[ 11/JAN/2023 ]
Outline of Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2023 (JpGU Meeting 2023) Format

Koji Wada, Chair of the Meeting Organization Committee
The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU Meeting 2023) will be held in a hybrid format, mixing the on-site (Makuhari Messe, Chiba City) and online. Most of the procedures will be the same as those for the JpGU Meeting 2022, but there will be some new challenges on the poster presentations, etc. We explain here how to participate and present your papers. For details, please refer to each corresponding item described on the Meeting website.

Meeting dates: Sun 21 May 2023 - Fri 26 May 2023

We will have 6 days for the Meeting 2023. The online poster sessions will be held, in principle, on a different day from their corresponding oral sessions, in parallel with other oral sessions and online poster sessions.

Tools and platforms for online access: How to Participate in the JpGU Meeting:

To participate in the Meeting, please first complete your Meeting registration before logging in to Confit meeting portal site (For those participating in Public Sessions (O) only, will be slightly different). Registration will open on Tuesday, 7th March. We expect a time delay of up to a day between your registration and your login to Confit, please complete your Meeting registration at your earliest convenience. Especially, presenters are requested to pay attention to the registration deadline which will be announced separately and currently scheduled for 11th April.

For those attending the Meeting on site, please complete your Meeting registration at least one day before you come to the Meeting venue and make sure you have your e-ticket in hand when come.

Oral presentation:

For oral presentations, each session will be assigned to a room at the Makuhari Messe site (see here for the scheduled slot allocation; please note that the final allocation will vary slightly depending on the number of submissions). Presentations can be made on site or online Zoom webcast to allow for presentations and participations in both ways. We are planning to make it possible for the chairpersons to run sessions presiding either onsite or online, but, if possible, please consider the chairpersons being on site to smoothly facilitate the sessions. If the rooms are full (we are setting the capacity limit to ~80% of normal limit for safety), we will set up a separate viewing space where you can access the network via Wi-Fi, etc., to view the oral sessions.

In the oral sessions, 15 minutes of each 90-minute oral session slot will be allocated for flash talk time for poster presentations. The order and duration of each flash talk will be determined by the chairperson or the conveners of each session. We ask for your cooperation in facilitating the session, for example, by displaying e-posters and other presentation materials posted on the Confit session page.

Poster presentation:

Same as the previous meeting 2022, all poster presentation materials must be posted online (in each presenter's web space on the "Confit" website). As mentioned above, in principle, all poster presenters are expected to give a flash talk of their poster presentation within the designated slot of each oral session.

In addition, the poster materials can be presented either during the on-site poster core time (no online webcast) or during the online poster session, or both, at your discretion.

In the on-site poster presentations, presenters who wish to participate in the on-site poster presentation are requested to display their posters throughout the day according to the daily schedule of each session (see here) and discuss with participants. There will be no webcasts of onsite posters. The core time for posters will be during PM3 (17:15-18:45), but we would appreciate it if you could actively discuss your poster also during other times to avoid crowding.
For those poster presenters who are unable to attend on-site, the meeting organizing committee will provide an on-site poster display service for poster presenters who send their posters to the meeting venue by postal mail. Poster presenters who plan to participate online are encouraged to consider using the on-site posting service.

In the online poster sessions, one Zoom will be allocated for each session, and one breakout room will be provided for each of the posters. Please refer to here for the dates and session assignments for each session. Presenters will wait in their assigned breakout rooms and discuss with participants who come and go in each breakout room. Making discussions in breakout rooms are not a prerequisite for approval as formal poster presentations. However, looking forward to fruitful discussions, we hope that you will make active use of this forum. For the online poster sessions, in principle, there will be no chairperson for the online poster session and no flash talk for each presentation. For the sessions having no oral slots, however, the convener of the sessions will lead the flash talk in the online poster session.

If you will participate in the online poster session at the on-site venue, please access the network via Wi-Fi, etc. provided at the viewing space in the venue. Please use a headset with a noise-canceling function to minimize the noise.

Requests to on-site participants:

Before you come to the site, please make sure to complete your registration and bring the e-ticket issued by the day before your visit. In order to avoid congestion at the registration desk and to reduce costs, we regretfully cannot accept registration at the site.

Updated information on guidelines for on-site attendees will be posted on the meeting website as necessary in consideration of the Covid-19 spread situation.

Possibility of moving to a fully online format

As the outlook for the new coronavirus infection situation is still uncertain, we may be forced to make a difficult decision whether or not to move to a fully online session. In such circumstance, we will make a comprehensive judgment respecting decisions by the national and local authorities including the declaration of a state of emergency and other factors.

In the event we move fully online, onsite poster sessions will not be held. However, all other oral sessions and online poster sessions will be held online with the same schedule and program.

If the decision is made to hold the meeting fully online before the start of registration in March, the meeting registration fee will be revised and announced based on the cancellation of the local venue. If the decision is made to hold the meeting fully online after the start of registration, the registration fee will remain the same as it was at the beginning, taking into account the preparations and the meeting system implementation. Please note that no refunds will be made.

We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to make the Meeting 2023, our second hybrid meeting, a success.