Space and Planetary Sciences (P)
Session Sub-categorySolar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment (EM)
Session IDP-EM14
Session Title Frontiers in solar physics
Short Title Frontiers in solar physics
Date & Time Oral
AM1-AM2 Thu, 30 MAY
PM3 Thu, 30 MAY
Main Convener Name Shin Toriumi
Affiliation Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Co-Convener 1 Name Shinsuke Imada
Affiliation Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo
Co-Convener 2 Name Alphonse Sterling
Affiliation NASA/MSFC
Co-Convener 3 Name Kyoko Watanabe
Affiliation National Defense Academy of Japan
Session Language E
Scope (Session Description) Solar Cycle 25 is steadily increasing its activity and is expected to reach maximum within the next few years. While the cutting-edge observations are being produced by ground-based observatories such as DKIST, a new space-borne solar observing network is also being established, including the Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe explorers, as well as the recently launched CHASE, ASO-S, and Adytia-L1 missions. Progress is also being made in state-of-the-art numerical modeling that is essential for disentangling the complex observables and for gaining fresh insights into the highly dynamic nature of solar magnetism and dynamics. To share and discuss recent advancements in solar physics and related fields, we invite contributions from solar researchers, and also from researchers in heliospheric, planetary, and stellar physics, covering results from their latest observation, numerical modeling, and experimental investigations.
Presentation Format Oral and Poster
Collaboration Joint with AGU