Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary(M)
Session Sub-categoryIntersection
Session IDM-IS19
Related FieldsA, P
TitleAtmospheric electricity
Short TitleAtmospheric electricity
Main ConvenerNameYasuhide Hobara
AffiliationGraduate School of Information and Engineering Department of Communication Engineering and Informatics, The University of Electro-Communications
Co-Convener 1NameMasashi Kamogawa
AffiliationDepartment of Physics, Tokyo Gakugei University
Session LanguageJJ
ScopeAll aspects of research area on Atmospheric Electricity will be discussed in this session, including global circuit, ion and fair weather electricity, thunderstorm electrification, lightning physics, lightning and meteorology, electrical effects of thunderstorms on the middle and upper atmosphere such as transient luminous events and high energy phenomena, lightning protection, terrestrial electromagnetic environment and so on.
Presentation FormatOral and Poster presentation
Invited Authors
  • Namiko Sakurai (National Research Institute For Earth Science and Disaster Resilience)
  • Syugo Hayashi (Meteorological Research Institute / Japan Meteorological Agency)
Time Presentation No Title Presenter Abstract
Oral Presentation May 22 PM1
13:45 - 14:00 MIS19-01Tokyo Lightning Mapping ArrayNamiko Sakurai Abstract
14:00 - 14:15 MIS19-02Comparison of polarimetric parameters with lightning discharge determined by multipoint LF band sensorsSyugo Hayashi Abstract
14:15 - 14:30 MIS19-03Characteristics of total lightning during thunderstorm activities associated with wind gust events in JapanShintaro Kono Abstract
14:30 - 14:45 MIS19-04Accuracy verification of lightning charge moment and lightning charge height remotely estimated by ELF observations using lightning current measurements at wind turbineShun Murai Abstract
14:45 - 15:00 MIS19-05Developping New Nowcasting Method by Using Convolution Neural NetworkTaku Suezawa Abstract
15:00 - 15:15 MIS19-06Capon beamforming with diagonal loading for X-band phased array weather radarHiroshi Kikuchi Abstract
Presentation No Title Presenter Abstract
Poster Presentation May 22 Core Time
MIS19-P01 Doppler Spectrum Estimation based on MMSE Naoya Takizawa Abstract
MIS19-P02 Modeling spatio-temporal dependence of VLF/LF amplitude during solar eclipse occurred in 2012 by 3D FDTD method Shogo Kanazawa Abstract
MIS19-P03 Results of rocket-triggered lightning experiments in winter 2017 Takeshi Morimoto Abstract
MIS19-P04 Predication of ULF geomagnetic field based on nonlinear system identification approach Hayato Iibuchi Abstract
MIS19-P05 Charge change estimation at short-burst energetic radiation during the Blizzard Masashi Kamogawa Abstract