Human Geosciences (H)
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Session IDH-TT15
Title Development and application of environmental traceability methods
Short Title Environmental Traceability
Date & Time
AM1, AM2 Tue, 23 MAY
PM3 Tue, 23 MAY
PM1 Wednesday, 24 MAY
Main ConvenerName Ichiro Tayasu
Affiliation Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Co-Convener 1Name Ki-Cheol Shin
Affiliation Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Co-Convener 2Name Nobuhito Ohte
Affiliation Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
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Scope Modern society uses almost all the elements present in the natural world. Although there have long been calls for the sustainable use of the resources that provide these elements and the building of human societies that are in harmony with the environment, the survival of the human race is increasingly at risk as a result of qualitative changes to the environment as a whole. Implementation by the society of methodologies for diagnosing and tracking these various elements of the natural environment and their relationships with humans are now required. Elements cycle within and among the Earth system spheres, human society, and the human body. Information on the concentrations and stable isotopes of elements is a powerful tool for tracing this cycling and has been applied in studies of atmosphere-hydrosphere circulation, ecological systems, and the life, health, and history of humans. We propose a session to discuss the development and applications of environmental traceability methods toward the goal of establishing traceability in natural and human systems. We encourage the presentation of research integrating isotopic information in various disciplines, such as geochemistry, hydrology, ecology, geology, mineralogy, anthropology, food science, and forensics. We call the research Environmental Isotope Study.
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