Eiichi Tajika (University of Tokyo)

Director of the 2015 JpGU Meeting
Chair of the Presidential Assembly of the Member Societies of JpGU

Eiichi Tajika
Welcome to the Japan Geoscience Union 2015 Annual Meeting

As a newly elected chair of the Presidential Assembly of the Member Societies of Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU), I am pleased to serve as the director of the 2015 JpGU Meeting.  It would be my pleasure if I could contribute to this meeting as the representative from the The Japanese Society for Planetary Sciences.

The 2015 JoGU Meeting marks the 10th anniversary since the foundation of JpGU in 2005, and also the 25th anniversary since the start of the Joint Meeting of Geoscience Societies in Japan, a predecessor of JpGU Meeting, in 1990. A commemorative ceremony, an anniversary symposium, and other anniversary events are planned by the directors of JpGU for the 2015 JpGU meeting.

The JpGU has been developed to have 9,000 members as well as 50 geoscience member societies, and the number of participants to the JpGU Meeting has increased to be more than 7,000.  The JpGU meeting is now essential and really important to the researchers and students in the Earth and planetary science field in Japan.

The 2015 JpGU Meeting is scheduled to be held from May 24 to 29, 2015 at Makuhari Messe in Makuhari, Chiba,.  We expect there will be as many vigorous and new research presentations and discussions as before.  We welcome your participation and contribution to the 2015 JpGU Meeting.

Yohei Suzuki (University of Tokyo)

Program Office Chair

I am serving as the JpGU Meeting 2015 Program Committee Chair.  To promote multi-disciplinary interactions among participants, I will organize sessions as intimately associated as possible.  As I have been conducting interdisciplinary research in geomicrobiology and biogeochemistry, I will make full use of my experience for program making.  In addition, English-usage for presentation material will be mandatory to reinforce the international style of the JpGU meetings.  Your participation and active contribution are very welcome.