JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 | NEWS & INFO No.10 (FEB 03, 2020)
Early Abstract Submission Deadline Approaching!

The early abstract submission will close tomorrow, 4 Feb at 11:59pm JST.

  ・To receive the early discount, the contributor must also settle the payment of abstract fee by the deadline above.
If not paid by the deadline, the abstract status will be automatically changed into standard rate.

・The abstract fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee.
Please DO NOT withdraw your abstract to make edits.

・The abstract is accessible and editable by the deadline on Feb 18 at 5:00pm JST.

・JpGU Members are required to settle the annual due before submitting abstracts.

・Conveners can monitor the title and name of contributor of the submitted abstract to their session.
Please contact us if the log in credentials for the conveners site is not received.

・Abstracts can be withdrawn by the abstract deadline, however please be noticed that no refund will be issued.

Abstracts should be submitted through the JpGU Members System.
After logging in to your personal account, open the 'Abstract Submission' tab on the left side menu, click the 'My Submission Info' and proceed from the 'Submit Abstract' button. You will be redirected to the abstract submission system.

Call for OSPA (Outstanding Student Presentation Award) Participants & OSPA Judges

Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) is given to the top student presenters in each section.
【Participation Entry】 Entry Deadline: Feb 18 at 5:00pm JST through the JpGU Members System.

【OSPA Entry:student can register one abstract to be judged 】

To enter,
After submitting an abstract,log in to your members account and register for participation.
Log in→open the 'Abstract Submission' tab→proceed from 'OSPA' button
The applicant must be a STUDENT at the time of presentation in May 2020 in order to be eligible to enter the award.

【OSPA Judge Registration:Help us by serving as a volunteer judge.】

There is two ways to be an OSPA judge.
1. Check-mark the section(s) you are interested in serving as a judge at the time of abstract submission.

2. Log in to the OSPA judge system and you will be automatically registered as an OSPA judge.
*The judge system will open in the end of February.

・Students can not be registered as an OSPA judge.

*The OSPA judge is not obligatory.
*We will contact the judges for details.

・The entry for OSPA judge at the abstract submission system can be changed until Feb 18.

・One judge registration is enough if submitting multiple abstracts.

Travel Support for Students

The application for the student travel support is now open through JpGU and AGU website.

【Application Deadline】
Feb 20, 2020

Up to 50,000JPY/ person for domestic travels
Up to 100,000 JPY/ person for international travels

*JpGU is taking care of applications of domestic travels and AGU will handle the international travels.
If you are a students residing outside Japan, please apply through AGU website.