ is: To promote studies of earthquakes and the interior of the Earth, To share and disseminate the results, To contribute to earthquake disaster mitigation. zisin@tokyo.email.ne.jp Academic, Research
5,6 Geochemical Society of Japan HP Introduction of the society, distributing journal issues, and selling books related to geochemistry Geochemistry is multidisciplinary sciences with strong linkage with chemistry. The Geochemical Society of Japan advances research in geochemistry and planetary science through scientific activities including publication of Geochemical Journal, having annual meeting, cosponsoring the Goldschmidt conference,
and so on.
pr@geochem.jp Academic, Research
7 The Geological Society of Japan HP Books & Goods sales, Membership application accepted, Society introduction academic society main@geosociety.jp Academic, Research
8 The Volcanological Society of Japan HP The Volcanological Society of Japan・information desk The Volcanological Society of Japan(VSJ) kazan-gakkai@kazan.or.jp Academic, Research
9 The Geodetic Society of Japan HP information desk of the society For the promotion of geodesy and related sciences, the Geodetic Society of Japan covers the following activities: annual scientific meeting, publication of “Journal of The Geodetic Society of Japan” dedicated to geodetic studies, awarding the Tsuboi Prize, public lectures and summer school. nihonsokuchi@jsurvey.jp Academic, Research
10 SGEPSS HP Desk for admission to society, payment of membership fee, publicity activity, etc. SGEPSS, one of the member societies of JpGU, mainly promotes research on the Earth and the planetary and space environments using electromagnetic methods. amano@eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp Academic, Research
11 The Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology HP Activity introduction, Book sales, Employment support to oil developing companies The primary mission is to collect the latest technical and academic information pertaining to the exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources and disseminate them to oil industry. JAPT also provides technical forum, promoting the multi-disciplinary activities between geologists, geophysicist and engineers.. 03-3214-1701 Academic, Research