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Session IDM-IS07
Title Geophysical particulate gravity current
Short Title Geophysical particulate gravity current
Date & Time
AM1 Tue, 23 MAY
PM3 Tue, 23 MAY
AM2 Wednesday, 24 MAY
Main ConvenerName Hajime Naruse
Affiliation Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
Co-Convener 1Name Yuichi Sakai
Affiliation Faculty of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University
Co-Convener 2Name Hiroyuki A. Shimizu
Affiliation National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
Co-Convener 3Name Takahiro Tanabe
Affiliation National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
Session Language J
Scope This session focuses on the integrative understanding of the dynamics of various geophysical particulate gravity currents, including (but not limited to) turbidity currents, debris flows, snow avalanches, pyroclastic density currents, lava flows, volcanic umbrella clouds, flood flows, river flows, tsunami inundations, and landslides. Although each of these currents is a different phenomenon, they share a certain degree of similarities in their dynamics. In recent years, models of the currents suitable for practical applications have been proposed in individual scientific fields. The discussion beyond the boundaries of scientific fields allows us to integrate the knowledge of each phenomenon and deepen our understanding of the similarities and differences among various geophysical gravity currents. This integrative understanding is essential not only for scientific progress but also for practical applications such as risk assessment of natural disasters. We welcome contributions related to various geophysical gravity currents from all kinds of approaches, including numerical simulations, mathematical analyses, physical experiments, and field observations.
Presentation Format Oral and Poster
Collaboration Joint with -
The Volcanological Society of Japan, The Japanese Society of Snow and Ice