Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences (A)
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Session IDA-OS14
Title Continental Oceanic Mutual Interaction - Planetary Scale Material Circulation
Short Title Continental Oceanic Mutual Interaction
Date & Time
PM1, PM2 Wed, 24 MAY
PM3 Wed, 24 MAY
AM2 Thu, 25 MAY
Main ConvenerName Yosuke Alexandre Yamashiki
Affiliation Earth & Planetary Water Resources Assessment Laboratory Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability Kyoto University
Co-Convener 1Name Swadhin Behera
Affiliation Application Laboratory, JAMSTEC, 3173-25 Showa-machi, Yokohama 236-0001
Co-Convener 2Name Takanori Sasaki
Affiliation Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University
Co-Convener 3Name Yukio Masumoto
Affiliation Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Session Language E
Scope To promote discussion on mutual interaction between Continental and Oceanic zone, we have organized series of scientific session entitled as"Continental-Oceanic Mutual Interaction: Global-scale Material Circulation through River Runoff"since 2009 at Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) annual meeting. Discharge from Continental-scale river basin is influenced by the fluctuation of SST from surrounding ocean. For river basin in South-American continent, it is well known that there are correlations between Discharge in Amazon River Basin and ENSO, together with Northern/Southern Tropical Atlantic Cold. From 2022 we also addresses the concept of "Core Biome Complex" as essential components of continental-oceanic terrestrial ecosystem aiming for migrating into different planetary environment. We aim to evaluate (1) importance of river-ocean system in global-scale heat&material circulation and (2) possibility and its scale in creating "artificial ocean" into different planetary environment.
Presentation Format Oral and Poster
Collaboration Joint with AGU
The Oceanographic Society of Japan, Japan Society of Hydrology & Water Resources