Japan Geoscience Union
Why virtual exhibition ?
Welcome to JpGU-AGU 2020 Joint Meeting:virtual

This is the first challenge to hold an exhibition on an online format, which mekes much more participants including Scientists, public participantes and exhibitors to join easily than usual meeting.
We, JpGU and AGU hopes you will not miss this great chanse to promote yourself through JpGU-AGU 2020 Joint Meeting:virtual !
Plan and options

Online exhibition(Basic plan)

Exhibition fee:33,000JPY (including consumption tax)

Exhibitor Pass * 1(Access to all contents of the virtual meeting)
iPoster * 1
your bannar on Meeting Portal * 1
NEWS&INFO Special Issue * 1 (English ver. and Japanese var.)
30 seconds promotion movie * 1
Quiz Rally (planned)
  • Exhibitor Pass * 1(Access to all contents of the virtual meeting.)

    You can access all contents of this virtual meeting including iPoster sessions and Zoom sessions

    [Fee] Free
    [Apply] Please apply "Exhibitor Pass" via online system. [Deadline]June 30th(Tue)
    Please refer this page to regular registration fee. br>
  • NEWS&INFO Special Issue(introducing Exhibitors)

    special issue will introduce exhibitors to JpGU Members and ID holders, about 7,000 person.
    The mail news will be sent in two parts before the Meeting.

    [Fee] Free
    [Apply] Please apply via online system. [Deadline]June 30th(Tue)
    [Material format]English: Within 68 one-byte characters x 5 lines (txt only)
    Japanese:Within 34 two-byte characters x 5 lines (txt only)
    Sample: May 15, 2019

  • 30 seconds CM

    Your 30 seconds promotion movie will be shown before or after DFS (Discussion Forrum Session).
    [Fee] Free
    [Apply] please send the file with file transfer service.
    [Deadline] June 30th(Tue)

  • iPoster

    Please meke your "iPoster" which can indludes text, images, Youtube videos, and communication tools* !
    [Deadline]June 30th (TUE) JST. Please "publish " your iPoster by this deadline.
    [How to apply] Invitation email from iPoster will be sent to registered email address of exhibitors. Please follow the instruction.
    Please refer to the following URLs to gain a better understanding of iPosters.

    Official site of iPoster
    Demo videos showing how to create iPosters.
    Ex. 1 (Japanese demo)
    Ex. 2 (English demo)
    Ex. 3 (Japanese demo)

    *Any accounts for communication tools is not provided for individual interaction. Please provide yourselves. It is requested that due considerations will be made for security, such as by setting passwords (mandatory).
    please refer also here for iPoster.

  • Quiz Rally

    We are planning "Quiz Rally", as brand-new version of Stamp Rally which we had been held JpGU meeting ever.Detail s will be annouced as soon as fixed.

  • Exhibitors' Seminar 2020:virtual

    Option fee:77,000JPY (including consumption tax)

    As an option, we offer "Exhibitors' Seminar 2020:virtual". you can hold a 45 minutes seminar at a time slot at which session is not assigned.

    * Available only for exhibitors of JpGU-AGU 2020 Joint Meeting:virtual.
    Please refer to below

    How to exhibit

    How to apply Online exhibition

    You can apply via online system anytime.
    1. Please go to exhibitor system, check the checkbox on the left of "Available" at the tab "Online Exhibition", and click [Apply] button.

    2. Please input your Name of organization, Contact (Name, Email and phone), Password and Booth Name. Please click "Confirmation", then click "Submit" at the next screen.
    Thant's all ! you are registered as one of pioneering exhibitior at this memorial meeting!

    Please Log-in again and register your detail.

    * Please note that the data for chancelled 2020 Chiba meeting has been deleted. Therefore, even if once applied for Chiba meeting please apply for 2020:virtual again.

    How to apply "Exhibitors' Seminar 2020:virtual"

    You can apply Option "Exhibitors' Seminar 2020:virtual" on the system.
    1. Please log-in to the system again and click "Apply for Advertisement". At the Advertisement screen, please click "Apply" button in the"Exhibitors' Seminar 2020:virtual" clumn.
    2. Please got to the form and input detail about your Seminar:
    Name of seminar, Date and time, Outline of Content,

    [Apply]Application form will be open soon.
    About Virtual Meeting
    Except for Union and Public Sessions, all oral and poster presentations in regular sessions are request to adopt the online poster format using iPoster.

    Discussion Forum Sessions (DFS)
     We will allocate time slots in the mornings during the virtual meeting in the hope that each Session may utilize this opportunity to discuss scientific results and interact with each other in real time, in addition to all the online presentations (iPosters) of regular Sessions.

    Meeting Outline