Solid Earth Sciences (S)
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Session IDS-CG52
Title Ocean Floor Geoscience
Short Title Ocean Floor Geoscience
Date & Time
PM2 Mon, 22
AM1, AM2 Tue, 23 MAY
PM3 Tue, 23 MAY
PM1 Wednesday, 24 MAY
Main ConvenerName Kyoko Okino
Affiliation Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
Co-Convener 1Name Keiichi Tadokoro
Affiliation Research Center for Seismology, Volcanology and Earthquake and Volcano Research Center, Nagoya University
Session Language J
Scope Most of Earth's volcanism and much of its tectonic activity occur on and beneath the seafloor. Various phenomena on the seafloor are closely linked to plate tectonics, Earth's structure and dynamics, and also related to Earth's environments through the hydrosphere and atmosphere. Seafloor rocks and sediments record Earth's evolution and heat and material fluxes on the Earth. Ocean Floor Geoscience session covers a broad range of research on seafloor such as mid-ocean ridge process, subduction dynamics, arc magmatism, hot spot and LIPs, crustal movement and structure, etc. Every field of research and every approach are welcomed. The session aims to encourage discussion among scientists from different study fields and to integrate our understanding of the ocean floor. The session is co-chaired by K. Okino (Univ. Tokyo), K. Tadokoro (Nagoya Univ.), O. Ishizuka (AIST), T. Toki (Univ . Ryukyus), and N. Takahashi (NIED/JAMSTE).
Presentation Format Oral and Poster
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