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Session ID O-07
Title Kitchen Earth Science: its potential for producing diverse goals by hands-on experiments
Short Title Kitchen Earth Science
Main Convener Name Ichiro Kumagai
Affiliation School of Science and Engineering, Meisei University
Co-Convener 1 Name Ayako I Suzuki
Affiliation Toyo University
Affiliation Nara Womens University
Co-Convener 3 Name Kei Kurita
Affiliation Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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"Kitchen Earth Science" aims to understand a natural phenomenon in earth and planetary sciences through analogue experiments using goods and tools in our daily life. Analogue experiments have a function of revealing the fundamental physics governing the phenomenon. At the same time, they inherently contain uncertainties, so that unexpected results are often obtained, which have a potential for surprising discoveries. These findings also provide a good opportunity for deep thinking and raise new questions to be explored. Such experiences are valuable not only for young researchers in earth and planetary sciences, but also non-experts who need a scientific thinking to live wisely. In this session, we focus on "hands-on experiments that produce diverse goals" and discuss the importance of analogue experiments with uncertainties, which causes unpredictable results: even if the experiment fails, we learn a lot of things from the failure which can lead to a great success. This time, as a special guest, we will invite Mr. Shin Iyohara, a writer with a background in earth and planetary science, to discuss the role and educational effectiveness of the "Kitchen Earth Science Experiment" featured in his new work, "Sora Wataru Kyoshitsu," which is a story in a science club of a high school evening classes. We will introduce the experiments shown in the novel and demonstrate the experiments related to the novel to provide an opportunity to exchange opinions with many people, including junior/high school students of the same age as the science club, teachers, and researchers. We will invite speakers who will report a variety of experimental research and case studies on scientific education such as introductory educational experiments for earth and planetary sciences in elementally and junior/high schools, general science education and interdisciplinary research in post-high schools, and new approaches to citizen science and outreach. We welcome all the participants who are interested in "Kitchen Earth Science" to stimulate your brain by hands-on science experiments.
Presentation Format Oral and Poster presentation
Invited Authors Shogo Tachibana (UTokyo Organization for Planetary and Space Science, University of Tokyo )
Yuto Sasaki (Department of Earth and Space Science, Osaka University)
Tasuku Saiki (Department of Physics, School of Science, Osaka University)
Fujii Shuji (Toyo University)
Chihiro Inoue (Kyushu University)
Kana Sakaji (Nara Womens University)
Ayako I Suzuki (Toyo University)
George HASHIMOTO (Department of Earth Sciences, Okayama University)
Nobuhiko J. Suematsu (Meiji University)
Keiji Hisayoshi (Dept. of Earth and Space Science, School of Science, Osaka University, Imamiya Technology High School of Osaka prefecture)
Takatoshi Yanagisawa (Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Ichiro Kumagai (School of Science and Engineering, Meisei University)
Ichiro Kumagai (School of Science and Engineering, Meisei University)
Kei Kurita (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Ayako I Suzuki (Toyo University)
Ichiro Kumagai (School of Science and Engineering, Meisei University)
Shin Iyohara
Time Presentation No Title Presenter
Oral Presentation May 26 AM1
09:00 - 09:15 O07-01 Let's measure the atmospheric pressure at TOKYO SKYTREE George HASHIMOTO
09:15 - 09:30 O07-02 Senko-hanabi as droplet works Chihiro Inoue
09:30 - 09:45 O07-03 Gelatin Cotton Candy Fujii Shuji
09:45 - 10:00 O07-04 Bioconvection induced by phototaxtic behaviors of photosynthetic microorganisms Nobuhiko J. Suematsu
Oral Presentation May 26 AM2
10:45 - 11:00 O07-05 "Sora Wataru Kyoshitsu" and Kitchen Earth Science Shin Iyohara
11:00 - 11:15 O07-06 The Challenge of the Science Club in "Teijisei" High School
--Our Apparatuses Now Voyage Around the Universe--
Keiji Hisayoshi
11:15 - 11:30 O07-07 Impact experiment to enjoy the landforms around the impact crater Ayako I Suzuki
11:30 - 11:45 O07-08 'Kitchen Earth Science' helped Hayabusa2 collect the Ryugu samples. Shogo Tachibana
11:45 - 12:15 O07-09 Panel discussion on the role of Kitchen Earth Science through Iyohara’s novel “Sora Wataru Kyoshitsu Ichiro Kumagai
Presentation No Title Presenter
Poster Presentation May 26 PM3
O07-P01 Introduction to demonstration the Recipe collection of the Kitchen Earth Science Ayako I Suzuki
O07-P02 Formation process of “Pele’s hair” as considered by making cotton candy Ichiro Kumagai
O07-P03 A peculiar motion of a falling sphere in a hydrogel suspension: A table-top experiment on magma transport system Ichiro Kumagai
O07-P04 Thermal convection of strong shear-thinning fluids Takatoshi Yanagisawa
O07-P05 Rotary shear experiments using particles floated on heavy liquid: Toward modeling the brittle-ductile transition Yuto Sasaki
O07-P06 Airjet into Dilatant Fluid Tasuku Saiki
O07-P07 Oscillation behavior derived from the interaction of two camphor boats Kana Sakaji
O07-P08 A trial of inquiry based learning by using CO2 sensor 2nd report Kei Kurita