Instructions for Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Acceptance

Start: January 11, Tuesday, 2011
Advance submission close: At 17:00 JST [8:00am UTC] on January 31, Monday, 2011
Final submission close: At 12:00 JST [3:00 am UTC] on February 4, Friday, 2011


Advance submission: 1,500JPY/1abstract
Normal submission: 3,000JPY/1 abstract
Upload of Image file: 500JPY/1 image (JPEG file, 500KB or less)
(Please upload through our website.)
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<< Note >> Abstract Submission for Public Session is free of charge.

Public and Union Sessions are mostly made up of invited lectures but abstract submission by non-invited lecturer is accepted on the session marked "OK".
Public Session
O-20Poster presentations by senior high school studentsSpecial website
O-21Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science-
O-23Presentation of the prospective GeoparksSpecial website
Union Session
U-01System of Water, Atmosphere and Human in Coastal MegacitiesOK
U-02New perspective of great earthquakes along subduction zones-
U-03New results from Venus Climate Orbiter AKATSUKIOK
U-04Global Data System for Earth and Planetary SciencesOK
U-05New planetary science arising from HAYABUSA" recovery sampleOnly posters OK
U-20Interrelation between Life, Water, Mineral and AtmosphereOK
U-21Problems on forecasting earthquakes and volcanic eruptionOK
U-22Extreme Weather in CitiesOK
U-23Large Research Projects and their Roadmaps in Earth and Plan-

>>Instructions for abstract submission
(Please click HERE and be sure to read and confirm.)

Each registered participant can submit at most two papers as first author or presenter: one for oral and one for poster in each session. When sessions differ, more papers as first author are possible. (Exceptions: Application and presentations by supervisors for their students)
Deputy submissions without noticing to first authors and co-authors are prohibited.
For further details, please click HERE and confirm.
Please be sure to confirm that all adopted abstracts are posted on JpGU Meeting website. Recently copyright of submitted abstracts are handed over from authors to scientific societies from the viewpoints of computerization of database and promotion and share of scientific achievements to the public. Japan Geoscience Union went over the copyright regulations and revised them and was confirmed at Enlarged Board Meeting held in December, 2008.
Please confirm that copyright of all submitted abstracts for JpGU Meeting 2010 is handed over to Japan Geoscience Union. For the reasons listed above, Japan Geoscience Union regards copyright of all submitted abstracts after JpGU Meeting 2009 belongs to Japan Geoscience Union.
If you can't confirm these conditions, please be in a hurry to write the reasons and email back to us. In these cases, abstracts are put in CD Rom but not posted on JpGU Meeting website.
Please see the following website for further details.


Abstracts should be submitted according to the following guidelines. Abstracts from participants who have finished membership subscription and paid abstract submission fee are accepted. Each registered participant can submit abstracts for oral or/and poster presentations. But each registered participant can be the first author only for two of the submitted abstracts, one for oral and one for poster, respectively, in each session. You can be the first authors for several abstract submissions in the different sessions. All abstracts, oral and poster presentations must be written in English. Please indicate your preference, poster or oral, when submitting abstracts. Adoption of the abstracts and modes of presentation are decided by Program Committee. When Program Committee adopts abstracts, an acceptance letter is sent to each author by email.
Program for JpGU Meeting 2011 is completed in the latter part of March 2011, and is immediately announced on JpGU Meeting 2011 website.

Notices before abstract submission

  • For abstract "body," special characters can't be used. Superscripts, subscripts italics, the black-faced and the underlined can be edited by TAG.
    Ex) CO2 -> CO2
    For further information, please see HERE(PDF).
    Please note TAG format is not available in the abstract "title."
  • Without payment procedure completion, abstracts are automatically withdrawn.
    Please be sure to pay your un-paid abstract submission fee by the due date.
  • Please be sure to confirm your abstract by checking your PDF file on our website.
    We can't accept revision after abstract submission deadline.

Input fields

Abstract Submission System has been revised from JpGU Meeting 2010.
  • For smooth submission, please prepare the following fields with text editor.
  • Please prepare the image file of 500 KB or less, if necessary.
Only data uploading is available from this year. Mailing is not accepted this year.

*required field
(Note) Final decision of your presentation mode and session category is made by Program Committee and respective session conveners.
Please confirm there'll be some cases we can't meet your requests.
Input fields
1. Contribution NumberAutomatically given
2. ContributorYour name
3.*Session Number**Select from 9 categories
4.*Preferable presentation type**Please select from
[Oral / Poster / Any]
5.*Language used in the presentationEnglish or Japanese
6. The URL to be open 
7. The email address to be open 
8.*Images[No / Yes]
Input fields
9.*Abstract TitleWithin 120 one-byte characters
10.*AffiliationOnly one
Within 40 one-byte characters
11.*Author(s)More than one
(Names, Affiliation, email addresses)
12.*SpeakerSelect one from Field 11.
Input fields
13. Key WordWithin 60 one-byte characters
14.*Abstract BodyWithin 4,000 one-byte characters
  Upload the image file (English)Image( only 1 file ):
if any JPEG file, 500 KB and less
Confirmation  Confirm your PDF. 

Special characters can't be used in your abstract body.
Superscripts, subscripts italics, the black-faced and the underlined can be edited by TAG.
Ex) CO2 -> CO2
For further information, please see HERE(PDF).
Please note TAG format is not available in the abstract "title."

Abstract "body" is shown in single column format.
In case of uploading the image, it is automatically allocated. You can confirm your image by PDF file. Please check the example shown HERE(PDF).

After abstract submission

Modification and withdrawal of abstract submissions

*Modification and withdrawal of abstract submission can be made by yourself by February 4, Monday, 2011 at 12:00 JST on our website.
**At 17:00 JST on January 31, Monday, 2011, payment rate is automatically changed from advance rate to normal rate.
**After 12:00 JST on February 5, Friday, 2010, no modification and withdrawal can be made. We can't refund any fee after the due date.
By 12:00 JST on February 4, Monday, 2011ModificationOKThrough our website by yourself
WithdrawalThrough our website by yourself
After 12:00 JST on February 4, Monday, 2011ModificationNONo refund is available
(Note) Once you've made settlements, JpGU can't refund abstract submission fees even before the cancellation deadline, February 4, Friday, 2011 at 12:00 JST.

  • Result of adoption about your submission is to be informed around March 20, 2010.
    Please note that final decision of your presentation mode and the session you will present is made by Program Committee and each session convener.
    Please understand possibility of modification of your session of presentation mode.
    We can't answer further questions until decision is made.


  • Please pay abstract submission fee by a credit card by online system when you make abstract submission.
    Please follow the guidance and complete payment procedures after registration.
  • We don't issue a bill.
    You can print the bill from "Payment status confirmation Screen" by yourself.

Delivery of materials

Please come to the pr-registration desk at JpGU Meeting 2011 on the first floor in Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall to get materials.


(New/update membership, conference participation)

Important Dates

Sep 1:
Session Proposal starts
Oct 4:
Call for exhibitors starts (Closes when all booths are filled.)
Oct 26:
Deadline of Session Proposal
Dec 20:
Release of the session list
Jan 11:
Abstract submission starts
Jan 11:
JpGU Meeting Registration starts
Jan 31 17:00 JST:
Deadline of Advance Abstract submission
Feb 4 12:00 JST:
Deadline of Abstract submission
Mar 10:
Starts recruiting Part-times
Mar 10:
Starts accepting reservation for paid conference rooms
May 9:
Pre-JpGU Meeting registration closes