JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 moves to a virtual meeting (MAY 06, 2020)

JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 is now a virtual meeting and has been postponed to 12–16 July, as already announced by Mailnews and through our website updates.

The format of the 2020 virtual meeting was decided by the JpGU Meeting Organizing Committee after very careful deliberations taking into account a wide range of ifferent perspectives, and is explained below. Holding a fully virtual meeting is a new challenge for JpGU. We will make our best efforts to offer you a meeting that has both attractive contents and rewarding opportunities. We would be very grateful for your support and cooperation as we undertake the preparations.

Quick Summary

【Format of the virtual meeting】
The provisional program of the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 has been rescheduled and modified as follows:

・The meeting dates are 12 (Sun) to 16 (Thu) JULY 2020, for five days.
・All oral and poster presentations of regular sessions (with codes P, A, H, S, B, M, and G) will be offered an online-interactive stylepresentation. This type of presentation an include conventional images and text, and also affords the possibility of using videos and audio files and the use of interactive communication tools. We will be adopting the iPoster system, which can accommodate both oral and poster presentations.
・As a new initiative, we will also offer "Discussion Forum Sessions (DFS)" for live broadcast discussions. DFS will be assigned for each session and take place in the morning timeframe. We request that DFS are organized on the same days of the week as given in the provisional program.
・The JpGU-AGU meeting organizers are planning to accommodate requests from conveners of Public (O) and Union (U) Sessions and organizers of meeting events such as lectures and seminars to hold live broadcasts.

【Guidelines for handling presentation materials (conforms to AGU guidelines)】
Presentation materials (excluding videos and audio files) may be downloaded or copied by participants unless the presenter has requested otherwise. Materials obtained in this way may not be shared or distributed without the written consent of the presenter. The participants are requested to conform to the standards of ethical conduct expected of researchers.

【Registration fees】
*Tax included
Member Rate (JpGU Members/ AGU, EGU and AOGS Members) Non-member Rate (ID for 2020 meeting participation)
Regular 14,300 JPY 23,100 JPY
K-12 Teachers/ Grad students 7,700 JPY 14,300 JPY
Senior(JpGU Member)*1 7,700 JPY -
Undergrads No charge
*1 Senior rate is only applied for seniors of JpGU and AGU member.

*Participants for Public Sessions only can attend with no charge.
*Please register for the virtual meeting and make the appropriate payment according to the revised rates given above. All the previous registration fees that we received for the on-site meeting have been fully reimbursed.

【Information on various applications】
We will soon start accepting registrations, additional abstract submissions, and withdrawals of presentations. Please watch for our announcements.

【Results of members survey】
We thank you for your opinions and comments that helped guide our discussions in organizing the meeting. The results of our survey can be found HERE.

Point-by-point explanation for the "Quick Summary" above

1.Format of the virtual meeting
The format of the virtual meeting was decided based on the results of intense discussions between the meeting organizers and taking into consideration the prevailing voice of our members (see 5 below for the survey results) in favor of a format that allows for interactive communications between the presenters and the audience for both the oral and poster presentations. As a result of these considerations and taking into account the security of participants in the current situation, we propose to convene the meeting in the following format.

〇 About iPoster
Online live broadcasts will be particularly strongly disrupted if there are technical issues such as malfunctioning of the network.
Our focus on the use of online poster presentations was chosen to minimize the problems associated with such issues. In order to offer the greatest range of interactive communications possible, we have decided to adopt the iPoster system. With the iPoster system, authors can paste video and audio files and also utilize communications tools (using email, and chat functions) .
Watch the related VIDEO.*please watch the later portion of the AGU eLightning Youtube video

This platform can accommodate elements of oral presentations such as narrations or Zoom links and is adequate to satisfy the needs of oral session presenters. Here are example videos showing the preparation of iPosters.
Making of iPosters:


We will upload these examples and make them accessible for at least the duration of the virtual meeting. Upon request, JpGU can issue certificates of presentation subject to confirmation that a presentation has been made open to participants.

〇About DFS (Discussion Forum Sessions)
DFS (Discussion Forum Sessions) represent a new experiment to provide real-time interactive oral communications between authors and participants by allocating time slots of 45 or 90 minutes depending on the original assignment of the sessions.
While the online poster presentations offer a platform for formal presentations, DFS are a new type of meeting session that offers conveners the opportunity to creatively utilize time for scientific discussion of their scientific themes and goals. For example, the session conveners may opt to utilize the time slot for short introductions to formal presentations or panel discussions. All the participants can join the DFS.
Please refer HERE for details.

For live broadcasts we are planning to provide "Zoom meetings." We are also considering "Zoom webinars" or "You Tube" broadcasts for high-profile public sessions as those in the Public Sessions.

To tailor the DFS to meet your needs, we are committed to carefully considering the requests and plans of all the session conveners. The finalized DFS program will be announced in later.

2.Guidelines for handling presentation materials (conforms to AGU guidelines)
The basic guidelines for handling the presentation materials at the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020 virtual meeting are given below. These apply to all the materials ("slides," posters, videos, audios) presented at all the scientific sessions and all events such as lectures, seminars and business meetings.

3.Meeting registration fee
As previously announced, the revised meeting registration has been set to "early bird one-day" rate for the whole duration of the meeting.

4.Announcements of various applications
Virtual meeting registration: Please apply to register for the JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020: Vitual with the new dates and new rate. We need to ask you to re-apply even if you have already registered for the on-site meeting (previous payments were reimbursed to your account).
We will make an announcement when the registration site has been opened.

Submission of additional abstracts: We will accept additional abstracts (an announcement will be made later). These abstracts should be submitted to one of the existing Sessions. The conveners will decide whether to accept any such additional abstracts.

Requests for presentation withdrawals: After consideration of the new presentation formats, if you opt to withdraw your presentation, please notify us before the date that we will announce later. As previously stated, unfortunately we cannot reimburse your abstract fee.

5.Results of member survey
A brief summary of the results of the recent member survey was reported in the JpGU Mailnews of 15 April and also on our official meeting website. The results can be sound from the link below.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you both for your cooperation with this survey and your opinions and comments that helped guide our discussions in organizing the meeting.
▶See the Resulr of Survey